Don’t miss your own train

Monday on earth. This day is a celebrations day, when M and I decided to officially say yes to each other. Memorable. But now to something else.

I forced myself to go outside for 10 minutes during the lunch time today. It was all cold but so sunny.  It would have been easy to just sit in the kitchen at work and talk away these minutes to unecessary talk. Don’t missunderstand me, I like my colleagues very much, but in the pressure and stress I live in today, I need fresh air in the middle of the day. This article from New York times (not really new, january 2015) describes how two groups had to walk (different program for each group) and everyone found it made them more efficient at work during the afternoon. Then, a lots of them aknowledged that they did not maintain this habbit. Of course. But don’t missunderstand me, I’m not better at all. I begin with an exception tomorrow because of a all day meeting.

But I don’t want to miss my own train. I don’t want to waste hours of thoughts and take the stress with me at home because I was not able to make as much as I wanted during the day. I want to achieve things but at a normal rythm. So I’ll try not to come late to my station and continue my travel through life with the head out of the open window of an old fashioned train. I want my train to be like the orient express, to drive slowly through gigantical landscapes, to stop when it’s too beautiful to see in movment and to enjoy others company at the restaurant wagon, while watching around how beautiful the world is.

Will you miss own train?

Find your own stream

A good Sunday is half gone, but we made funny things. We woke up early, and took the train to Stockholm to go to the aquarium. Z enjoyed the whole thing, even taking the tramway for the first time.

When we were watching as the fishes, it strucked me how difficult it is not to follow the stream. I mean, when I watched the fishes, the predators had no problem to swim all alone in whichever direction. The little ones, who usually are eaten by others swim together. It’s fine as well, but what do a little fish if he/she wants to make something else? (If he/she remembers…)

You don’t need to be a predator to swim in your own stream. You just need a little more courage than the normal little fish and swim away. You can stay close to your group if you want, but find your own stream, the will to make what you like will help you to conquer your fears.

The wild is everywhere

It is now exciting to make scenes with Z’s toys. She has enough humor to laugh at it or at least notice it. This elk got lost in some flowers on the kitchen table. He doesn’t move anymore, too much food at once it seems.

Wild things, to me it’s like laughs. When I’m relaxed, I laugh at much. When I’m stressed, I don’t. When I was younger, I was known for a high noyced laugher. Now, I barely can’t remember when it was the last time I laughed so much that I couldn’t talk. Well, yes, I actually remember: this was this messenger talk between my parents and us when we used these ridiculous filters. I made some screenshots and when I look at it now, I can laugh as well. Yeah!

Even the pens are positive

I was at a two days meeting with my work and had so much to tell! My own topic (beside the official topic of course) was to have meaningful meetings with people, listening to them talking about their passion.

I’m still astonished by the power that passionated eyes can deliver! Also when People like something and gets the opportunity to make it, even if it’s just at a hobby level, magic happens!

I’m now loaded with a lots of energy. Well at least mentally, because my old body doesn’t take it to sleep less!

Try new things

Saturday afternoon. I am already almost exhausted by the morning, but in a good mood, time for watching a new episode of “The split” in the bed while Z is napping on her own. A new season is coming, Z is growing, so we needed to by new clothes for her. M needed as well and Z spent a lots of time playing in the fitting room on her own.

She discovers things every day and is very curious. A new experience can take all her attention for a good while and I wonder when I lost this ability myself, to be very curious and into things until I understood them.

The is a website where you as an adult can make a test to know if you are curious. It takes about 3 minutes and for me, it turned out that I’m 80% curious. What it exactly means, I don’t know, but from today, I’ll try to make a new thing every day.


Mother an advantage for the career

I read a whole book yesterday and I’m not sure what I think of it now. This is a book in Swedish called Mother, an advantage for the career and it gives advices on how to get forward thanks to your parenthood.

On one hand, there are quite good comparisons described in the book on how to act at work, being a better colleague, thanks to the behavior learnings you get while becoming a parent (like reading between the lines, being patient, choosing your fights).

But on the other hand, it supposes that you were bad at it before, that it came to you just by giving birth to a child and that everyone without kids are not so good at it either. I guess people without kid don’t have interest in reading this kind of literature but I also know a lots of people who have kids and who are bad at a lot.

Well, I guess the main purpose of the book is to give hope to new mothers in their future career and it could enlighten some. It took as I wrote one evening to read, so I would maybe recommend it because of that (and some humor in the texts as well).


Here are some illustrations made on the theme animals living in Africa. Click on the pictures to see them bigger. If you are interested in some illustrations shown bellow (or have other ideas), contact me!


Time just passed by like Flash Gordon. I’m stressing me up with all the things I need to do at work. But I’m making an interesting experiment: I’m trying to make everything a little bit slower. And when I do it seriously, it works! I do more, better and without stress.

It takes energy to take distance with what you do without loosing your motivation.

Take it slow today!

Take your life with a LOL

Our daughter is best at remembering me that life becomes what you make it of it. She woke up on the wrong side today, but a little titut-game made her laugh. A little game, distance to one self a d life becomes easier. I don’t say that it will erase all your troubles but it helps to make the unimportant ones disappear.

When did you laugh for the last time? Your challenge today could be to find the more smiles in your everyday life you can! Drive your life with a LOL!

Find your path

When I was a child, I had a clear idea of who I wanted to become when I would be old. At this point, old was around 30. Now that I passed the line of 30 with good margins, I look behind and see that I’m still not quite here. I’m somewhere else.

Is that good? Is that bad? What is sure at least is that it’s different.

I feel sometimes trapped in what the society wants us to be. I mean being a good person is of course something to pursue, but there are so much ways to be it.

Did you find your path yet?