Inspiration or unmotivation?

I am sitting in my couche, actually trying to motivate myself to go and fix the 2 cubic meters of laundry but I am kind of super over tired. I was in Stockholm yesterday and as you may know, this kind of days begins at 4h30 in the morning. the good thing was that I wasn’t able to fall asleep the night before, so maybe with 3 hours sleep in my body, I took the train to the swedish capital.

Then, as you may know as well, mondays are riding days. Luckily, I ride one hour earlier than previously, which is good, but I came in bed way to late yesterday as well.

The rest of the week is scheduled almost in every minute and since I felt pretty slow and heavy on the running from sunday, I decided to put some training hours in this week. The only time for me was this morning before work… At 6h30, I took my bicycle and went to the gym. We were maybe 5 people and it was very quiet. I ran intervalls (200m+400m+600m+800m+600m+400m+200m) after a warming up and felt kind of happy about it. I took my bicycle back home and this is when the drama happened: my breakfast wanted to see the light again… I was happy to be able to come home quick and to feel safe to feel bad at home.

I’ve been working like a dog today and then, went to buy some cheese and white wine. We have a friend passing by for dinner tomorrow, so I will make a fondue. I couldn’t find emmental, so I will try with gruyere, comté and another sort of cheese that may be like emmental, but I am not very sure. I came back home very hungry, so I ate and watched stupid programs on TV and now, I really need to put myself in a bed before I fall asleep here. And to take care of the laundry.

This was only tuesday today. 3 days left at work and my calendar is not getting thiner. I just need to breathe! … And to sleep!

What to say…

I am hopeless… The weeks go on and they look like the previous ones: I don’t find the time neither to write on here or to write on my stories. This week was a mix of education (3 days of learning about myself, very interesting and giving self confidence), and riding and not seeing the sun and so.

I have been running this morning, only 8km but it felt like I was going to die during the whole pass. I don’t really know why. My heart was beating really fast but I was not running specially fast or on a hard road. I mean, sometimes, you can’t be on top, it may have been this kind of day.

I am preparing a xmas gift for the rest and I am very curious to see the reaction of the people who will get it. For now, just a sneak peak of my equipment:

2014_IMG_8509 - Kopia 2014_IMG_8512 - Kopia

Le cas Eduard Einstein – Laurent Seksik

I am not sure if the english translation exists, but if or when it does, just go and borrow/buy this book: Le cas Eduard Einstein. This is the story of the second child of Albert Einstein, and the story is told both by the mother, the father and the son himself. Between the line, you can feel the fear of nazism growing in Europe before the WWII. The version of the son is very poetic, and tells us a lot about imagination, how situations can be lived, about the need to be seen by the parents. The version of the mother is kind of desesperate, but mostly because of the loves she lost in her life. And Albert in all that, it seemed like he had most global fights to win somehow.

Read this book, this is full of poetry and melancoly.

One week again

This has been a rich week, in meetings, living things and working, so I will try to make a little resume:

– I was to Stockholm twice this week. This means that I go up at 4h45 these mornings and am totally tied the days after. These days, I also am too tired to write on here, that’s one reason of why I’ve been so silent on here.

– I have been riding horse and again, I will never repeat myself enough, but I feel best on the back of a horse!

– I have been to a little conference about multicultural working place. This is interesting to compare how people behave at work, when you’re in different countries. It may seem that Sweden like France or Germany are almost the same since we all are in Europe (in comparison to countries in Asia or America) but even on our little scale, there are a lots of differences. During the conference, I was thinking of myself, both french and swedish on the paper. Actually, I don’t feel like I am half french and half swedish, I feel like I am dubble: one french + one swedish. This is a chance to me to be able to see small differences and to adapt myself. The lector was talking about the brain also: the most a brain is used to see different situations, the best it can adapts to new ones. With other words: the more you confront yourself to different way of lifes, people, culture, the best you can accept new ones. This is something I discovered when I moved abroad, 11 years ago and this is something that children, from famillies with different nationalities, get for free from the day they are born. This can also be difficul sometimes to feel that there is no country I am really feeling at home, but most of the time, it feels like a big bonus.

– I have been pursuing my training toward Linköping’s half marathon. Ok, I had no opportunity to run outside this week, but this the best with november: dark and rainy days. Yesterday, M and I went to the gym and trained muscles and today, I went out for a run in the morning. 16km in 1h44. Half in the wood and clay, I had to be carefull not to fall down. It felt good in the legs and I feel confident for the rest. Next week end, it is time for a little shorter long pass, meaning 10km or so. The body needs to rest somehow beetween the long runs.

– I have been reading a lot, more about that in a new post tomorrow with a recension of the last book I’ve read.

– I haven’t been writting anything. I am in a period when I need inspiration, in order to write better. I am looking forward the vacation of christmas to have more time on a raw to write some new episodes. I hope you will have the patience to way for that!

Ok, time to switch off the internet here. Enjoy your evening!


and 14 kilometers this morning. I have been sick in a little more than a week, so this was my first long run since 14 days. It went well, but I feel all tired in my legs now. 2/3 of a half marathon, feels good 208 days before the due date.

The only thing I am afraid of is to die of boredom during these long passes. This morning, it lasted 1h31 and I will have to put passes around 2h every week. How can I untertain myself during allt his time? Music doesn’t work at all, I get all bored of it during a run. Podcasts are ok, but often too short for a whole run and the theme has to be untertaining a little. Do you have any ideas? I like documentaries and history.

Fire and snow

It snowed for the first time for this new winter on thursday. It was actually magical to wake up and see all the white everywhere outside. I am longing to the cold period now, and more snow!

The week went pretty fast, again, and I haven’t had 5 minutes to sit and write some stories, I am sorry for that. The fact is that I had an intense week at work and every evening, I just went to bed and slept within some minutes. Yesterday, I fell asleep during the time M brushed his teeth…

We need to go downtown today. It takes 25 min to walk there, not that much you may think but it’s always an expedition. The sky is white, puder white. Like cotton.

Enjoy this song so far:

Oh and I was listening to some podcast this morning and the woman who was talking asked this question: “If people want so hard to make something, if it’s so important, why don’t they just do it?”. Think of it next time you really want to make something, why don’t you do it?