Stars 4-ever

It is cold, snowy and sunny in Sweden right now. I feel tired but don’t take it as a complaining, i love my life. I was away for work in 2 days and we were like 100 people on meeting in a big hotel somewhere close to Stockholm. I knew approx half of the people there form the beginning and they know that i am not the kind of people who is shy or so. I did proove the other half that i am not.

I just felt really motivated by the contact with people, getting to know new persons makes me happy. It is a big inspiration to hear people talk about themselves and when you ask the right questions (read: not about work), you always get to know something interesting.

The thing i love about 2-days meeting in Sweden is the relaxing moment after the work and before the dinner. Where we were, there was pool, sauna of course and jacuzzi. Even if it was a short time (like 1 hour or so), it is a really good place to meet people in a simple way. Well, you show yourself in bath clothes and really have to stand for who you are.

We also had to do a nice thing: we got 10 pappers with your name on and you had to exchange them against others people names. I got like 20 pappers and had really a good time while going around and talking to nice persons.

During the dinner, some guys went and plaid music for us and of course, it went out like a competition and of course, i had to show myself. If i provocate it most of the time, it was not “my” fault this time. I was sitting at a table quite close to the scene and like directly, one of the animator asked my name, where i was from and the whole room knew about it. Then of course, i had to be team leader and help my team to sing best and loudest. I also had to make a danse solo on stage and i chose to make some airguitar solo. I think i haven’t done that since my bday in 2009 and it was really fun. I also felt obliged to climb on the table and dance there. Yeah, why should i do things half way? ;)

The dinner was very good, i was really calm with the wine, like one glass with the dinner and one buble glass after and it was really a good thing. I was super tired today (still) but did not feel hang over at all and this is GOOD!

I also had to think a lot of “when you want to hurry something, that means you no longer care about it and want to get to other things” (Robert M.Pirsig). I am living some nice thing but i am not sure that it is not only in my head. It is like if i take it to the next level, it will dissapear. Like a butterfly at the end of the day. Somehow, better to have the picture of the butterfly left than a crasched butterfly in a net.

But for now, some googling about BERLIN, because, yes, on friday, it is BERLIN=NEXT STOP!

Freezing week end

My friday evening was very quiet and it balanced quite well the rest of my week end. I did run yesterday morning in the snow and it was a nice feeling, quite cold and difficult to make real steps but super nice to see all the people going in town for the day. It was a lot of litlle stands with Xmas things.

Then, i went to Stockholm in bus. it has been ages that i travelled with Swebus and it reminded me my first year in Sweden, when it was the best and cheapest way for me to travel. The train connexions this week end were very bad, that’s why i choose the bus, but it was cosy too. I just froze my ass waiting for the bus. I met my friends and we tried to go out in the hypest part of Stockholm. Well, go out, we did good but we never went in. At least not me. Instead it was a cheap evening in Kungsholmen, after one hour of freezing there too.

To rethink the evening was a good discussion for the brunch of today, Really cosy to sit inside, see snow falling and laughing at yesterday.

But young people, get a pizza or something before to party! it is Ze advice of the day!

3 courses dinner and advent decorations

I have been quite busy the past days and it is a GOOD thing! Off from FB and back to life. It feels kind of unreal but i am surviving pretty well so far.

The winter is here for real, with like -10, strong wind and snow as if it was North pole or so. It won’t stop me from running outside tomorrow morning, i was inside the whole week and i need some fresh air.

Yesterday evening, i had the joy to share a dinner with some colleagues of mine and it was at some restaurant school, which means that for 265 swedish krones i got a 3 courses dinner plus wine to it. For people that are not used to the swedish prices, it is approx like a pizza and 2 beers in some normal restaurant. It was also very cosy to sit with these wonderfull women and discuss about life.

The most popular thema right now is all the Xmas decorations. This week end is ZE week end, when everyone has to put their Xmas starts and stuff out and shine. I guess I have to do it to otherwise, i may be put down to the border but i don’t find it specially funny or cosy. I mean, it has been dark now on the afternoons since a long time, so i did not wait for Xmas advent to light some lights when i come home. Well, ok, i was not home that much recently, maybe that helps, but anyway. Since i want to be integrated in the swedish society, i bought some glögg and will open it sometime.

For now, i am waiting for Skavlan and a stay in my bed for a long sleep night. I have some intreresting things on the planning for the coming days, so i have to load! yeah! o/


the bioklub showed a nice movie yesterday: lemontree

well nice and nice. It shows how people can be sellfish deep in their attitudes and actually that nobody is better than the other. Nice colors and nice actors too, it only got a 3 from me though.

Body talk part 3

I bought the new CD of Robyn today andit is really dancing music, like uptempo and quite cool. The produktion of the songs on the CD is really good, i would like to hear that live too, maybe i got to check her gigs around. The texts are full with breaking ups and getting hurt but somehow it gives some hope, i really don’t know why.

Ah well, heartstories are always long to heal, specially if it was meant. But time makes its work, no matter how hard you don’t want to. It is hard to let someone go, but so is life.

It’s all over like steps in the first snow
Something’s been building up and it’s gonna blow

Tuesday that wanted to be wednesday

I went the whole day thinking it was tomorrow. Pretty weird actually. I even already reported the time for tomorrow… Well. I was wondering another thing too. I was wondering if i would take me off facebook. Sometimes it can be really cool to have access to someone for a quick question. I use more the FB messages than my private mail actually. But i don’t know, i am nostalgic of the time when you actuall did ring your friends to meet and had a real life instead of checking status online and supposing a lot of things. I don’t know, i will for sure take it easily a while.

Well, i already told it earlier but this time, i mean it.

Monday morning

I had some problem to sleep last night, well i woke up quite early and couldn’t sleep anymore, so i sat in my bed and read. I was at work around 7, after a quiet breakfas. It was snowing the whole day and it was calm to watch the snow falling (quite windy though) and people walk against the wind.

I also plaid floorball today, and it had been a long time since the pervious matched. The game was fun today, we were just the right amount of people playing and the mood was good. I even noticed that it is a good thing that people don’t really understand what i say when i play and shout really loud in french. It makes me good, all my negative energy is going out and it is really enjoyable, even if it doesn’t always result in some goal.

After the game, i was making sit-ups with a colleague and he told me that there is some terror warning around Berlin nowadays. I plan to travel there in 2 weeks and i did not realize it was stil like that. Well, in 5 seconds, i realized that my time until there will be quite busy, so if something would happen, i would prolly live earth happy.

I have to check the places where we can go out btw.