2008 – retrospective

2008, for me it was -among other things-

the last trip in Morocco for the work

some skiing, hard for the legs…

some lifting of the kitchen and my bed room, pretty proud of my habilities as a noob ;)

a midsommar on Öland

an industrial strawberries production

A fabulous concert of Kent in Eskilstuna

My dear Vasy who left us

a cool trip in US and A

some good readings (snabba cash, le soldat et le gramophone, abysses, mort aux cons, tjocke-bo, jag dödar, i skugan av san siro, stieg larssons trilogie etc etc)

some good music (Markus, kent, oh Laura, Vampire Week end, Christohphe Mae, Timo Räisinen, Explosions in the Sky, Band of horses, The Soundtrackof our lives, KT Tunstall, Hakan etc etc etc) with a couple of good live sessions

the end of my year without alcohol and of course, super moments with cool people.

Azay le Rideau, dec 2007


The château of Azay-le-Rideau was built from 1518 to 1527, one of the earliest French Renaissance châteaux. Built on an island in the Indre River, its foundations rise straight out of the water.

Gilles Berthelot began to build it under Francois I time. The originality of this castel i the central staircase, called Escalier d´honneur.

Over the centuries, it changed hands several times until the early part of the twentieth century, when it was purchased by the French government and restored. Today, the castel is open to public visits and surrounded by a nineteenth-century parklike English landscape garden.



The sculptural details at Azay are particularly remarkable. On the ground floor, fluted pilasters on high bases support the salamander and the ermine, emblems of François I and Claude de France.

Honoré de Balzac called it “a facetted diamond set in the Indre.”  and for me, it’s even more than that.

bus long line in the US

more come later – 2008

When I write these lines, it is 2014. A couple of years and a cleaning of the blog were needed to write this post. I had a big impression of the travel I made with Greyhound busses between two american cities so I needed to reflect. I was visiting my friend in Lynchburg and I spent the last week in New York. To travel from Lynchburg to New York, I took the long distance buss from Greyhound during the night and it was a strange experiment. I think I was the only white people travelling with the buss and of course, this is the cheapest way to travel in the USA (at least it was, because I am not really updated for that now). It was really strange to feel that I was travelling for my own luxury while other people around me where not.

I remember that I had to change buss in the middle of the night somewhere and it was really scarying. The station was a giant hall and I almost got lost. It was not easy either to find the right bus and I arrived in New York early in the morning, totally tired and this travel was also a travel in the american society. It made me humble toward the differences between people – unfair – and disturbed me for the rest of my stay in New York: I was only able to see unfairities everywhere.

Bodies: the exhibition

To help you see what a body really looks like on the inside, this Exhibition uses real human bodies that have been preserved so they do not decay.

A human specimen is first preserved according to standard mortuary science. The specimen is then dissected to show whatever it is that someone wants to display. Once dissected, the specimen is immersed in acetone, which eliminates all body water. The specimen is then placed in a large bath of silicone, or polymer, and sealed in a vacuum chamber. Under vacuum, acetone leaves the body in the form of gas and the polymer replaces it, entering each cell and body tissue. A catalyst is then applied to the specimen, hardening it and completing the process.

This method of preservation creates a specimen that will not decay. This offers thousands of unique teaching possibilities for educators at all levels, including medical professionals, archeologists and other scientists.


i was not sure what i was awaiting of this exhibition but it was very well done actually and found it really interesting. Take the chance to go there if it is in your town or not too far!