PS: i love you

I should spend more of this kind of evening: nice film, ice cream and of course, nice compagny. Thank you for making my afternoon A

We watched PS: i love you , a nice movie that you watch while you both laugh and cry.

Kent – töntarna

Så häng dom högt
Så häng dom långsamt
Men häng dom högt
Jag kräver hämnd
En tidig morgon
Född till tönt

Så lägg dig ner och sov, lilla syster
Bara lägg dig ner och bida din tid nu
Jag vet, du vet vad som måste ske nu
Jag tror stenhårt på din plan
Häng dom högt, häng dom högt

När du grät på festerna
Var jag aldrig bjuden in
Du föll isär inför gästerna
Jag byggde upp dig bit för bit, igen
Bit för bit, igen
Bit för bit, igen

Så blev jag expert på att vänta själv
Man vänjer sig snabbt, man väntar på nån
Glasögonormen reflekterar ljus, skjutsar dig hem, villkorslöst
Bakpå min cykel höll du mig, som i kramp
Du landade hårt, du var nog alltid sjuk

Lägg dig ner nu och sov, lilla syster
Bara lägg dig ner och bida din tid nu
Jag vet, du vet vad som måste ske nu
Jag tror stenhårt på din plan
Häng dom högt, häng dom högt

because we all need some funk on sundays!!

There you were freaking out,
Trying to get your head around the fact that me and you and love is dead
See how I’m trippin’ out
‘Cos you can’t decide what you really want from me

Why does it have to be like this?
I can never tell
You make me love you, love you baby
With a Little L

There you were shouting out
Cranking up your altercations, getting upset in your desperation
Screaming and hollering
How could this love become so paper thin?

You’re playing so hard to get
You’re making me sweat just to hold your attention
I can’t give you nothing more
If you ain’t givin’ nothing to me


it is the time i spent outside running today. It felt good, it still feels good, my body is tired and i know why! This saturday seems to be in a good way to be nice!

Kent premiär

i was at Kent premiär in Stockholm yesterday evening and it was great. Great compagny, great music, great with a buss driving us from Eskilstuna and back home, i enjoid. It was a lite less sentimental for me than in summer 2008 but anyway :)

And it was also a funny part: when ONE (1) people got a lighter during a slow song ahaha it is so 20th centurish!!! now, you have to light with your Iphone. Period!



it was the temperature this morning when i left my home to go to work. But strange enough, it did not feel that cold.

Strange dream

I slept kind of long last night and had a crazy dream. I was visiting some friends north of London (the faces of these friends was unknown though) and suddently, i was pregnant and would give birth like right now. We decided to go to the cinema though because it was a good film there.

When i paid, i got back a bill which looked like a 10-euros bill (in purple) and it was written 27 pounds on it. I had no clue about where i could use this bill later… Anyway, the group of us got divided because we decided to watch different movies.

I knew who was the father of my baby, he was living in London but broke up with me because of the distance. The mother of this guy was with me watching the movie and told me: “you know what you have to do? You have to go and learn not to come back, because if a guy wants to be with you, he will come and has to proove that he wants to”.

I still had to give birth, my stomach was all platt though, it seemed very weird. So i went out the cinema and went into a bus to go the hospital. I had of course to pay my ticket and i had this 27 pounds bill that the busdriver did not want to accept. Of course. SO i got irritated and left the bus, returned to the appartment and my friend was telling me that he was moving in London soon, so i could live here if i wanted. I was already planning the room for the baby, wondering if the dad would come back because of the shorter distance…

I woke up then.