Back to the future

Today was a day that i lived as the 100 years old lady i will become. I had problem to get up, pain everywhere in my body. I can think this is boring to feel ones body getting old and hoppefully, it will be over in some days. My poor M is working late and i just want to go to bed and sleep, but i feel some compassion for him.

Weare looking slowly for an appartment to buy but it seems that we are very happy with what we have now.have and have, we are hiring, but it is fitting us well. I have dreams for us, and it seems that M is on my train somehow but on the other hand, this is so confortable just to lay on the couche and think “oh it would hurt so much if i would stand up”.

Don’t try to read something ambigious, i am just litterally thinking that maybe i could go in our bedroom and pick up one of the 5 books i began to read but i do rather lay here, with my laptop on my belly and wait for M to be finished with work for tonight.

Tomorrow, spring sign: we are switching to summer wheel on our lovely car. it was about the time!

Oh, M is working so long… so i am youtubing in my french nostalgi and for tonight, you get soem songs from my country:

here therewere some links to french music, i will publish some later…

and if you only knew how many times i listened to this one when i was like 12, dreaming of the prince charming:
lucky me, he is sitting in the same room!! :)

good night people, i am not sure i can stand up, but i can sleep in my soffa !

two days at Bosön

Hello fellow readers!

first of all, and you know it: i am sorry for my absence on here, life has been lived and no time has been found to write some wise words here, if i ever did! But tonight, i’ve got something extraordinary to tell and this is my two days at Bosön, on a running training.

It began with a sunny drive to stockholm and the discovery of cars stopped on Essingeleden. My good planning failed and i made my entre 15 minutes late. Not good to enter a room with 20 pair of eyes on you, prolly thinking “how hard is it to plan this kind of travel?!?!”. I was happy though to recognize one people, but at the same time kind of afraid to make a fool of me in front of people that know me. I have to tell you that i’ve seen these two days coming with mixed feelings, you wil understand why when you will read about our program.

After an introduction (which i missed the half), it was time for the first running pass: technic. We began with a light warming up in the wood and went to a football place to learn how to run. For me, it was a lots of news feelings and actually, i was feeling quite strong if you ask me. I also discovered that my shoulders could be more free and that i actually can jump high! It was not a very long pass, but it was intense though, because of all the coordination we had to think of. then, shower and dinner.

After the dinner, i was pretty tired, but more because of the week of work than anything else, but i found the motivation to listen to Daniel Ekman, who was our coach during these two days, talking about equipment and stuff. If my summer of running is satisfying, i may give myself some whool clothes for the winter. I also got a good idea to protect myself from the pulsband.

When i arrived to my room, i jumped into my bed and i think i felt asleep after like 10 seconds, looking forward the first pass of the day after: morning jogg.

I was awake early, jumped into my clothes and was super happy to go out to meet the other people for a morning run. The group was composed of a little of every kind of people, with very good runners, some astonishing one running more than 100 km at a time and some other coming from nothern sweden that just went from skiiing to running and some other having goals like running a marathon or a halfmarathn soon. I don’t have any goal, except a 10km run at the end of may, but this week end was for me an inspiration more than anything else.

The weather was wonderful and to run with an empty stomach was a good feeling! we ran slowly but i also learnt that it was better to do so than to run like a crazy and not to hold the distans.
After this sunny run, breakfast.

Some hours later, we had a theory pass about pulstraining and so but in between, i went to bed. Micro sleeps are good! This saturday, it was also a lots of dressage (horses) on the Tv, so i had to watch with one eye while the other was sleeping.

The theorypass about puls was really interesting. I know understand how i need to train the intervall and this is not trivial. It demands that you know your body pretty well, else the risk is that you go right into a wall and make more damage to your training than benefits. The lunch was welcome after that but i have to day that it was not the best kitchen in the world, more like school food and it may be so that we eat too much fine food at home M and me?

The horror pass was the next, at leat my horror pass: strength. I am not strong at all. When it was time to make push ups, i could barelyy take me up 3 cm. plankan was aweful. In other words: i should make more strenght in order to be a little stronger… I began to feel my legs too.

Then, a little rest and affter that, the intervall pass. We warmed up and then ran 3min, 2min, 1min with 1 min stay in between and this 3 times. It was good to have heard about pulstraining before and i tried to use these new knowledges. The results are frapping me:


2013 20130428 191533

on the bild above you can see the whole serie: 3min running, 1 min rest, 2 min running, 1 min rest and finallay 1 min running, and this three times. My pulse is the lila line. When you look at the first 3min, the first 2 min, the first 1min and the second 3 min, i managed to have a quite low pulse during the rest period, but afterthe second 2 min (during which i had a little higher
pulse), i did not manage to go that low again before to run the second 1 min. Even if the second one minute was not that intense that the second 2 min, i wasn’t able either during the following rest to get low. But during the third serie, i took it a little more easily and my resting pulse became low again. Also, we talk of a difference of maybe 4 bmp for the max, no more. And this is what is difficult with intervall.For this time, i was looking at my pulse, so i understood that i went a little too far during the second 2 min running, but i should have taken it easily directly and not wait the next running. But this is good, this means that i have something to work on!

After this intervall training, it was shower and dinner. I took a glas of wine but felt while drinking it that i actually did not want to drink it. What a pity for a saturday evening! and i was missing M too, knowing that he was alone at home and that i had a big room at Bosön, he could have come with me!

This morning when i woke up, i had really pain in my legs. Too hard working out and too many kilometers already. I ate breakfast early and decided to test if i was able to run the long pass. The weather was perfect and the wood inviting, but after 1.5km, my knee did hurt in a downhill and my right leg too, so it was just for me to make a u turn and take me back to the hotel. A shame, but it was almost 18 km of running in 2 days, which is a lot for my little and becoming old body.

After a shower and good bye to the people, i drove back to Linköping, with dreams of running in the wood next week end. I did learn a lot about pulse, our body, how to run, and it was very inspiring. These two days taught me too that i can forget to plan a week of runningin Portugal, without more training before. I even was taught to run slowly during the long pass and we got some kind of program for the week, which gives a good start with a new motivation, but without a goal.

And one another important thing: if you don’t put some good trainings memories on your bank account, it will be difficult to take it off during the hard times.

That was Bosön, in my bad english! :)

i wonder

this is the titel from the song of the day that you get now:


So this is done, check!

It has been a while that i wrote (hum, i already read this somewhere) and i have to think hard of what happened… Let’s see… We have been looking for some flats, but nothing was in our
tastes, almost one but it did not had any elevator and 4 floors up, no thank you. I have been travelling in the region for the work as well and i really appreciate the light in the morning and
in the evening for the driving. The trains are cool too, nice to sleep in. And for the rest? some victories at squash, but now i need a lots of excuses to postpone the next match, you never
know how bad you can become in some weeks, but at least, you can say that it was because of the lack of practice. I have been running in the wood too for the first time of this year, but when i
was back at home, i felt my right knee quite a lot. I ran 5km tonight and it feels ok, so i wish it was nothing.


In two weeks, i will attend a running week end, with a lots of running, technic, coach and conferences. This is very exciting since i never ran twice a day or so. I will see how i will survive


Oh, i am soooo tired for tonight, sorry for the lack of conversation, good night!


oh, and for that, you get another song today;

home alone and lonely

Hello people!

M is as usual on tuesday and wednesday in Ljungby and i am as usual alone at home. This is crazy how i got used to a good habbit: when M is away, i really have difficulties to fall asleep. So as usual, i woke up this morning very tired and the summer time did not help me. I went to Eskilstuna today and in the train, i read a quote about learning kids to be alone instead of feeling lonely. Ok, this may be a good quality but it makes me sad that we push on being alone instead of going to other people and learn to socialise. This society is so indivualist, i really wonder who will take care of us, the active generation from today when we will be old and when we will have taught all the kids that you better live alone. I wish i had read something more positiv, more engaged in some kind of feeling “i want to get involved with someone, even if it’s only a friendship, even if i don’t win anything at first but just help someone…”. And so on.

Who am i with my big ideas of a perfect world? oh no one big. I make my mistakes too and every day, but i know i miss peoples compagny and that i almost always found someone to spend time with when i was living in France. Maybe i don’t remember very well, since it was10 years ago i lived there (ten years, holly sh**!) but i like to remember it like that: no cellphone, friends around the corner, no big worries in life. Tonight, if i feelalone, i don’t fell lonely.I exactly found someone to spend my whole life with and i don’t need so much more. of course i need my friends, but the relationships i have around make me feel confident. No everyday talk, but i know there is someone out there who cares, and several someone even! I just miss M tonight.

We live in an about 80 squar meters big appartment and i feel like i have too much things i don’t need, so i am filtrering and chosing what things i will keep. If there is someone who wants a scarf for free, just write me you adress in a mail at leiaot (a) and i will send you something nice!

For the rest of the dy, i will try to be a good girl and to sleep early. a day at work is waiting for me tomorrow!