Örebro literally means a bridge over gravel banks, which is how the geography looks, with the rivulet Svartån draining into the lake Hjälmaren. The location became a natural seat of commerce in the (Scandianvian) middle ages, and is mentioned in print in the 13th century. Old buildings from the early days include the foundations of the city church, a building undergone several modifications. The natural center of the city is otherwise the magnificent Örebro Castle, situated on an islet in the Svartån, and dividing the town in a northern and a southern part. This castle was constructed during the reign of King Gustav Vasa in the 1560s.

Örebro cirka 1700, in Suecia antiqua et hodierna, with the castle in the middle.

Notable events in Örebro’s history include the national diet meeting at Örebro in 1810, where Bernadotte was elected King of Sweden as Charles XIV.

Although a trade town, Örebro remained small until the second half of the 19th century, when it grew rapidly as a centre of the national shoe manufacturing industry (see: History of Närke).

Sites of interest

Örebro Castle








Örebro’s old town Wadköping is located on the banks of the Svartån. It hosts many 18th and 19th century wooden houses, along with museums and exhibitions.

The water tower of Örebro, nicknamed Svampen (The Mushroom) is a popular destination as an outlook tower. In 1958, a replica of the tower was built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Örebro University is one of Sweden’s most recent, being upgraded from högskola (university college) in 1999. It currently has around 14,000 students and a staff of 1,300.

Notable natives
Christian Berglund, professional hockey player
Hjalmar Bergman, author
Leni Björklund, Minister for Defence
Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, (1390s–1436) rebellious politician and later Swedens first rikshövitsman (Primeminister)
Ronnie Peterson, racecar driver
Olaus Petri, (16th century) Principal reformator in Sweden
Manne Siegbahn, Nobel Prize in Physics laureate
Gunnar A. Sjögren, Saab designer
Millencolin – punk rock band
Biljana Plavšić – Former president of Bosnia and Hergezovina, now a prisoner for 11 years, just outside Örebro.
Mary Stavin, Former Miss World and she appeared in two James Bond movies, Octopussy and as agent Kimberley Jones in A View to a Kill.
The Accidents punk band
Nasum grindcore band

IKEA and the futton

IKEA explains how to build furnitures with simplicity but never forget taht every pic is here for a reason. If you just think it was to make the paper beautiful, you´re wrong! but like said my grand mother: “faire et refaire, c´est toujours travailler!”


today, i didn´t read the horoscop in the newspaper. Nnot that i didn´t want just that i was a bit in hurry. At 5h45 rang my clock, i just have the time to eat my hemmagjort müssli and hop, at the station.
Anyway, i felt good today, work really cool and intresting and all was nice. Till i came back home. I fast slept asleep in the train, but from this manier, that you don´t sleep but you cannot open your eyes and all the noices are too loud for your poor head and it´s really unconfortable. ah well, i survived and get home. I kept the door open for a neighbour and went up to my flat.
Here I had a letter. Oh my god, a letter! Any secret lover?!! Oh my god a leeeeeeeeetter! oki oki fast fast Ii have to read it! but as i am a bit supersticious, i like reading letter when i´m all ready and that nothing will disturb me. So I lighted some red candles, made me nice looking and sat on my sofa, the letter in front of me on the table.
I took a long and slow breath.
I opened the letter.
It was Graflunds, someone I already met once. Or twice maybe. And actually, he already wrote to me. But this time, it was like “I love you very much, our relationship is getting more intensiv now, but every good thing has a price and my price went up from 3%”.
Yeah, it was my flat´s rent bill… And it went higher…
So oki, I decided not to stay on this disspointing moment and went out to buy some food. I went to the supermark, needed 4 hours to choose between good looking red onions and beurk looking white onions, I also choose  chocolate, and some lille healthy things to eat the next days. After that, I went home.
I cooked, but it was minus one that i wouldn´t have eat something… it was a bit too hot too long… but ok, nice. Then, i took a bath, because i thought, i need some relaxing time. I went out the bath and wanted to eat a piece of chocolate in front of the TV. But but but i forgot the chocolate at the supermarkt…
I paid the bills then, on internet and remarked someone gave me some money. i know where it does come from but it´s like 6 months old now, i was desesperating having this money once.
So i had read my horoscop this morning, it would prolly have been like that:

Fish – every thing that you feel sure about could change without you could do anything against it. You just have to stay away from your beliefs and begin to think you´re not the only one making the good decisions. Best moment of the day: 21h, color: red.

appart suite…

sleeping room:






Edit on the 13th of oktober: my new bed :)


living room:












a lot of work is still to do but i feel home!