Markus cut his hair, gave us some love and music and i had a lot of fun with my friends!

I pay that today with being very slow at everything i do…

Does it have to be so hard?

oh no, don’t begin to think that my french side is speaking, I am not complaining, just making a consideration.

This week has been full of morning lengths in the swimming pool, exciting daywork,and  falling asleep before James Bond evenings. It has been very rich, funny and noice but i felt my pain tonight, on friday evening. After an obligatory passage at the systemet (who is that numb to go there on friday evening?!?!), I went home and thought “i will rest a second before to get ready to get some visit tonight.” oh yeah, i rested! like 1h30 alseep on the couch ahahah

I know what you think litle sister, i know. But with ages some things come (afternoon naps on friday) and go (memory).

Now, I am actually very fit to party like it was 99 and Markus willget what he deserves! Finally we get to see him live tonight. Hopefully he did not break a nale or something and can also play guitar and scream his songs and make us have fun…

OK, not much time left before my guests arrive here, but my dilemma for now: HOW WILL I GET DRESSED?!!?!??!?!

hehe, i should take a look at Blondinbella’s blog and maybe get inspired. have fun who ever you are, I plan to have some!


old song to be in a good mood. it was also a part of the BO from “mon idole“, a film by and with Guillaume Canet. Crazy film but really good i remember.

J’aimais sa façon de chanter
Et de casser ses guitares.
J’aimais sa façon de danser
Et de faire le grand écart.On connaissait surtout son nom
Pour sa mauvaise réputation.
Il avait fait de la prison,
Se battait pour ses opinions.

On m’avait défendu
De parler de lui à l’école
Et c’est pourquoi, bien entendu,
Il est devenu mon idole.

J’aimais son jeu de scène
Et ses attitudes obscènes
Mais il ne donne plus que des interviews,
Des chaînes en or autour du cou.

On dit toujours qu’il n’aime pas les filles.
C’est peut-être parce qu’il se maquille,
Mais moi je l’ai vu en photo dans un magazine
Avec neuf meufs dans une limousine.

Il a tellement changé,
C’est sûrement l’effet de l’alcool.
Il préfère boire que chanter
Mais il reste encore mon idole.

Il a succombé au succès.
Il n’est plus celui qu’il était.
Pour se rappeler de c’qu’il chantait,
Il faut avoir une bonne mémoire
Ou l’intégrale en coffret.
Ses disques, je les ai
Et, si j’ai bonne mémoire,
Ce qu’il chantait faisait :

Noir désir -revisited

Some review of the band, who is giving out 2 new songs on their official website

1989, veuillez rendre l´âme (à qui elle appartient)
aux sombres héros de l´amer an old frenchy rocky song, mixing nice words and hard sounds

1992, Tostaky
oublié  nice song to move on. Despertely singing the denying of someone.
Je ne t´en veux pas, je ne te vois pas, j´ai oublié qui tu étais.

Tostaky to listen when you’re angry at something.
Soyon désinvoltes, n´ayons l´air de rien!

Marlène I love the naked guitar at the beginning and Bertrands voice, who, langourously, explains to Marlène Dietrich why she was so popular during the WWII.
Hier und immer, Da kennt man sie, Kreuz unter Kreuzen,Marlene immer liebt

1996, 666.667 club
Fin de siècle after the
first song of the album (666.667 club, which is an instrumanetal), “fin de siècle” gives the tone for the whole disc. Yeah, it rocks and actually, who are you?
Au ciel, nous on veut de la vie, longtemps longtemps longtemps longtemps

Un jour en France more than ever actual with the lyrics…
Un autre jour en France
Des prières pour l´audience
Et quelques fascisants autour de 15%
Charlie, défends-moi!
C´est le temps des menaces
On n´a pas le choix de pile en face
Et aujourd´hui je jure que rien ne se passe
Toujours un peu plus
F.N, souffrances
Qu´on est bien en France
C´est l´heure de changer la monnaie
On devrait encore imprimer le rêve de l´égalité
On n’devrait jamais supprimer celui de la fraternité
Restent des pointillés… yeah yeah yeah!

A ton étoile nice bass lines, nice lyrics too, song who gives one the mood to
fullfill ones dreams.
Toujours à l´horizon
Des soleils qui s´inclinent
Comme on n´a pas le choix, il nous reste le coeur
Tu peux cracher, même rire, et tu le dois
à ton étoile

Ernestine a love song to the easy girls, with a nice violon solo. It maybe inspired some Louise Attaque
and co, who knows…
Dors, c´est mieux
Ou cherche des yeux
Le prochain clown qui te guette

comme elle vient song that gives one some energy, very nice video btw
Comme elle vient
Comme on peut
C´est cruel et sans fard
Ca choisit pas, merci pour eux

L´homme pressé Anti-Ode to the modern way of life. The energy is still here and well, 13 years later,
how many of us can sing “qui veut de moi et des miettes de mon cerveau?” – who wants from and and the pieces of my brain?- without identifying him/herself to it?
Love love love
Dit-on en Amérique
Russie ex-soviétique
Aux quatre coins de France

A la longue slower, lover, Bertrand is singing his love for a woman and every one of
us would like to be her! or what?
Je me love dans tes bras
Et je n´aimerai que toi
A la longue

Septembre en attendant one of the songs of the music history that I would like to
sing to my kids to make them sleep at night. Very poetic and inspirating for some nice dreams of liberty and achievement.
Et même si tes yeux
Dissolvent les comètes
Qui me passent une à une
Au travers de la tête
J´y pense encore
J´y pense

2001- Des visages, des figures
This is maybe my fav album, by the sounds, kind of softer (in comparison with the earlier albums) and the lyrics are still as good and playfull with words but the style is maybe more adult but it
still rocks! The rythms are funky and I love the bass lines and the armonica.

L´enfant roi good introduction song that directly puts one in the mood of the album. (sorry for the bad
quality, this is the only vid i found on youtube…)
Je ne sais qu’une chose ; tu tiens
Ma joie, ma peine, entre tes mains

Tu es le souffle, le lien,
Mon enfant roi, mon magicien
Rien ne m’appartient
Mais au sud je reviens

Noyé dans le coeur des foules
C’est dans ton fleuve que je m’écoule
Quand tous les ponts d’or s’écroulent
C’est de ton air que je me saoule

Les territoires inconnus
Je les parcours, je les inclus
Mon pays, mon sang, ma rue
Sont dans tes yeux, je les ai vus

Le grand incendie the album was out some days before 9/11 and I remember that it was
eaxcatly the song I was listening to when my friend called me and told me to watch the TV because a plane flought in the tower. Kind of crazy… I love the bass line.
Claudia Schiffer dit qu´elle a même pas peur
Et tout le monde applaudit à la télé

Le vent nous portera It was the first single out for this album, plaid over and over again on the radio,
I kind of got tired of this song but now, some years after, I find it sweet.

Des armes text from Léo Férré, this song is magic from its strenght (the link here
is bof bof but this is the best musical version i found)

L´appartement love song from someone who is desesperate.
Elle a su, simplement
Enfermer mon coeur dans son appartement

Des visages des figures just because this live version is divine
J´ai douté des détails jamais du don des nues

A l´envers à l´endroit just because Bertrand uses the word and meaning of “caudine”
in a perfect poetic way.
Autour des amandiers fleurissent les mondes en sourdine
No pasaran sous les fourches caudines

Bouquet de nerfs Hard to think back sometimes? That you could have done things in another way? Less

the sunday prayer in black

Your own personal Jesus

Someone to hear your prayers
someone who cares

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who’s there

Feeling unknown
And you’re all alone
Flesh and bone
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer

Take second best
Puts me to the test
Things on your chest
You need to confess
I will deliver
You know I’m a forgiver

Reach out and touch faith
Reach out and touch faith

Your own personal Jesus…

Feeling unknown
And you’re all alone
Flesh and bone
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer

men and oranges

Today, we had some conversation about a book at work and the book said that men who peel oranges are considering themselves on an equal footing with women. It would be because they are not afraid to make a mess all over themselves with orange “juice” and through it accept some “unclean” common tasks in a  familly.

And what about the women who don’t peel oranges?

The peeling act with oranges makes me hate them. Does it mean that I don’t consider men on an equal footing with me? Or do I like my oranges already peeled? Or am I not made for unclean tasks?

These questions are still unanswered…

the power of the moon

This morning, I woke up because the moon was screaming its arrogance to my face with the help of strong ray of moonlight. It was an incredible feeling actually, that happened to me indoor before.

It remembered me this magic summer night once in France, 98 i think. I was with my best friend, sitting and then sleeping in the grass. It was a beautiful summer night rebuilding the world with words, promises, wine and love. We thought that life was tough, but it would be better, everything would gonna be alright. Then, of course, this friend found a jealous girlfriend… yeah, that’s what i said, ere litle darling, don’t shed no tears, no woman no cry!

Anyway, I felt I was strong this morning, and I had nice things to see forward to. The daylight came earlier than the other days, I had a lot of nice contacts with people, enjoid really my day.

Then, I got a cool news too. Or better explained, I got the confirmation of something that I already knew inside of me. This is strange how sometimes I can be so sure of things without proof. Could it be intuition? dunno but somehow, this news was not that new. But nice to hear though, got some eloge and got from the moon to the stars? Ah well, there are plenty of other stars in the wintersky.

Then, I just had fun while playing floorball and got back to earth: yeah, it is not that easy to move my ass everywhere and controll this tiny ball and shoot goals and so, but good for the body and the soul!

And now, I am at home, wondering if I gave the world some love today. Maybe it is not too late?

Hey Andy, did you hear about this one? Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Hey Andy, are you goofing on Elvis? Hey baby, are you having fun?
If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve, then nothing is cool