The spring is beautiful

I never want it to stop! Spring it has to be the whole year! It happens so much things in the nature, every bird is singing all the time and this will be over in a few weeks, replace by hot weather and siesta. I wish… Still living in Sweden so these two things are not on our program.

Yesterday, we wrong downtown like millions of other people and gave our money away. Sunglasses for me and I am not even sure that M bought something more than coffee. He is so reasonable…

I wanted to look at some trail running shoes and went in a shop where I felt that people there were not really willing to help me. So I tried the shoes I looked for and let them be in the shop for their 1500kr. Back at home, I ordered them on a website in uk for 900kr with the shipping costs. I don’t like to “use” shops like that but they were so unpleasant that I wouldn’t have bought anything there anyway.

So now, I am waiting for my new shoes. I took a little run this morning (I am a little sick, so it was just to taste the nature) and it was wonderful. Really, I fall in love every time.



I am right now waiting for the car to get new tires so I take the occasion to write you my experience about butter.

I always heard my mother and grand mother preaching how easy it was to make butter but I think it was more to tell me that before electricity, you have to make it all by hand and it took maybe hours (or a good pain in the arm). Anyway, I never saw any of them make butter.

I watched on YouTube, found a good video that explained very good, and actually, it did not seem that difficult. You take fat creme fraiche (the fattest you can find) and you mix it during a long time. After a while, take your hand to finish and pof! You have butter! Clean it with very cold water at the end and enjoy your own butter!



4dl creme fraiche for 150gr butter, this is not very economical. But good, give it a try!


Nowadays, I just feel that I want to get all the hidden gifts from our environment and primarily, our food. I read on some internet that it was not so hard to make your own bread from scratch, with water and flour.

So I went downtown and bought some ecological flour and began this job with the starter. I looked at some several receipts and choose to make it in a little scale. It worked well!


And then, I cooked bread (then, read some days later). It tastes good!


The flour was a 50/50 mix between rye and wheatflour and my stomach had some trouble to digest it actually. The bread dissapeared in breakfasts, so i made a new one yesterday, with a proportion more 70/30. It worked like that:



It was so gooood! With ecological flour,water and 45min of heat in the oven (cost approx 10kr except electricity) i can tell you with assurance that you will not be served any other bread in my home!

Soon, the story about hw to make your own butter in 15 min.

What about running, you, old woman?

Some days ago, I received a letter:


This means that I can give my organs if I may die and that they are good for someone else. Nice I thought, but time for me to save my inside! We were reasonable this week end with food and so and took sunbaths a lot, with a hat on the head.

Yesterday evening, I walked down with M to the station and decided to run back home.

Good idea but…

I thought I would die. Beautiful weather, nice temperature but oh so hard… It was 5km in uphill, with the end in the woods.


Eastern is best for the weather

Oh I am sorry, but I haven’t found good things to tell you recently. The life is going on as it should and we are enjoying the spring coming up. We took a long walk in the woods today and I had my camera with me. So instead of a long text with too much bla bla, you get some pictures from todays walk.

IMG_6830_2 - Kopia IMG_6833_2 - Kopia IMG_6834_2 - Kopia IMG_6869_2 - Kopia IMG_6874_2 - Kopia IMG_6877_2 - Kopia IMG_6882_2 - Kopia IMG_6883_2 - Kopia IMG_6886_2 - Kopia



We are liking very much the fine weather and as you can see on the vegetation, the nature is not ready yet, no leefs of whatsoever.

To find a place

When everything had to be according to my plan and when I notice that it’s not going to happen, I feel bad. Or at least I feel upside down. Lucky me, I have the best boyfriend ever and the forest to run and loose myself.

It is so beautiful and so close to us! It takes 3min of walk and we are in the woods from our flat, I just love it!