Raggmunk with apple

I tried a new receipt today, inspired by the traditional potatoes raggmunk but with apple instead. We are soon going to leave for some travel so I wanted to use what we had home. Here are the ingredients:
400gr apple
2dl milk
1dl flour
1 egg
A little butter
Mix the flour and the egg. Put the milk little by little and continue blend. Grate the apple and put them in your mix and blend.
Put on a frie pan on the fire, a little butter in it and make small cakes with your blend. And so on.
These quantities above are enough for this:


It tasted good, you just have to try how much I the blending I good to have the right cooking as you like. Enjoy!


Summer is fantastic: there is nothing to read on the news papper, nothing good on the radio, the weather is swedish (=10 degrees and rain) but we are off work! And there is this marvellous invention: podcast!! I am very hungry of good podcasts, with a preference for history, documentary, and people talking about their lifes or passions. I recently found this podcast about riding: ridpodden. This is in swedish though but wonderfully talked by Lisen Bratt Fredicson, who is a famous jumping rider, 2 times at the OS.

On the first episode, they are talking about hormanship. They killed a lots of ideas and I was happy to hear about that: don’t go and take your horse as he/she was a toy, it is not a teady bear either, don’t give food to your horse direct by your hand. Show your boundaries clearly and be consequent. Horses are not nice to each others when they are living together, they just know who is the boss and how they have to behave. The boss never gives food to a lower ranked horse. If you begin to give food with your hand to your horse, you will give contradictory signals to the animal: on one hand, you are lower ranked and on the other hand you are the boss because you want to decide. This is totally unecessary.

Respect is also another thing they explained. When you meet a stranger on the street, you don’t go and hug this person. This is the same thing with horses. When you meet them for the first time, don’t expect the horse to be your best friend at the first sight. If the horse don’t want to be close to you, respect it. Of course, the horse also has to respect you and if you need to make something with the horse right now, make it, but respect the fact that the horse maybe don’t want to be hugged.

They even talked about the fact that a human being is the only animal that is looking after reward. Other animals don’t need that tp be satisfied: if nothing wrong comes, then it’s all good. The exception is dogs/animals that are trained and if they do something good, the trainer gives them something to eat. This is not a natural behaviour, the dog could be happy as well even without food, just by looking at the trainer and seeing that he is satisfied with the trick. This is the same thing with horses and clapping. To clap them don’t give the horse any satisfaction. This is a random human sign to give reward, but this is not translated like that by a horse. If you clapp your horse randomly while riding, he/she will not understand what you are meaning. The voice is a much better help for that. On the other hand, you may clap your horse for example just once during a riding session just when you finished for the day and will just go down and dry. If you clap at this only moment, your horse will translate this like a “good for today, i can relax”-sign and it will be a way to communicate. This was what they told in the podcast and I like their idea. This is all about to be consequent. If the horse is making the mooves you want her/him to do, just give it back with your behaviour, your voice but clapping will not help.

That a horse has a mood that varies with the period of the day was something I wasn’t aware of until I got my own horse at home. This meant that I meet her every morning, lunch and evening and could see the difference. Actually, this is not that difficult to understand but I think that too much teenager forget this and transform their living horses in my little pony. A horse is still a horse. And because a horse won’t scream if something is hurtful or painful, you have a responsability to read your horse perfectly.

Anyway, this podcast is wonderful! Listen to it if you understand swedish and you’re interested in horses (pretty high level though in technicality)



This was my horse and me somewhen in 1999, so not yesterday…

How to spend a rainy day

When we woke up this morning, it looked like that from our bedroom window:


Not very motivating to do anything. But we turned this day to a masterpiece.

First, i went downtown to by some cloth. My bathrobe was dead, so i needed a knew one, specially now, when it‘s raining all the time and we are on vacation.

When i came home, M was ready to go out and train, so it motivated me to change clothes and go out for a run. M took his bike and followed me, and it pushed me to run faster as i usually do. 7 km in 40 minutes, for some it may sound slow, but i haven’t run that fast on this “long” distance since last fall or so. So i am pretty happy.


And then, at home, after a good shower and some meat in the oven (first time since last Monday), i sew my new bathrobe. Pretty easy but it took time. I learnt to be precise in order to sew better and i am pretty happy with the result. 180kr of cloth and 5 hours of work.


So now, some rest on the soffa watching the wire.

Easy reading

Holiday is synonimous with reading. Tonight, i laughed with this book:


A really quick readen book and pretty funny. Gave it an hour, you will enjoy it!

training challenge

I hate doing this kind of things but i already reached my limit of ridiculous.

I have a very generous employer that gives us possiblity to buy training cards. I choose a gym closed to our place and took a whole year of training. Friends with benefits in other words. I just having used the benefits, meaning a free training card but I never tried to get friend with this training center. I bought the card in february. 2 400 kr. A lots of money.

So today, I decided to go there and to give it a try. I ran 3km (pretty quick to be me nowadays) and rowed 2 km in 9min 50 on the hardest level. The last part, it was only because I did not know that the level could be adapted.

And since we are staying at home a little more than one week during our vacations, I have no excuses not to go and visit the gym every day. So let’s do it! Let’s get the price of a visit at the gym go down! For now: 1 visit = 2 400kr.

Too much meat?

a Swedish newpapper published an article recently about how much meat a human being had to eat every week. Or at least an amount that no one should go over without extra risk for stomach and intestin cancer(s).The magical amount was 500gr a week.

I first thought “no big deal, we don’t eat that amount meat a week”.

And then I began to review the past week and there is meat everywhere! We for sure not only reach the 500gr a week, but we even crash this limit. So i decided to become an conscient consument of meat and to eat no more than 500gr meat a week. This doesn’t mean that i am becoming a vegetarian, no i love meat too much.

The last time I ate meat this week, it was monday evening. A hamburger from Mc Donalds. A reflexion: I could have choosen a better deal for the taste but within the circumstances, it was the only alternative. We were coming back from Oslo and had spent millionss of crones in eating since life is so expansive in Norway and we had like 20 minutes to get something to eat of wait 2 hours to get home to an empty fridge. The chance we would have stopped to eat a pizza on the way from the train station was huge.

Anyway. No meat since monday evening. I met a friend yeasterday for lunch and tasted some soja things, it was good but I suppose this is because it was fried. Yesterday evening, I cooked some home made gnocchis with gorgonzola.


Today, I went in to our balcony garden and picked up some dinner. We made eggs with that. Challenge “no meat” accomplished!


I don’t know what the day of tomorrow will be made of but it seems like an interesting challenge to eat more veggies. I have to reopen cookbooks and discover new things. And from time to time, we will tak Continue reading “Too much meat?”


We began our holiday with a week end in Norway, more exactly in Oslo. This is a nice city and the weather is like the Swedish one: changing.