Sell by Fredrik Eklund

I bought this book one day I had some dead time before a train I had to catch. The idea was to have something easy to read in order to kill the waiting. After having read all of the book now, I wonder when I’ll plan time to read it a second time.

This is easy written, no big litteratur there, but full of insights, tips and stories about how to have the life you dream on. You can use it fir your private life, at work and so on. I grew while reading it.

half-time and minimalism

To work part time is for our family a win, in several ways. We are very thankful that our employers give us the possibility to do that. I think I already wrote about it earlier, so I won’t repeat it, but recently, I discovered another win-situation.

The past week, the three of us have been sick (a cold, no more, but enough annoying…). So the days I was at home with Z, I haven’t done much to meet people, we have been a little too tired for that. But the combination of me being at home with no particular activity except taking care of Z gave me a lots of energy to rethink our possessions. Well, mine mostly. As I posted the other day, I got rid of a lots of stuffs. I also am improving my closet. I want to have only clothes that have a purpose and if possible, several.

The other day I found the opportunity to go from four items to tow. Well, it implied that I bought two new, but at the end, it’s better.

For the shoes: I bought the two pairs on the left 2011. They’ve done their part. I killed the red one and I never liked the black one (it was an offer get two for the price of one at the discount in summer). I also had a need to have a pair of confortable shoes (reading no heels) for work but not too casual as the red ones. I found these black non animal sneakers from Vagabond which made think round before I bought them, but in a positive way. The non-animal collection from Vagabond is purely made of non-animal products, even in the glue and it was an option I did not even think of before I saw the shoes.

For the trousers: I had a pair of jeasn, that I used pretty much, but which I never really liked becaue of their shape. Same story here: I got 2 for the price of one, bought prolly in 2011 or 2012. The second pair was bought 2011 and have been for some years now a bit too tight, si I never had the courage to go through the door with them on. I found a pair of jeans yesterday that fits the two needs the two others trousers were filling.

Moralities: 1) never go for two products for the price of one if it’s not something you REALLY want and need. 2) think of your real needs and try to combine more than one in one item. 3) fair alternatives are not always uggly *wink wink*



I went through the flat today and sorted out some books, some shoes, some furni and i found 25 things, which perfectly work, but that will be given yo charity. Somehow, it feels really good. I even freed sahara sand into the sand box in our garden. I took it from one of my trip in Marocco years ago and had it with a candel in it. We never lighted this candel, so time to set the sand free.

I need to make a round in our storage to find even more things.

Zero waste

In August, we already had used what the world could give us in resources. It made me wonder and I am rethinking how we live at home.

I already sorted out my and Z’s garderobe amd after having used only three tee shirt, a short and two trousers during the whole summer, i guess i could optimize even more.

I gave away a lots of things to charity.

This morning, i had a little sew project to reduce my use of cotton pads in the bathroom. I use them to demake me up.

I took a towel, cut it.

And sew the borders with a zigzag to avoid quick destruction.

And voilà!

Actually, when i was little, we used tissue in fabric, towel and almost no papper or cotton things. The bad aspect is that we need to wash more amd warmer (to destroy bacteria) but it costs also energy to manufacture the cottons and papper things.

Petit pays, Gaël Faye

Second book of the vacations and it didn’t last long. I needed two evenings to be done with it and it showed the side of the genocide in Rwanda, seen from the eyes of a boy. Very much poetry for a hard story.

L’affaire Harry Quebert

Second book of this summer, in French this time. The story was very unpredictable and I liked this. I can easily be bored with books which story is too easy to figure out and these 800 pages were exciting to read. The story reminded me of the serie “the affair”  somehow but with a murder twist.

Well, I recommend it.