Life nowadays

I did not write anything here for a long time now. It’s mostly caused by my bad phone and the week’s full of activities.

Z turned 15 months and is still going to the preschool. After some weeks of screaming in the mornings and in the evenings she now is enjoying it. M and I am working and it’s difficult to make the weeks go together. We are like hamsters, scheduling everything during the week. Z is becoming a nice little girl and change every day. She even got so sick that she had to be at home from school and we from work and this weekend was a lot of throwing up on the program. Poor little girl. She slept more than 3 hours in the afternoon today, so after that we could take a walk downtown and drink a glass of wine. I even picked up my bicycle with a summer tires. This is a safe sign of spring.

I also got a new phone now so maybe I would be able to update this plug more often. Got and got… I had to buy it and it was not planned in the budget.

Jason Diakité -en droppe midnatt

This is one more book I’ve read this year and I had the pleasure to make it outside. I like the story and the description about ifentity. Who am I when I am not living where I come from? This is something I have to deal with everyday and I thought a lot about my daughter will have to deal with it too. Well written I like this book very much. It gave me a lot of reflections.