I gave it a try…

but did not come farther than Stockholm and it took me almost more time to go back and forth there than to fly back home in normal circumstances. IT was a ridiculous joke to try to take the train to France for Christmas. I won’t go in details in why it did not work (still too irritated about the amount of money i lost there, around 400 euros…) but it is a scandal how SJ try to keep their passengers informed. Well, now you know, if you want to argue with me, just put this subject on the table!


the best part was waiting outside for a bus with -28 degrees. It is cold i swear.

This morning, when i wanted to come back from Stockholm home, the panel looked like that:


It became only worse then, there was no train without a change (change bein cancelling, delay or something else like “change of working people” like). But i can feel myself lucky because i think i took the only train to Eskilstuna than. Like a miracle!


Ah well, i am actually happy to be home. Life is too stressing nowadays and i have plenty of things to do at home here, so i won’t be bored. Tomorrow, i am nicely invited to share the Julafton with some colleagues of mine (they are a couple) and they pick me up at 10 in the morning, which is pretty early for my french roots, i mean, we never begin before 20 or so on the 24th, so it will be a nice experience :)

on the 25th, let’s see what i will find. I bought some champagne for the breakfast, so i know that for sure, but then, i don’t really care for what happen, would just be nice with little people around and nice mood.

I have now no plan for new years eve, which is a little more boring. I should have been in Paris with my french friends there, but now, i have to find something different. I am not really willing to travel somewhere, i got vaccined this time. But let’s see what life can offer :)