the summer is gone now, it´s raining a little bit and i´m sick… my courses of svedisch will be at the end this week and i have a pause for a month bevor to continue to learn svedisch at school. maybe i will work on my englisch…. it could be good too…

the show goes on

i didn´t write so much the last days but nothing unbeliveable happened. it was my easy life of all the days with svedisch and the kids. i´m a little bit frozen but man told me it would be worse in vinter… gla gla! but i enjoy easely and it´s gooood.


I was there Saturday and i met the sweet “petite sirène” of Andersen (and a lot og japanise tourists …).
a very beautiful place, with sun (humm!) and there is a very funny thing: to cross the road as walker, you knpw exactly the time you have!
The port of Nyhavn is very nice but I liked better Amsterdam, it was more place with water in the City.


And this is the litle hous, which is in my garten. this is for the children to play in and i find it very nice!


it was sunny yesterday afternoon. I went with a friend on the beach 10 km west from Lund and it was evry nice. I had 2 pulls on me but at the end I wore only my tee shirt! yuhuu! i don´t know if i will survive at the swedisch vinter! i hope!!
as you can see on the picture, there were people, who went in the water. I just put my hand!


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Beach: yo!
it was sunny yesterday afternoon. I went with a friend on the beach 10 km west from Lund and it was evry nice. I had 2 pulls on me but at …

yellow submarine

Today, a litle visit in Malmö to the museum with the kids: it was to discover the wunderfull land of the submarine! and then, promenad until the sea, with sun… so goooooodd….
I progress in swedisch but it´s allways little difficult to speak about every subjekt without preparation before ;) but I can now shop very well and in my good size!

i ga°r kväll

i lived my first experience of concert in Sweden, it was funny: not on time and short but good! i don´t have very much to say, because my life has taking a very normal way, i go to school, learn, play with children in the afternoon and wmake some little things after and it´s very pleasant, i meet people and live in peace! yo!

bla bla bla bla

during 5 minutes this morning, i asked me why i was in this room, with people who spoke an unanderstanding things… if i heard the differences between the stockholms accent and the one in Skåne?? ja of course!!
but tomorrow, it will be better in the best of all of the worlds!

svenska för anfängare

oho today, i had to explain during the course what i have been studying and what was my job… på svenska… it took time but people understood :D ziel erreicht!

jag talar svenska!

oho today hat a good beginn: i woke up at the good tim without bell and i went to my first lektion of swedish. At first i had to write a test and that was funny! and then i met my grup and i´m in level 2!! yuhuuu! but i have yet housework and it´s difficult for my head…