Så länge hjärtat mitt slår
så minns Jag dig när
Du stack ett hål i min Kevlarsjäl
Och så blev Du mitt sår
och Jag blöder ihjäl
Kom gör ett hål i min Kevlarsjäl

i had this song the whole day in my head today.
teh whole text here

Snabba cash

this is the last book i managed to finish recently. a really exciting story, a naiv girl like me was very astonished to discover this parallel world. of course, i know maffia does exist but now, i look really sceptical to every people driving a black BMW.

plus in the DN this morning, there were some article about en Ratko who were murdered and ah ja, where is the limit between fiction and reality!??!

nice book though, got 5 stars in my own scale.