Celebrity, yeah, it’s me or?

I was in Stockholm for work today and we went to eat lunch in a restaurant on Kungsholmen. Just on my right sat Petter. He was talking nice, really cool man actually and easy going.

Well this song above was a remix from som Säkert song. He has more liek this style. Maybe he should ask Joye Starr for some dentition advices though.And one last song that i actually like very much, with Veronica Maggio and Snook (V’s boyfriend):

(Så) här finns ingenting att klaga på För el och rinnande vatten det har jag dagen lång Jag har en iPod om jag vill ha klagosång Och en arbetsdag som är lagom lång Har vunnit titlar med min gatukonst Numera nummer ett här i falukorv Så ni kan inte tysta mig som Falun Gong i Babylon För dom räknar ju min röst när det blir valomgång Jag kan utbilda mig nu det är bara att ett lån (Här, här) här finns ingenting att klaga på Mitt liv går framåt som ett marathon Dom spelar vår låt hela dagen lång Vet inte varför men det saknas nåt Det är som att låtsas som det regnar i en hagelstorm Så jag borde väl va lycklig utan klagomål (För) här finns ingenting att klaga påÄr det så här det känns att va lycklig?
Det är inga problem
Är det så här det känns att va lycklig?
Det är inga problem, det är inga problem

Jag har klippt mig skaffat ett jobb och lite brösthår
Flickvän och en garderob med mössor
Så jag borde vara lycklig nu
Eller vadå
Eller vad tycker du?
Mina problem är små, jag har en egen tv-vrå med ps2
Hörru vad är det då som står i vägen för att vara lycklig nu?
(Vad, vad, vad) Hörru vad tycker du?
Jag har en jävligt fet lägenhet i Hägersten som säkerhet
Så att jag säkert vet att jag kommer att bli lycklig nu
(Eller hur)
Och jag är en av de bästa i gemet har f-skattesedel
Och sponsordeal så det är bäst att det leder till att
Till att livet får ett lyckligt slut
Jag kanske borde vara lycklig nu

Jag blir galen snart för varje dag av mitt liv är galenskap
Nu när jag har det bra
För du jag växte upp som barn i Afrika
Så jag har sett baksidorna i Afrika
Så nu idag borde jag va riktigt lycklig
Men känner mig nog mera som en vingklippt pingvin
Samvetet säger en sak, lust något annat
Det lär väl även dom va överens om

Se mitt stora problem är att mina problem
Är så pass små att dom knappt räknas som problem
Men dom gör lika ont för det så sjung med

I forgot to tell

on sunday, we went motorbiking and god, there are places in the world where you cannot live happy, i swear! so i already found a “city” where i never will move. I swear!

But it was nice 13 swedish miles.

John, Flea, Anthony and Chad

I am currently doing the honorable task of cleaning my own flat (well, not RIGHT NOW since i am writing on this but you understand well that it is not done in 5 min and that pauses are needed!).

Anyway, i am listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers since this morning and it is giving me both energy and flash backs. Strangly enough, it is often because of some guys hehe or most of the time. And because they play half naken all the time.

I began to listen to them because of one crush when i was like 13 with of course Under the bridge as excuse. But then, i began to discover them more and more and i loved shouting One big mob OH YEAH OH YEAH! while driving my motorscooter on the east french roads. And don’t be confused, it IS appriopriate! Mob is the short version of Mobylette, which is the french ancestror of the motorscooter.

Incredible to think that on this vid, we can see a guy walking in the back and fixing things like it was nothing. 95, They were young and maybe not as “professional” as now? The sound is pretty bad though, hope you can listen to a good version sometimes!

I also loved to shout Pea of course, with all its forbidden words.

And who did not dance a long slow in beloved arms or cried because someone was missing on this:

John was fighting with his drugs problems at this time, that’s why Navarro is playing. But nice song, which did not become old imho, even if i don’t listen to it too much nowadays. And quite impressing to see Chad playing drums with one arm only.

Since i “took the train in march” for the Red Hot, i had to discover a posteri their album “blood sex sex magik” where my prolly fav song on there is breaking the girl. More for the melody than the lyrics, which is not common for me.

Then, it was 4 long years, living on old listening and growing with their funky groove. In 99, I got out the high school, got good grades on the exam and my dad offered me Californication. It made this whole summer of 99, i remember that it was the only thing i was listening too and got more than ever love in John and Flea. I was also into a nice relationship as this time and with birds i’ll share this lonely view was an usual sermon to my lucky summer.

Here you got a nice moment between John and Flea:

Some times later, when i was studying, “by the way” got out. I got totally stucked on Mercury. It was only a litle later in 2003 and 4 that i really enjoid this album as a whole and a lot of songs on it make me think on my time in Germany, when i was deeply, lucky and not in love with a boy.

this version of cabron is only to see Flea playing on a contra-bass:

Then, came Stadium arcadium out. The song If is my favo on there.  But i did not listen that much on the whole album. I got
more in love with John only and his mervellous melodies. Isn’t our house mervellous btw? i love to skate when i want to hold a book in your library.


I notice more and more that the power to take a decision, an active one, leads people a step farther.

Tonight, i decided to stop to have a relation with someone that is absolutely unable to take an active decision, make an active choice. What is it worth living if you always go “hmm, dunno” or “mmm as you want” or “this is so boring”. Your life is what you make of it and although if it is well known, nobody can make your own choices.

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

et un et deux et trois – zéro!

three days from this week are gone but somehow, i wish it would be friday night today. I had some nice visit until this morning and somehow, it showed me that i like to live with people. Maybe about the time to open a collective or something?

The sun is shining strongly on Eskilstuna nowadays, this is somehting really sweet.

People are crazy in Stockholm

not like i say they are crazy because it is fun. No, they really are crazy. At least all that i talked too.

I will tell about that fact later, now it is bed time.

was an unpredicted wonderful day today! thanks life!

An afternoon in Stockholm

So, as I wrote when i came home yesterday night, i was in stockhom for the afternoon and the evening. It was a wonderful vacations feeling and here you got some pics:

In the train at the Södertälje station, there is a big brigde, also very high with a litle view to a bit of sea

Belgien is a great country!

Västerbro, I hate walking on you

310 km in a sunny day!

Today was a wunderful day on a motorbike. We drove through Sörmland och Östergötland and saw very wonderfull landscapes. I have to find a way to make more pics on the way because the one you will see here are only a poor extract of what we got the chance to admire!

Well, the map is not accurate, it misses a litle part which was a funny one: a ferry :)

some ruins:

some lunch:

Göta Kanal in Söderköping:

On the Way to Igelfors: