I am waiting for some colleagues to drive back to Linköping efter a morning spent I Eskilstuna. I was holding a little presentation for my former colleagues and it felt almost sad when I realized that I was not working in this group anymore. The sun left the place and the warm temperatures with it. Happy that we enjoyed it yesterday!

On the running side: this week is rough and 8km are waiting for me at a high tempo tonight. Let’s see how it will go! Tomorrow, 13km. I wonder if I will take it before or after work…


Changing colors depending of the day. Mister sun decided to hide today but yellow was still here in the Swedish landscapes. I took a long run today. The longest of the year and I think that my legs will remember it tomorrow morning. Not that it was very fast though… Time from double sub 50 per 10 km in Paris seems really far away with the 13 km in 1h18 from today. I am a little desperated but what else to do than keeping on running according to the program? Off to bed now, a good book is waiting for me!


Oh what for a wonderful week end! Sun, enjoyable company and some nice activities, like a glass of wine, movie, laying in the grass, ice cream and so on :)


You know where I am? Yes, on a train! To uppsala this time and it was an early morning, I tell you. I noticed that I forgot my “bible” for work, so I will have to remember well what is in it. Shame! Ok, time to take a little nap. Night!

Long week-end

We had a long week end in Sweden. Well at least I had , poor M had to work on Friday. I think we got all the kind of weather during these few days and when it’s sunny after big rain falls, guess who is back? Moskitos!! I spent a big part of the day outside yesterday, with a run ( painful), a book and a dinner. Very enjoyable to lay in the grass in tee shirt! Hope you had a good week end too!

New fav

Really exciting lecture, I recommend these authors ( how do you do to write a book with another people?). I dunno which one I will pick up for tonight but it doesn’t matter, both will be read. Tomorrow, time to run an efficient pass. Enough with lazy days! Oh btw , I got invited to the city hall on the Swedish national day (6 th of June) since I became a Swedish citizen last autumn. Exciting!


Look! Look what I bought me today!!! The last album from Damon Albarn!!! And so far, this is a good one, I’ve only listened to 3 songs but it’s sounding great! And I bought new shoes today. Shoes for young people, as if I could loose 15 years or so. Now, train to Småland, yuhuu!


I needed a gift to myself: I ran 7km in 38 min and 35 seconds which was 10 seconds faster than last time. May be nothing to you, but add the fact that it was raining cats and dogs and I consider myself kind of courageous! So I am drinking te first glass of rose wine for 2012. Miam!


Sitting in the train to Uppsala, I am admiring the rain falling outside since I can’t logg in in my work laptop. Don’t ask me why, I dunno… Yesterday was a strange day. I cut my hair, pretty short and met a friend for dinner, this was nice.

Long day

Sitting in the train ( oh surprise!) and we are delaid because we had to take another way, so we are driving slowly along a nice landscape, so instead of being irritated about the fact that I will be so late home, I enjoy the view. At least try…