Not that red 



M and I went to take a long walk in the woods yesterday. It was a wonderful day of automn and it was good for us to be in a quiet place to rethink of all what happened the day before. 

M and I got married on Saturday.  It wad just the two of us at the cityhall, meeting the authorities to make this big commitment. This was a very private day, full of emotions and I am very thankful to be married to this wonderful man.

I took some (IMHO) nice pictures. I’ll post them later this week. 


The weekend was both long and short. We fixed a lots of things yesterday, enjoyed a long walk in the sun, watched a movie that taught me a lot about Danish history from the 1700’s, slept, cooked meals, tried to make a caramelised ananas and ate it, made marmelade.

Today, I mostly did illustrations and birds was the topic. Only 4 left and I can finalise the poster for the birds. 

And on Sunday,  it’s time for the Danish evening: the public service TV is showing a pretty good série “follow the money” and it is becoming really exciting. 3 episodes left…


Two from three. Blur in France, RHCP in Sweden, Led Zep is left for me to see live in order to complete my list of musical wishes.

The concert tonight wad good, nice mix between old and new songs. The band showed a lots of energy and the public was responding. The bad thing was the bad sound with kind of an eccho. That did not work good for the rapping parts, the more detailled playing and the talking. I don’t know if it was the arena or our places though.

But I can fall asleep happy tonight, I saw my teenage idols.

Week 26

Warning for a post about pregnancy. Actually about thoughts I came into since everyone can see that I am pregnant. 
Pregnancy is public domain. Obviously. That’s why everyone tells from week 0 that a baby is in the making. NOT. Men usually are cleaner. Women are worst. If they have only one experience with a mini human, they are professor in the topic. About everything: what you should eat,  how you should sleep, what you wear (yes!), how you should feel about everything.  And it’s not only public consultations, no no, it’s even a whole lecture about their own experiences that you will have the privilege to hear: how they broke down there during delivery, how many kilos they gain during their pregnancy, how many years they had to sleep 4 people in the common bed, how education should go on (the funniest is when they tell you that, while a kid is constantly making interruptions in their talk) and so on. Everything seems horrible most of the time, as if they were secretly  promoting abortion (ok, this sentence was hard but often I thought “thank you for the cheering up, I am about to live a nightmare the 20 next years”). As quick as your belly is showing, you may miss the normal discussions that normal adults usually have. With that, I don’t mean that I don’t want to talk about pregnancy but I would like to have these discussions with close friends, not everyone seeing that I’m becoming bigger. It’s a little bit like when you choose a new serie to watch on Netflix: maybe you want others to tell you what it is about in the big lines, but you don’t want to hear spoilers! Well.  Pregnancy is public domain. 

You who already talked about pregnancy with me: as long as you respected the normal rules about what make a discussion private or not, you may be safe.

The second fact is that i never saw the inside of my belly button before these past weeks. I don’t know really what I imagine but this is a place if my body that wad mysterious so far. You can touch but you never really see correctly how it looks inside. Now I do, and maybe for the only time in my life. I heard also somewhere that there is different technics to knot the belly button when the baby is born, depending on the country the baby’s born in. If I were rich, i would right now travel the world and compare the inside of my belly button with pregnant women form all over the world and make a picture book of them.
These were my two biggest reflexions right now about pregnancy that are safe to share on the Internet. 

Erasmus baby

I realized the other day that my growing belly is a direct consequence of Europe and its possibility of free moving of people between EG countries. 2003, i moved to Germany to study in Darmstadt thanks to the Erasmus program.  270 000 other students did the same this year (not only in Germany, but in the whole Eg) and one of them was a Swedish student who also studied in Darmstadt for a year. My lovely M. Who would have know that it would lead to a new life? 

From all the points I collected to get my engineer diploma,  the ones that count the most now are just the one I got in Darmstadt,  about sociability,  comminucation, open minding, craziness too. To live on the other side of the border gave me an incredible power to understand better the changing world we are living in. And the erasmus program made it easy in a lots of way, to get in this mindset. We got for example rooms to live in, a place at the university,  a group of other students to get friends with. It taught me integration in my little scale and above all, the big lesson was to listen and learn feom others, who may have a different approach to life than you in your home culture. It was a wonderful year, that lead me to never live in France again (so far).

Of course is erasmus a big help to start a life abroad but it asked guts to make something of it more than just a year. Many of my “colleagues”  went back home after a year, but even if they did, I am sure that they have something with them a little special. 

So to you, who wonders if you would study abroad or not but hesitate because of “it’s not exactly the same topics that are taught” just go! You will learn anyway!

And to you who wonders if it wouldn’t be better for your country to get off Europe,  think as well that your choice closes this kind of fantastic doors. You cannot have the butter and the cow at the same time.

Cheers to you, Desidereus Erasmus!


I did it: i walked through the 11 years of living in Sweden last Wednesday. It’s been almost my whole adult life abroad, and mostly ik Sweden.  I spent 2 years in Germany but now most of my adult time is Swedish. Weird,  when I still feel so unswedish at times. The environment you grow in impact your whole personality.

When I look at my stomach,  when I feel someone going around there and bathing as if the bathtub had no sensation,  I wonder which kind of person it will become. Will it be a 50/50 French /Swedish? I hope I’ll succeed to pass through some French codes and values and hopefully open his/her mind to the diversity the world is made of. I get to make some big reflexions with myself when I feel a kick…

From a thing to another, we started to watch the season 2 of Narcos ok Netflix. Somehow,  when an episode is over,  I feel really happy with my humble life. No need to be afraid of being killed by enemies,  even if my toilets are not made of gold. Escobar was kind of an evil ass, surrounded by others who were not so much better. And when you know what drugs cause for misery all around the delivery process, well, it’s another reason not to touch it. Swedish people,  read the book “Cocaïne” if you need to be persuaded. 

Have a good week!