Confort zone

So this is it. I’m completely outside my confort zone. I left my work for the last time for at least 9 months and everything that is waiting for me now is both scarying and exciting. 23 days left until the theoretical birthday for our new family member and the beginning of her/his life, when M and I will have to guide this new person.

It felt emotional when I left the office. In this environment,  I have an opinion about everything,  feel pretty confident and know a lots of people. A new life begins for me, where I have no idea about how thinks work, where I have a huge respect about all difficulties that can come and where I know pretty much no-one. Since we moved to Uppsala,  I cannot say that I extended my relationships. Maybe it will feel lonely? 

For now, my goal is to make one useful thing per day. And enjoy this freedom to be able to stay at home so long with our new born kid. Thanks Sweden and my employer for this!

The picture bellow has nothing to do with this text. This is our hoover-robot which did hide itself under the carpet. It thinks it is a cat!

Hej hej vardag

I use to read some blogs to distract/ inspire myself. One of them is the Swedish one hej hej vardag. The other day, the author wrote a list over things that parents of little kids get to hear and don’t help. You find the article (in Swedish)  here: 

Here is my own list over things you hear as a pregnant woman and don’t want to hear:

it was about the time! We thought you didn’t know how to make kids!

And you have no clue how many years and tears it took us to come to this point…
oh what for a big belly do you have, sure it’s not twins? 

I’m not sure but the doctors are…
I know you were pregnant already, I knew it (fill in with irrelevant date) 

Whouau! change job, you may be a good christal ball reader. At this point, I was just in a very bad mood and fat…
– you can say good bye to your sleep for at least five years

Really, do you think I can make an abortion now in week 30? I didn’t think of that! 
 you need to eat for two!

Of course… but the smell of the food makes me run faster than Usain Bolt to the toilets.
it’s a girl or a boy? we don’t know. No??? How will you do to renovate the baby’s room? How will you do to choose a name?

We don’t renovate anything, the baby doesn’t care. We have three months in Sweden to choose the name anyway. 
it’s planned for Christmas,  keep your legs crossed until it’s new year, your child will be smarter.

Statistics may say so, but I doubt that a week of “staying inside after due date” will change the intellectual predispositions of our baby. 
make a little brother or sister quick after!

Nr one: you don’t know how long it took to make this one. Nr two: let me give birty to this one and we will see after.
when I gave birth, it was (fill in with a free birthgiving story)

Good for you, but I don’t care, I don’t even know your surname. (this kind of detailled comments often come from people you don’t really know).
And the last: this is not a sentence but a gesture : the well known Hand-on-belly. no comment. 
Picture without relation with the text above:

Shopping stop

Saturday afternoon on earth and a pretty slow day for us. We slept 12 hours non stoo both of us, so it is nice to to stress anywhere.  We would have gone to the cinema if I’d had a clue where our two free tickets are. I didn’t find them, so we changed our plan and enjoy a calm day at home.

I read a book called “shopstop” which makes me reflect a lot. The author decided not to buy anything more than food, transport and culture under one year. Between her story of how this project is going on, she interviews different kind of people (an economist,  a priest, the finance minister, a mide journalist etc) and they give the professional point of view about the experiment and consumption in general. 

It makes me think a lot, specially now, when we are preparing the arrival of the baby. And also now, when Christmas is coming as well as a lots of birthdays in our families. What to buy to adults who already have everything? M and I don’t wish anything. We already think that we have too much in our apartment and really don’t need more.

I think I will write some posts about my own consumption as future mother (mostly clothes due to the growing belly) and about what we bought, and really needed for the baby after half a year or so.

Things must have a clear purpose in my home. I don’t measure the importance of a relationship with someone with the amount of things I’ve got from this person. To me, “forced” gifts (the ones you neither needed nor asked for) are a chain to a dependency feeling, which makes the relationship rotten.

7 on friday morning 

This is Friday. Week 36 for the belly and next last Friday for me to work before the longest break from work I have since I began school when I was 3 years old. 

Today, I’m going to a meeting in Borlänge so I’ll take the train in the morning and come back pretty late for a Friday.  I am giving myself some hours of peace until 8, time at which I usually already worked 1,5 hours. 

This is all dark outside and it will get even worse for the month to come. Somehow it is cosy to prepare myself with few lights inside and enjoy these extra hours in the morning. The baby is awake as well, rolling in my belly.

Oh BTW, for those who care: I was swimming this week and it was WONDERFUL! I did not even feel that I was pregnant when I was in the water and I could swim as I use to do, not even slower or feeling more tired. I felt it in my back and shoulders the days after but it was good muscles pain. I will really go there more often until it’s time to give birth, I felt like a bird. But note to self : don’t try to get out of the water as if the belly was not here. I wanted to go out without using the scale but the result was a big plouf. Too hard to put myself + 8 extra kg out of the water from the side of the pool.

Have a good day! 

November the 6th

This is a special date to me, date when my horse came into our familly, now a loooong time ago. Well. No horse riding today, but rest and rest. Life as pregnant is good, but I get tired very easily and I am deeply in love with my bed.

Today, I tried to be a little creative though and continued to draw invertebrates in my illustrations project.  I made a dragonfly.

We began to watch “the crown” as well (new serie from Netflix about the queen of England.). I am not sure we will stick to it, I get anoid by the rigidity of a lots of characters/people. We give it some more episodes.

But for now, at almost 9 oclock in the evening, it is high time for us to go to bed. A long week of 5 days is waiting for us!


Playing hide and seek

Pfuii… This is the sound I make every time I move more than just my eyelids. Week 34 coming tomorrow,  meaning 6 weeks left (according to the planning)  until we get to meet the person who’s playing hide and seek with me.


I’m currently lying in our bed, deciding myself if I’ll read or watch a video,  you know, this kind of useful things you can do when you’re tired but don’t want to switch the light at 8 o’clock. Anyway. When I lay down,  the belly becomes a playground where the inhabitant believes he/she got chosen to take part of the first commercial flight to Mars. -well, I don’t know how it would be, but if it were me, I would take this as an argument to spend hours in special places where the gravity effects are turned down- it’s such a life in there that it is uncomfortable for me. 

And the funny thing is : as soon as I take the blanket off and the belly is in the light, it stops! And if I put the blanket on again, hop, the space ship to mars is on again!

I worked from home this afternoon and to take my tee shirt off my belly was the way to work in peace. Strange, huh?

On the picture bellow, you can also admire my belly button, poiting out. Sexy, huh? I really hope it will turn back to normal when the baby baking process is done.

From a thing to another, I signed for the first time with my new surname today. it was for my new passport and I wonder if I ever will be able to make the same signature again. we habe been married for some weeks now, but it took really long time to the Swedish authorities to register it. now  we have to make the same with France. I’ll finish this post the same way I began it: pfuiii…