Week 13

Week 13. This should be the beginning of a new Nike coach program but well, it seems that it was a bad idea since a loooong looooong time ago. My goal for now is to try to get me out to run and pray for strength for the half marathon in june. Anyway, this is how the week 13 was:

  • day 1: rest. I came back hom from Stockholm at a normal time, but the problem with train travel is that I feel sick pretty often and this feeling did not left me from the whole evening. So rest. Forced rest if I have to be exact.
  • day 2: I tried Lofsans training program to have strong legs and… I felt it the rest of the week… It took maybe 30 minutes and for real, I was totally dead in the legs after that. Needed?
  • day 3: I couldn’t walk…
  • day 4: I still couldn’t walk…
  • day 5: I could walk but I prioritated thousand others things
  • day 6: 4 minutes intervall with 4 minutes rest in between. The quick moments, I ran ca 5min/km and my pulse went up. It was raining pretty much so I made it short (3,88km) and completed the training with some exercices for the back and the shoulders from Lofsan. (Half pyramid was enough to make me cry)
  • day 7: I completed the week with 1km to the gym and then 30 min in pyramid speed. At the end, it was totally 6,25km and if you ask me, I am very proud of this because the predispositions of the day were not at their bests: rainy as hell and really zero inspiration.

The conclusion of this week: 1) I need to train my legs strong. and 2) the halfmarathon is coming soon and until then, there will be a lots of travels both with work and private, so I need to plan in details. I know that I can survive 21 km but I need to feel strong and quicker than I fell now. I need to make a plan. And stick to it!


V14_2015_IMG_9317 - Kopia

Where should I begin today?!?!

Oh, sunday and rain. Wonderful istn’t it? I am so lucky that we took a walk yesterday and that I photographed these little snow drops coming out from the ground. This is a sign from the spring!

As I wrote yesterday, I spent the afternoon in good company and my friend borrowed me a book abut running, that has a lots of good tips about how to train, eat,plan and think around running for women. I will make me a strong plan until the half marathon of Linköping, coming up in june.

For today, the big plan is to pack our bags. We are going to visit some friends in… SAN FRANCISCO! I am pretty excited for different reasons:

  • It has been a long time that we hung out together
  • This trip was pretty spontaneous (planned it 3 weeks ago)
  • Hoppefully, we will be able to wear tee-shirts outside! (I am longing for the spring, if you did not understand it yet)
  • We will discover a part of the earth we haven’t seen before

Everything is pretty exciting, all from the very long flight over the Atlantic, how we will manage with jet-lag (hum, this kind of consideration wouldn’t have popped up in my mind 5 years ago? Am I becoming old?), if I will get enough battery to make pictures during the whole travel, But most of all: this will be free time! This is vacation! And it will be worth to work this summer while every Swede is not (since we are taking pretty much free days now, we won’t have that much left later this summer).

For now: you get a picture from yesterday, while the sun was shining (it’s raining cats and dogs today) and I will plan some posts on here, so you get something to read during this week while we are abroad.

2015_IMG_9529 - Kopia

Semla and sun

The end of the week has been full with work, for both M and I. We slept a long night and today, it was time for us to think of what we needed to pack with us for our trip to San Francisco from next week.

One thing I like N E E D E D (not?) to buy was a new objective for my camera. I choose a 50 mm and I am really surprised by the range of possibilities that came with it. This is a whole new world that I need to explore and I will let you see some “products” of my work on here.

There was no time for that this afternoon though, because after our trip downtown, inclusive a coffee and Semla in the sun, I went to visit a good friend. It was a wonderfull afternoon and the hours passed and M both texted and called without I thought a second he could be worrying about me. Proof that I had a nice time!

We are loading our head with San Francisco films and after Milk, it is time for Escape from Alcatraz. Let’s see if we can watch it now, or if we fall asleep before something happens in the film (seems really slow so far…)

2015_IMG_9462 - Kopia

#4 Andrea Catelli

Travel. Lines. The pictures of Andrea Catelli make me dream of packing my bag and discover the world. Colored or black&white, his pictures contain always something interesting, without overdose of informations. Andrea describes himself as a simply guy,  “I’m not a Photographer (with the capital P). I’m simply a guy (a man ..) who takes pictures, who likes to take picture.” says Andrea. His pictures are to him photos without a deep story behind, without a “Big Plan” or “intimate project” or something intese or passionate in it. It’s only photos to him. And to me, it is a wonderful way to discover places that I’ve never visited before. A whole new world of inspiration!

Andrea, what inspires you?

– I like to take pictures when I travel, so … I’m omnivorous and I like everything, mostly cityscape, landscape, architectural, wildlife. In fact, there is one thing I am not able / I do not like to photograph: people. I don’t have the right ‘feelings’ about it. Every time I try … but …I cannot do that.
I need to learn that.


What make a good photo, in your eyes?

– If it was made with the heart but, above all, with the “head”, with an “idea”, with the right “technique”.


Andrea, can you recommend something to make a good photo?

– Listen to your heart, head and use the right technique. And, of course: the digital darkroom is essential.

You can find Andrea’s work on his google+ page. The mysteries of a landscapes or the purity of a skyline, in the way Andrea immortalizes them, is a great influence to me. Thank you for sharing your views and for this interview!

#Andrea Catelli

Picture by Andrea Catelli

Flödet – Le flot (14)

This is a part of my project “Stories” – No one in the following text exists but in my imagination. You can read part 13 here and if you miss the previous parts, you can find all of them in the caterogy “Stories”.


Efter att ha passerat säkerhetskontrollen letade Jaqueline efter en informationstaval. Flyget till Paris åkte ifrån gate 11. Hon hade en liten timme kvar innan att lyfta. Hon satte sig vid baren efter att ha beställt ett glas vin. Hon valde en plats från vilken hon kunde både titta på förbipasserande människor och på flygplanen ute. Dagen var solig och fin. Jaquline kom på att hon inte hade nånstans att sova för natten, så hon googlade fram ett hotellrum i elfte arrondissement på bookning.com. Hon gillade denna kvarter, både levande och inte allt för turistisk.

Hon tittade på passagerareflödet i terminalen. Vissa hade bråttom, andra var vana och denna miljö var som ett eget ekosystem, i vilket de vanliga reglerna inte gällde. På en flygplats var det helt ok att dricka vin klockan tio på morgonen, att spatsera i pyjamas men framför allt att dagdrömma över destinationen man var på väg till. Somliga åkte på solsemester i grupp. Man kunde läsa enthousiasmen i deras blick, titta på hur alla spärrar släpptes. Det skrattades mycket och diskussionerna var högljuda. Allt doftade äventyr. Andra åkte för att träffa någon kära. Dessa resenärer hade hopp i blicken, ibland funderingar. En lugn kraft ledde dem i denna konstgjorda miljö. En kram väntade på dem. All denna vänta var värd nånting. Det fanns även en annan kategori av personer: de som gjorde att detta ekosystem lever. Jaqueline hade svårt att tro att 17 000 personer verkade här, alla med sin exakta funktion: servera mat, vakta, informera, sälja saker.

Jaqueline var sprallig av vinet. Hon kände sig lycklig och fri. Hennes kollegor hade försökt nå henne, men hon hade bara stängt av sin telefon. Naturligvis hade hon tvekat, hennes mobil var hennes enda sätt att kommunicera med Paul. Hon ville inte klippa bandet helt, men han hade ändå varit rätt tyst de senaste dagarna. Hon hade två dagar framför sig under vilka hon kunde avskärma sig från världen. Eller kanske var det så i stället att hon skulle öppna sig till den riktiga världen där ute, den hon hade funnit så smaklös sedan så längesen.

Hon drack de sista vindropparna och gick mot gaten. Gaten var belägen längs bort i terminalen och Jaqueline gick med lätta steg i denna soliga korridoren.

Une fois passée les contrôles de sécurité, Jaqueline se mit en quête d’un panneau d’affichage des vols. Le vol pour Paris décolait de la porte 11. Il lui restait une petite heure à tuer avant le départ. Elle se rendit dans un bar et commanda un verre de vin. Elle choisit une place à une table haute qui lui permettait à la fois de regarder les gens passer mais aussi de voir les avions manoeuvrer. La journée était belle. Jaqueline se rendit compte qu’elle n’avait nulle part où crécher le soir même. Elle googla donc quelques hotels sur booking.com et trouva une chambre dans un petit hôtel du onzième arrondissement. Elle aimait bien ce quartier, vivant et peu touristique.

Elle observait le flôt des passagers dans le terminal. Certains étaient pressés, d’autres habitués et cet endroit était un peu comme un écosystème dans lequel les règles de la vie normale ne valaient pas. Dans un aéroport, il est permis de boire un verre de vin à 10h du matin, de se trimballer en pyjama mais surtout de rêver à la destination vers laquelle on s’achemine. Certains partaient en groupe en vacances au soleil. On pouvait lire l’enthousiasme dans leurs regards, observer comment les vannes du monde sérieux venaient de s’ouvrir. Les rires fusaient, les discussions étaient animées, tout cela respirait l’aventure. D’autres voyageurs allaient retrouver un être aimé. Ces gens là avaient de l’espoir dans le regard, des interrogations aussi parfois. Une force tranquille les aidaient à maintenir le cap dans ce milieu si artificiel. Une étreinte les attendait à l’arrivée. Toute cette attente valait le coup. Il existait aussi une autre catégorie de personnes: ceux qui font vivre cet écosystème. Jaqueline n’arrivait pas à croire que 17 000 personnes faisaient tourner ce petit monde, avec chacun des fonctions bien précices: servir des repas, assurer la sécurité, informer, faire du commerce.

Le verre de vin lui montait un peu à la tête mais elle était heureuse et se sentait libre. Ses collègues avaient essayé de la joindre mais elle avait éteint son téléphone. Bien-sûr, elle avait hésité avant de le faire: son portable était le seul moyen de communication qu’elle avait avec Paul. Cela la chagrinait un peu de couper les ponts mais après tout, il n’était pas très bavard ces derniers jours. Elle avait deux jours devant elle, pendant lesquels elle pouvait avec bonne conscience se couper du monde. Ou plutôt, elle pouvait s’ouvrir au monde, à la vie qui l’entourait et à laquelle elle était hermétique depuis si longtemps.

Elle bu ses dernières gouttes de vin et se rendit vers la porte d’embarquement. Elle était située tout au bout du terminal et Jaqueline marchait légèrement dans ce long couloir baigné de lumière.



Bedroom styling

Some weeks ago, we moved the furnitures in our bedrooms, and we finalized it this week end. The things which were missing were tables. We ordered some nice design ones on a danish website, but they were all sold out. So we took the cheap alternativ: the giant furniture producer which name begins with I and ends with KEA.

I bought 2 simple tables for 250 kr each, and painted them with some copper color. Here you get the result:

IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0125 table de nuit

What I like the most is that all the cables are inside the table. This is much more easier to keep the surroundings clean. I like the result, do you?

Färsk luft – Une bouffée d’air frais (13)

This is a part of my project “Stories” – No one in the following text exists but in my imagination. You can read part 12 here and if you miss the previous parts, you can find all of them in the caterogy “Stories”.


Solstrålarna smög in i sovrummet och Jaqueline vaknade långsamt. Hon konstaterade att hon hade vaknat innan klockan och det tyckte hon var underbart: hon hade vunnit nästan en halvtimme på dagen! Hon hade den dåliga vanan att sova med mobilen på nattduksbordet. Det var något som Paul aldrig hade accepterat. Han vägrade få teknologin in i husets mest intima rum. Jaqueline höll med till en viss del: att surfa runt slöade hennes tankar. Men just idag, med en vunnen halv timme var det utmärkt att kunna få läsa nyheterna under täcket.

När hon öppnade appen för tidningen kom en reklam upp: ett flygbolag erbjöd tur och retur till Paris för knappt tusen kronor. Jaqueline funderade och kom inte ens ihåg när det var senast hon hade varit i den franska huvudstaden. Hon tittade snabbt i sin kalende och såg att inga möten skulle lida av hennes frånvaro: antigen kunde det vänta eller så kunde någon annan ta beslut. Hon hoppades bara på att Gunilla skulle kunna ta hand om Kiki. För jobbet skulle bara hennes kollegor infinna sig med faktum att hon inte skulle komma. Hon kunde säkerligen spela kortet “sorg” för att få lite förståelse för sin spontana resa om så krävdes.

Allt detta mobilpillande gav henne en massa energi och hon hoppade av sängen, tog på sig en morgonrock och öppna utedörren till Kiki samtidigt som hon ringde Gunilla. “Hej?” svarade en sömnig röst. “Gunilla, det är jag! Kan du snälla ta hand om Kiki idag och i morgon” frågade Jaqueline, med en exhalterad ton. Gunilla var lite paff men svarade ja och Jaqueline tackade och la på utan att ge vidare förklaringar.

Det var en av de vackarest egenskaper hos Gunilla: det fanns aldrig jobbiga följdfrågor eller nyfikna insinuationer. Läget var inte alls detsamma med Jaquelines kollegorna och hon varnade dem med ett sms, för att undvika frågorna.

Hon tog på sig en jean, tee-shirt och en lämplig tröja medan hon tänkte att det praktiska och bekvämma borde gälla under två dagar i Paris. Kiki fattade ingenting: Jaqueline hade precis vänt upp och ner på deras morgonrutin. En vanlig dag skulle Jaqueline gå ut med honom, ta tid att äta frukost och sedan duscha. Nu sprang hon till höger och vänster. Kiki hade varit tvungen att gå ut själv och han kände sig lite sårad. När han kände Jaquelines blick på sig när han gjorde morgonvistelsen var ett sätt för honom att känna sig behövd: han var trädgårdens chef. Idag fanns det ingen som brydde sig om vad som hände runt honom. Vilken besvikelse!

Jaquelines mobil vibrerade: hon hade precis fått sin bokningsbekräftelse. Ett annat sms gömde sig där också: “du gör stora framsteg! Trevlig resa! Din Paul”. Hon kände sig stark i sitt beslut och gick genom dörren med sin ryggsäck, Kiki på koppeln och lungor redo att andas in en massa färsk luft.

Des rayons de soleil entraient dans la chambre et lui léchaient le visage. Jaqueline ouvrit doucement les yeux et réalisa qu’elle venait de se réveiller avant que son réveil ne sonne. Elle adorait ce fait et cela la mit de bonne humeur: elle venait de gagner presque une demie heure sur sa journée! Elle avait la mauvaise habitude de dormir avec son téléphone sur sa table de nuit, chose qu’elle n’avait jamais fait en présence de Paul. Il refusait de faire entrer la technologie dans la partie la plus intime de leur maison. Jaqueline voulait bien admettre que cet appareil lui polluait l’esprit mais ce matin, ca l’arrangeait bien: elle lu les nouvelles bien au chaud sous la couette.

En ouvrant l’app du journal, une publicité s’afficha: une compagnie aérienne offrait un aller-retour pour Paris à moins de 100 euros. Jaqueline réflechit et se dit que ca faisait bien longtemps qu’elle n’était pas allée dans la capitale francaise. Elle consulta son calendrier et constata que les rendez-vous à venir pourrait sûrement attendre ou se dérouler sans elle. De fil en aiguille, elle se retrouva avec une réservation pour un aller-retour pour Paris, avec départ dans la matinée. Elle espérait seulement que Gunilla pourrait s’occuper de Kiki! Pour le travail, ses collègues n’auraient qu’à accepter, elle pourrait au besoin jouer la carte “deuil” pour obtenir leur compassion et compréhension pour cette escapade innatendue.

Toutes ces manipulations sur son portable lui avait donné une énergie soudaine et elle sauta du lit, enfila son peignoir et ouvrit la porte du jardin à Kiki tout en composant le numéro de Gunilla. Ca sonnait. “Hallo?” lui répondit une voix endormie. “Gunilla, c’est moi! Peux-tu me rendre service aujourd’hui et demain et prendre soin de Kiki?” lanca Jaqueline de manière exaltée. Gunilla, abasourdie, lui répondit que oui, il n’y aurait pas de problème et Jaqueline raccrocha bien vite en la remerciant, sans lui donner d’autres détails. C’est une des choses qu’ elle appréciait le plus avec Gunilla: il n’y avait jamais de questionnaire insistant ou d’ insinuations curieuses. Il n’en était pas de même avec ses collègues de travail, qu’elle prévenu par sms pour éviter les questions.

Jaqueline enfila un jeans, un tee shirt et un pull de saison, se disant que pour deux jours seule à Paris, elle misait sur le confort et le côté pratique. Kiki n’y comprennait plus rien: voila que Jaqueline chamboulait complètement leur routine matinale. Normalement, elle sortait avec lui, prennait le temps de prendre son petit déjeuner, puis se douchait et voila que là, elle courrait dans tous les sens. Lui, il avait du aller dehors tout seul et il se sentait un peu véxé. De sentir le regard de Jaqueline le matin lui donnait un sentiment de servir à quelque chose: il était le maitre du jardin et voilà que la, personne ne s’occupait de savoir ce qui se passait autour de Kiki. Quelle déception!

Le téléphone de Jaqueline vibra: elle venait de recevoir sa confirmation de réservation. Un autre sms se cachait la aussi “Tu fais de gros progrès! Bon voyage! Ton Paul”. Elle se sentit forte dans sa décision et passa le pas de la porte avec son sac à dos, Kiki au bout de la laisse et des poumons prêts à inspirer une grande bouffée d’air.

v16_2011_IMG_0234 - Kopia

Week 12

After a slow half marathon at the end of week 11, I took an easy week 12. Here you get my summary:

  • day 1: rest. Important.
  • Day 2: 10 times slope intervall. Afterwards, I can say that I felt it: my muscles in the back and butt did cry two days after.
  • day 3: rest.
  • day 4: rest as well. Difficult to make training fit with a day at work that lasts from 6.00 to 20.00.
  • day 5: rest
  • day 6: first visit at the gym since Jesus was born. Not really but almost. I ran 800m intervals with the speed of 12 km/h on a total distance of 5km. I was pretty tired after that but happy to keep running the whole distance at this speed.
  • day 7: I had the privilegium to ride the big Owen this time. Dressage and to ride right away, without a wall. Not that easy that it seems!


Alone at home

I am here, sitting in our bed, alone and with an alarm clock that is about to ring in 6 hours. Tomorrow is a Stockholm day, but it is also the day when M comes back home. When he is away, I always find it hard to shut the light off and sleep. I don’t know why. Or if I would say the truth, I exactly know: I miss him. My days are filled with thousand thoughts, activities and things to do but when the night comes, and I’m alone at home, I feel like trapped.

Tonight, I won’t watch the TV program the Farm, I won’t use blocket for 2 hours, and I won’t snook in peoples life on facebook. Tonight, I write this post and admire the pictures on the wall in front of me.

On the left, up, this is a painting that M received from his parents. We can see a violin and it reminds me how unmusical I am. On its right, there is a postcard that I bought in Dublin and sent to M: a little goat is with a man in the woods and it reminds me the story of the little white goat of M. Seguin (well known in France but not at all in Sweden, I need to research that later). The last picture on the row up is a picture in black&white that we bought in a gallery. This is a local photograph, who had 2 different pictures to sell and we think that it is good to encourage the local artists.

On the row down, on the left, there is a picture I took by myself 1998 or so of a sunflower that was growing closed to the house my horse was sleeping in. I remember it so well: this plant was a giant flower, I think above 2 meters high and this summer was very hot. I actually remember the day I took this very picture: it was hot as hell, this sunflower was proudly standing in the middle of nowhere, no other sunflowerfriends around. She seemed fragile but had a so big head, and could carry it. At the end of the summer, the birds landed on it and ate directly the seed. The leaves became dry, but it stood up a very long time.

The picture in the middle of the row down is actually several pictures that I manually put together (taken at this time where panorama pictures were very expansive, when digital cameras did not exist and so on). This is the Blue Line of the Vosges, from the country side where I grew up. Somehow, this is the landscape I miss the most. Eventually, I wish I will once again live in this kind of landscapes.

The last picture is der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer from David Casper Friedrich. One year, in my german class, we studied this picture with the help pf our teacher. There is speculations telling that the painted guy is Beethoven, but no one knows. The thing that is sure, is that this man is standing on the top of a rock, wondering how he will reach the other side with all this fog to go through. Mentally, I am often in this situation: I see the big picture, far away from today and need something to make me walk down in the foggy valley, in order to hike up on the top of another rock. Another bigger rock. The more the time goes, the more I need to think before to walk down. I don’t know if it’s because I’m becoming a coward or if it’s because I’m growing better at evaluate the risks. I used not to see the risks, like when I moved to Sweden ten years ago, with just a bag, a laptop and a french-swedish dictionnary. To make this kind of travel again now would take me so much more energy: not that it would be more diffcult, just that I am so proud and gridy about the things or situation I made myself.

M is my opposite from this point of view. One of his favorite sentence is “the problem is…”.(well, I’m not really sure that it’s his favorite, but this sentence pop up quite a lot when a strange situation appears). He is very god at analysing things and sees risks that I totally ignore. Together, we are a strong couple. We complete each others very well and support each other as well. Some close people told me they were surprised to see us together. Actually, I’m not: he is all the depth I need. And an evening like tonight, I miss him. He would help me to sort my thoughts.

If you look well on the floor in the right of the picture, you can see our fantastic (and it’s aweak word) hoover robot! This is the best investment we made in ages. Tomorrow, the robot will go around in the flat, sucks everything that is on the floor, and when I will come back home, I will be really happy to find a clean floor. If I had to make it the traditional way, it would’t be done before saturday. But until then, the robot will have worked twice!! Can you imagine how much more clean it is in our place?!



picture borrowed on wikipedia.