I apologize for the post of yesterday. This dentist did take initiative and took my teeth off! I sat longer for the X-ray pictures than for the rest and I am now half paralyzed in the face. Nice to have discussion at work like that and I hope it will be ok when it will wake up later today but for now, I feel released!


I workedpretty much today, a stressy day after two travelling days. So i made something i haven’t done in ages: i went to watch a movie at the cinema by myself. Blondie. A really good swedish film with reallynice pictures and light and a surprising drama, surprising for a swedish movie.

Then, i got some good news on the mail and it takes away some stone from my shoulders. The things that did not dissapear though are the clothes on my floor. Usually, it’s in my bedroom only, but today, no matter where i look, there are clothes on the floor. An excuse for me: this is really cold outside, so the gloves, hat and so on have to be closed to my hands whenever i may go outside. What, you don’t believe me?

The other thing i realised (again) is that i really don’t like christmas. Maybe i should go to the psychologist and talk about it, because i think it is already the third or fourth time that i have these strong feelings of not wanting it. Like well…

And tomorrow, you know what? i will go to the dentist, yeah! For a controll and a threat too: “take my wisedom teeth off or i will make a damage!”. I can swear that it won’t be possible, nothing is possible at the first try in Sweden, everything has to be tested, to be thought of and so on. I really wonder sometimes how this country would be if people would take much more initiativs, like taking some little risks and just do things. Maybe Sweden would rull the world and people here would loose their complexes. Swedes (except me) are in general very unselfconfident people. So will my dentist be tomorrow. Investigation, some money here and maybe sometime if i dare i would be able to take my teeth off. Crazy.

Well, M i coming here tomorrow evening and since i’ve got a meeting at 7.15 tomorrow morning and need some sleep, i would better not be that swedish tonight and get things done.

Plus lunch date tomorrow, nice!! H, i’ve gotan ocean of things to tell you!!

Travel and snow

I have been showing today: this morning in Nyköping and in 20min here in Örebro. The weather is horrible and it’s snowing right now. I have to drive tomorrow so I hope it will be ok on the road. I hate doing this but i had no other option than to stop at the mc Donald in Katrineholm to get some lunch. It actually made my day because I met there an old colleague of mine who was thinking like me: quick lunch on the way between two meetings. It cheered me up somehow! Ok, time to go and present myself for the afternoons meeting!

After the teeth…

hello people!

i thought i would be in peace with my body, but i am not. I got a cold i dunno wxactly where but it is a little annoying. Anyway. The past week was spent in trains, hotels, foreign offices, Ljungby and IKEA on a rainy sunday exactly after that people got paid. No need to tell you that it was like being in the jungle!

M and I are playing tetris with our furnitures since M should soon move in here. I can’t tell you how happy i am about that since there is no word big enough, but you can make you some idea.

Finito fredagsmys in the train, finito packing all the time, finito not having time for friends on the week ens, finito lonely evening at home during the week, finito lonely nights, finito concentrating all the fun on week ends, now, it is open for harmony and fun every day! yeah! Now, if you ask me, i would make it happen tomorrow, but i have a meeting i can’t delay. And maybe M thinks i push too much. Anyway… Soon, it will be alright!

For tonight, i moved all my furnitures the way they will have to be to make space for Ms and i think it will be perfect!

The sad thing is that we won’t be abl to hang out as much as now with people in Ljungby. We had for exampel a really nice saturday dinner at some friends place and J, it has been ages since we met too!

When we walked back home on saturday night, it was all foggy, really nice mood, enjoy by yourself:










OK, time to go to bed for now, i am deadtired and i will be on the road for two days again, showing for some others, so i need to be fit, at least a little!

have fun!

Work from home

Hello my fellow readers!
I have been travelling the two past days for work and it has been really good days, except the train delays. I came here to Ljungby yesterday evening pretty late and my poor M had to work even later, so i had a quiet evening with a book in his living room. the night was short and he went to work pretty early, i got up too and since then, i am sitting at his desk and working like a beast.
When you are away 2 days from the office, you get a mountain of email and i like the moment when i open my mailbox and wonder which surprises i will get. This is a little bit lite christmas and opening the gifts. I ilek it for real! So i’ve been fixing things pretty much since this morning and noticed that i did not had any break. So This is my break!
this is actually a very good day to sit where i am sitting since the sun is shining and i got to see it through the big window. Nice for the mood!
OK, the pause is at its end now, have fun people!


This is how much light you get a normal day in November around noon. I had two really good meetings for work these days, it gives energy even if I am pretty tired. Now sittin in the train to Linköping I will meet a colleague and then, direction Ljungby. I miss M, even if we saw each other on Sunday last time. We have both work and cool times planned for the week end and this is good, we won’t have the time to complain about the weather.


I have been up since three hours already and I am dreaming with open eyes. Not that I am very tired, only that I have a lots of exciting things in the head. Maybe changes and good ones and I am becoming the little girl I was so long ago with dreams everywhere in my head and an energy to make them come true. The sweetest of it is now on this stage: playing Tetris with our furnitures in order to make everything fit in one apartment. I am for now on my way to meet the county board in Västerås and further go to uppsala. Have a nice day!


I right now sitting in the waiting room for the “people dental care” as they call it in Sweden. A Sunday morning. I would like to change this name to “dental queue”. I already have been there last Friday but I was in the wrong queue so they did not took off this wisdom teeth that is killing me. Now I really wonder how much I will have to pay in order to hear “sorry but now we can’t do anything, it’s too late” and to go home with my teethache. Well, not a good mood for a Sunday morning, I am pretty pissed off by the Swedish way to handle with human beings.

I wish…

.. i could be a teeth poorer but it did not end like that, as i assumed in the former post. Actually, the dentist i saw this
morning thought that one could have taken off the teeth friday instead, because now, this is much more worse. I got Penicillin to eat during one week. That plus the fact that i cannot open the mouth properly to eat, i will have model size next friday!

This dentist adventure together with the history with my registration to a course make me wonder a lot i have to admit. If i haven’t had my lovely M and my job here, i would have gone back home, packed my things and “bye bye sweden, i am off to a country where people are seen as people”. The biggest problem for me and my teeth this time was that i never was to the dentist in Linköping. I have been pretty serious in Eskilstuna but moved last year here and this is not the same county, so they don’t know anything about you. I did not know that it was so hard to get an appointment first and then, that it was so hard to get a treatment. This morning, the poor dentist was running, also litterally running, between me and 2 broken computers in order to find all the things she needed.

When i moved to Sweden, i had no idea that a bad health could be a way to discriminate people who are not from here. Actually, this is is, indirect, because nobody told me that the first thing i had to do when i moved was to book a normal dentist session, even if my tooth were ok. i should have, then, i would maybe have gotten rid of this teeth already. There are a lots of things that are not written anywhere and that you are supposed to know if you want to get help here. I think swedish lessons for foreigners should focus on these important things instead of teaching what to eat for midsummer or how to decorate your house for christmas. Or maybe i was having bad luck? i dunno, it happened too much this year that i have been missunderstanding how the system works and it made me both very sad and vey angry. Sad because i may not be the only one in this situation (foreigner) and angry because i cannot believe that a society which is not taking care of the weakest citizens can be seen as one of the best in the world. It’s a litle bit like giving the nobel prize to Obama. For now, i am eating my penicillin menu and dreaming of another wish, more private this time, that maybe will come true soon, just need some big boss aproval.

A propos private things, we were yesterday evening to a party in Stockholm. The first of my friends turning 40 party. Kind of strange to think of it but then, when we were making stupid games, it was like everyone was 20, so 40 is just a number i guess. Lukcy me with a hurting teeth, we drove back home during the night and i only had water during the whole evening. As i said, model size at the end of the week! November is shining as it should, read: all shades of grey and for me, sunday is soon at its end. My bed is already waiting!


Hello my fellow readers!

i have not been very active on here but it is more because of a lack of inspiration than anything else. When was it the last time i wrote? Oj! Last wednesday, almost one week! Ok, let’s check what happened.

Thursday, i think i worked and then came home, with the determination to go to bed early and i failed. Prolly because of the internet.

Friday, i worked and travelled south to M. The travel went well and my sweet M was waiting for me.

Saturday, it was a typical november day: all grey and dark, like if you sleep too long, you miss the whole day! It almost happened but i went outside to kill myself a little bit with 5 km in the wood. Also, this with sport, it’s not getting better with the years, i tell you! Then, i think we went to the restaurant to eat dinner, but it was like the middle of the afternoon so the choice
for the place was limited. Nice though, i had a very good time and i am still astonished by the way we always find something to talk about. We then watched a novegian movie huvudjägarna and it was lagom scary. M is alway slaughing at me when i am shouting and hiding myself when it becomes scary in a movie.

Sunday was a slow sunday, but i love them like it. We were invited for dinner and had there a good time too. Then we tried to watch Blade runner for the thousend times. Not finished yet!

Monday, creepy monday, i had to come back to Linköping. I like my life here, but i hate so much not t live with M. This distance is slowly taking me down! All these scary birds were still sleeping in the tree when i took the bus and the sun was going up as well.

And today, it was tuesday. I tried to find some passing clothes for the party we will attend on saturday, but i did not find anything. My last hope is a colleague of mine who promised to borrow some things. We may see if he doesn’t forget.

And i was to the gym today. No idea to be weak, i ran 5 km but was about to die also there. Hush, so heavy, so slow and so lazy! that is not a good combination, i tell you. The challenge of the evening is to switch off the computer in about max 1h30 and to go to bed to read 1Q84. I am so slow at reading it that soon, i will need to reread everything since i will have forgotten the beginning… Boring!!