Even if it’s vacation time for me, my dear M has to make long evenings at work. So I am trusting myself with Zlatan, after an afternoon watching the Olympic games and Sweden taking its first medal. It was do closed to be gold! As horse rider, I love to watch this kind of competition and this made me really jealous of people able to have a relationship with a horse and build something together. The horses were tired, who wouldn’t be after a ballet, a marathon and 400m jump? They were giving it all though. Tuff. The gold medal, a German, was riding very good, preparing his horse to each moment very carefully and clearly, it just gave me the envy to ride each day of the week again!

Litle victory

Today, second day of vacation, we are back in ljungby after a week end at the summer house and M is bravely working while I try to be a good house wife. Wife or wife, even if it’s our one year reunion anniversary today. I am thinking of making a little surprise for tonight, let’s see if it will be celebration.

More than being together with my <3 again since one year today, I can also celebrate the first km in 25 minutes this morning. Unbelievable but true, I may have ran an easy round, but quick it was. At home, I followed the good advice Ed of best and did 4 minutes of core, with 20sec and 10 sec pause in between. Twenty seconds are long sometimes!

Ok, time for washing the dishes and then, horizontal position on the coach with Zlatan.


I haven’t done it in ages but now, I’m a happy girl: we went in the wood to pick up mushrooms and they were thousands! Ok, maybe just a sign for Sweden to show their bad summer weather, but lovely for the stomach :)


I arrived yesterday evening in Ljungby and met M who has been working. We spent the evening outside, with good food and s guitaryukulele. When the mousquitos arrived, it was exactly time to watch the opening ceremony for the London Olympics games. I was really bored and did not find it impressing, except maybe mr bean synth play. The final number with mc cartney playing hey Jude was unhearable for me. I never liked the Beatles and it was playback! Wut? We drove to M place then and it was wonderful to wake up around 9 with a big sun shining. M was still sleeping so I was wondering which kind of romantic breakfast I could prepare to eat on the balcony a little later. Just when I was finalizing it in my head came a big rain and it is now so grey and fresh in the air that I just decided to put my head on the pillow again and give my sleep a new chance.

First day

Hello people! I failed for my first mission yesterday. The book will follow with me and I don’t begin some other random book before this one is finished! Hum, hard for me since I always have five or six books at the same time, mostly because I am often bored by the stories. I was happy when I discovered Hellström and his friend, but I read all their books now, so I just have to wait until they write some new. I wonder though if I will buy the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I heard it was good.

Yesterday, so, I had some friends over for ice cream and then, we went to the pub for a quizz about USA. Like how high is the empire state building? When was it built? Who is the inventor of the bulb light? What is the state Atlanta is in? When was the coca cola recipe invented? What was written before “Hollywood” ? When was the last king kong film done? How many Oscar did the film green line received? How old is Tom cruise? And so on… I was tired ( and frozen!) so I went
home pretty early and after like 3 minutes in my bed, I was sleeping deeply. I woke up around 7 this morning but enjoied my bed. I fixed a lots of little stuff and I am soon off to work: yeah, something is wrong with my work phone: I still get the calls and it shouldn’t be like that, so I will fix it and then be free :) Next rapport a little later :))


The summer road trip began this afternoon. I just arrived in ljungby and the thermometer of the car says 27 degrees. Oh yeah! I am waiting for my man, who is courageous and still works. I dunno what is the program for this week end but i m sure that it will be wonderful!

First mission

Oh you know what I hear? Give me a v, gieve me an a, give me a c, give me an a, give me a t, give me an I, give me an o, give me a n! Yes, you hear it, I checked out from work fr one month exactly and after a lunch home and a nap on my coach, I will attempt my first mission: finish this novel! It I fantastic sunny in Linköping and this is like a good sign for the month to come. My bags are packed, I even took a run this morning and I decided one thing. Since my motivation for running is low and the half Mara coming soon, I will take it easily but surely: run every two days and don’t bother about the achievement. Isn’t the most important to finish it, at least to survive it? Ok time for me to read what Malin Fors has been doing since the last time I opened this book!


Over 20 degrees! Nice weather in Sweden! I was actually cooking on the balcony so I’m inside now.


This is the bluest you will get the sky. Two days of sun in a raw, this is crazy! The clock is 7 I should be at work but had some difficulties to get up, in the middle of a dream that was about work. Don’t you think that I should count this night as working time? No, but there is not so much hurry, the program for today and tomorrow is cleaning of the mails and my office before the vacations tomorrow around noon. I wish this weather will be like that at least one month!! Yeah for camping and sun and a lots of time with my love! Oh btw, Monday is a special day for us, I have to figure out something :) Have a nice day, I’m off to the bathroom to wash my teeth.

Big me

I was packign my bags for the vacations, listening to some random music on my computer and this song was playing and i felt oh how much i would like to dance this slow with M, put my head on his shoulder, right now and feel like i am the happiest girl in the world. This is almost true. I would be the happiest girl in the world if it had been given to me to put my head on his shoulder right NOW! But good things come at its time so on friday head on Ms shoulder it will be!

Back to the packing!