Happyness x 10000000

Oh, I just reached some of my goals:

– I officially got a new job, with challenges and a great team to work with

– I got the results of my exam in law and I made it!!!

– M came home yesterday night, but a way too late (around 4 in the morning instead of 22 because of a defect train).

– I went out for a run of 5km even if it was snowing all the time and a lot!

And I am on vacation for one week. M is still working like a beast, he hasn’t packed yet, but I am ready and totally tired, I am pretty sure that I will fall asleep in front of the Zapping before M comes back in the living room. Too bad.

For you, some pictures from today:

trädgårdsföreningen - Kopia


bild 2 (3)


bild 3 (1)


snö - Kopia (2)

New habbits

It takes some time to get used to a new environment, even if you choose it by yourself. We have been living in our new appartment for 6 days now and most of the things are on the place they have to be. I am trying to find new routines for my every day life (I like routines in the morning, even to know where things are stored and so).

One of the new routines is how I take my little self to work. I walked 2 days and took the bus 2 days so far. It takes me 30 minutes at least to go to work and with the snow from these days, this may be counted like a real training pass. The positiv thing is that I get to go through a magestic place: a big allée without any car traffic. See by yourself how it looked tonight when I walked home:

bild 2 (2)


People who are riding their bike are very courageous actually. This kind of snow is slippy and even to walk is hard.

Enough of that.

I will tell you a little history that happened today. I received 2 compliments within 3 minutes at work. Like I never or almost never get feed backs, and today, pouf, 2 in an eye movement. I felt very happy!

And for now, a negativ thing: my lovely M, that has been away from home since sunday, is stucked on a train that is not rolling and no one can give any information on why. I already use to thing that 22 is late to pick him up, but the for now estimated arrival time is 23.38 and the scary thing is that M had very different information about the rest of his travel: they hope to drive the train to the next station (Tranås, a place with more cows and horses than inhabitants) and during this time, they will send a train from Stockholm (which takes 3 hours of rolling, if there is free time for this on the railway). This is so irritating: M is very tired, so I am, I am longing to him and no one knows how it will be. Let’s see how it will be…

Tomorrow, we have to pack our bags for our travel to France and I guess that M will be working late tomorrow as well. We will arrive at my parents place totally dead tired and will for sure spend half of the vacations trying to come in phase with our sleep. One week is short with these conditions.

But enough of complain for tonight, I wish you a good night, and wish us a little of trainluck!


Moved and happy

I am so sorry for the absence of updates the past few days. It has been very hektik but we are all happy. On Friday, we got up at 6 oclock. One hour later, a whole army of moving people came into our appartment and we went out downtown to eat breakfast. We were both pretty excited about what would come. At 10, we got to pick up the keys of our new appartment, and at the same time to have a big hole at the bank. We are not owning our appartment yet, but a loan and it will take years to pay it back. It felt like whatever on friday, when I took this picture:



Then, in a storm, we went back to our old appartment, picked up the car and the flowers and drove as far as the speed limits allowed it to our new appartment. Very very exciting! Some minutes later, the two cars with all our stuff came as well and it was the beginning of the dowloading. On friday evening, we wre almost done and it has been a lots of small fixes the whole week end, that’s why I haven’t written on here at all.

The internet did work, the moving went perfectly well and we (read “I”) used the washing machine already plenty of times. This was almost a fun thing to do!

On sunday morning, I even went out for a run and the new area if a paradise for a runner: only woods around, I can loose myself pretty easily, but oh it was so good. It was 5km, with snow and -7 I think and a cold wind, so no need to tell you that I did not make any stops, only to make this picture:

ek - Kopia

The woods are full of magestic oaks like this one, I almost can’t wait until the next time!

Now, time for me to sleep, it was a long day today (up at 4h30 for work…). Good night!



I am living my dream life just right now. I am sitting in a coffe shop, with M and blogging. Like a pro.

Actually, we are moving today and in 45 minutes, we will get the keys of our new apartment. We have been waiting for this like 4 months and it feels totally unrealistic. But good! So did the living room look like yesterday evening:


We packed the art, the flowers, the internet things and we opened the door to 6 men this morning, who are helping us for the rest. It feels really like big luxury and I would like to thank my mother particularly for the generous Xmas gift that allows us to make it that way!

So looked our breakfast:


We will go to the bank and sign everything in less than a hour, it is really exciting! I am not really sure how the rest of the week end will be, but I am convinced that it will be very good!



I have been “free” exactly 4 hours and I am already bored. What is wrong with me?

I think I know why though. M is working and I am trying to be as quiet as possible, in order not to disturb him and I can see how it is not going better in his job, so I feel useless.

I have been reading too and my eyes said stop since they were very tired but I will take up the book again and soon write a little recession on here.

So far, so good!

I am done!

You may believe or not, but I am done with studying for this time. I wrote the exam this morning and no matter what the result will be, I don’t care. I am done.

I’ve spent all my free time on this the past 6 months and it is almost strange to come home and just sit and ask myself “what should I do now?” and to be free to choose whatever makes fun! First I thought that I would go out for a run. But then, I thought that I was hungry. And then, I thought that I would watch a film. And then I thought that I would sew. And then I thought that I would sleep a little. And then I  thought that I would paint something. And then I thought that I would make pictures. And then I thought that the day would have passed by and I still would be there, trying to make a decision, so I let it go.

I am trying to watch a swedish show on TV but the internet is striking and M is working, so I don’t think I will do so much. And it is OK if it is so. Enough with obligations!

Three times a year

I did something tonight that contributes to make me feel usefull. This is a big part of feeling that I wouldn’t regret anything if I only had 5 minutes left to live. I gave some of my blood.



The thing is that it could happen everyone to need blood in ones life. An accident, a birthgiving, an operation and I think that when it happens, you cannot plan it. It took about 3 minutes to fill in the questionnary, 5 minutes to talk with a nurse, 15 minutes to give blood and 15 minutes to sit with a friend (we have blood-donation-date) and eat a sandwich afterwards. Also 38 minutes max to make a difference.

According to the US Red Cross, the number one reason donors say they give blood is because they “want to help others”. I am not that original actually. And two most common reasons cited by poeple who don’t give blood are “Never thought about it” and “I don’t like needles”.

Let’s kill this.

Never thought about it – You just have read of it now, with this post, so you can’t blame on that

I don’t like needles– Ok. I understand. This is also the reason why I waited so long (29 years!!!) to give blood. I am not a fanatic of getting stuck but honestly, when I don’t look at it and don’t think of it that much, the 15 minutes I spend on the couche there are mostly relaxing actually. And if you don’t try, you will not know how it R E A L L Y feels. And it feels good.

Once, I tried to run just after a donation and it was ok but not by quickest run on my list. But this was idiotical. You don’t need to make big prestations all the time, so no excuses like “euh, I can’t because I have to do sport” or whatever. It may even be a good occasion to offer yourself a good treatment (or let you someone offer you a good treatment) with a good dinner, a film watching evening or a nap in the middle of the day. I don’t feel specially tired after a donation, but it may be a good excuse: when my blood is in a little bag, I already made the prestation, so I can relax!

If you are living in Sweden you will find information on how giving blood on this site: http://geblod.nu/ Go there, read a little and make a step: go and give it a try!

Galette des rois!

I wondered the whole time during the right week end if I would make a galette des rois but since this cake is based on a puff pastry and for the ones who wonder: it takes time! I am pretty bad at waiting as I may have written thousend times before, so on the right week end, I capitulated. I am not religious at all but I love this cake with almonds in the middle. I can even say that it may be one of my 3 favvo desserts of the world (at least the ones I have tried). So bad, that last year, when we were in France for Xmas, my lovely sister baked one for me.

The advantage of living in France for was it goes about galette des rois, is that you can buy the pastry. You don’t need to spend your whole friday evening to make it, for a dessert that will disapear in 10 min (if I am in the room).

You may think: Why suddentlyg decided this lazy blog writter to make an own galette?

Answer: because I got inspired! Inspiration gives me strength, for real. If someone tells me a personal story, I can take the whole to me and make miracles. This is one of the little things that make my life a pleasure to live: I can’t see the problems at first sight. I see solutions pretty much everywhere, even if some solutions may be difficult to obtain. When I hear someone that realized something,or has a positive attitude, it gives me energy to realize my own projects. I am on the ground a lazy woman and even if I have a lots of ideas, the envy to realize them can die.

What did inspire me just for the galette?

A friend of mine posted a picture of a uncooked croissant on facebook and I was thinking in myself “oh too bad that is croissant was not enough long in the owen! It would have been so easy to make it delicious”. Then, I may have posted an irritating comment, like “pfuii, you should make them by yourself, it would be so much better.” This is me, arrogant and selfconfident “how hard is it actually?”. This sentence annoys M most of all in the world, but to me, it is really near from my “unfear” of making things happen, What could happen, if everything would go wrong? The answer to this question is almost never “Someone could die”. Very often, it doesn’t cost you much more than you pride. And to be honest, my pride is cheap. I am very proud, that’s why I can be generous with it and risk it. That may also be a part of why I don’t regret anything, or almost nothing: I tried.

Back to the galette.

Since I was beeing arrogant on FB, I decided to get out of the couche and try to make one of these puff pastry. It worked pretty well and you can see how a part of it became croissants and pains au chocolat on saturday morning. I was feeling a little bad while I was making it because it was not as easy as it seemed on youtube [for the novice: it costs almost nothing, flower, water and a little salt plus butter, but it takes many hours because you have to wait one hour between each time you are working on the pastry. This pastry doesn’t work for quick fix and what is life other than quick fixes? So on the papper, it is not difficult, not expansive but takes a lots of time].

I was pretty encouraged by the croissants and I found some hand written receipe from my little sister with the galette on, so Hop, I gave it a try on saturday afternoon.

This was before the owen:



The two pastryparts are embracing a mix of almond, sugar and butter. On the top, you paint the galette with the yellow of an egg. The big test was to warm upp the owen at the right temperature, not too cold but not too warm either. The result was the following:


If you aks the public me: it was just W O N D E R F U L!!!

If you ask the critical me: it shoukd have been a little longer in the owen, but not that hot, in order to cook the under part a little bit more. Then, I was missing a little of the butter taste. I had some little trouble making the pastry the day before and had to have less butter in proportion to the rest and I was able to feel it in the galette. Nothing that hurts a poor people here though, I liked it and M liked it too.

The crone is of course handmade and M became the king. Now that I know that I can succeed, I may invite some people next year, to make it more fun to eat together.

My friend was not as lucky and I and had some troubles with her pastry. Too bad, but she has to give it another try! I think I had the chance of the beginner, that’s why it worked out well for me, or maybe that my life is just so easy that I can almost succeed in everything.

This is how I will choose to see it: I can suceed almost everything. And if I am not suceeding, then I have to find other things to do and don’t spend a minute about crying about how it could have been.

A propos success, this exam on sunday is killing my mind, so this week, since I will be alone until friday, I will give it a big effort and read everything I am unsecure about. And then, make my best at the exam. No regrets.

Have a nice evening!


Dernière ligne droite

I am sitting, listening to Sting concert in Berlin 2012 on youtube, headphones on and probably singing louder than M would like me to do. What is wrong? I cannot motivate myself. Next sunday, I will have to write an exam in law, subject I have been studying on my free time since september. This is actually very usefull and everyone should have read a little bit of this I think. But… I am so T I R E D of spending all my free time to read serious things. I choose it myself, this is all self torture, I admit, but give me a break!

So I tell me: “There is only one week left, don’t throw away all the days you spend at reading, keep being serious and make a big party after the exam”. It sounds good, isn’t it? But this happened: last night, I dreamt that I went to write the exam and it was another subject: chemistry. I had some rests from my now old studies (10 years ago now that I’ve graduated… Time flies…) and I was trying to make the best out of it but I was really confused. I asked why there were no law in the exam and they answered me that I should have been more serious, because the last parts of the course was chemistry and I should have known better. This was a big fail in other words. When I came back home (in my dream), M had packed the whole flat and we had one week left to live here, but all our stuff were packed, so we couldn’t sleep or eat or do anything.

When we woke up this morning, we saw all the snow falling and it is not helping me being serious. I just want to go outside and play with the snow. I don’t want to read or to be serious but I will have a little look at my chemistry…

snö - Kopia


I’ve been inspired yesterday by a friend and made my first own pate feuilletée. Purposes: croissants this morning and a traditional galette des rois, French tradition that I am missing. For this second part, I will post a own post.

So, the pate feuilletée… I also have been afraid to make one since it takes so long time but it was much more easy than I thought!


Then you roll it with what you have close to you…


This morning, I gave it a last roll and it became croissants and pains au chocolat. Miam!


I was really happy with the inside, I will make it more often!!