Life has been filled with work and not much more recently and I had nothing special to say on here. Sorry!

Today, I can share a picture taken with my phone this morning. Even if the weather is awful and really rainy, the nature makes beautiful things. And nowadays in Sweden, lilacs are blooming as crazy. There are three big lilactrees around the corner on my way to work and it smells lovely!

Have a nice weekend!


When the wood comes to you

Oh long time no see… But this was a normal week at work, meaning a tired writer on the evenings.

I have to tell something nice that happened to me this week. A colleague of mine gave me flowers from her private wood and it made my whole week. So nice and it smells so good!

The fantastic weather we had last weekend is gone. It’s all grey and cold and I have no idea what we will do. Good.


A day in the woods

We took our breakfast on the balcony today. First time ever and it was hot! Then, we did put our hiking shoes on and took the bus to the south. And we walked. We walked. And we walked. We were really happy to arrive home after 5 hours outside, discovering new parts or our neighborhood but with tired legs.

Tonight, we will sleep like babys. And for me, the weekend goes on for three more days!

When this episode of Marseille is finished, time for bed!



We had some beautiful day lately! Almost 15 degrees and sun! And you know what? We began this weekend of four days with a dinner outside. Lovely!

Have a happy weekend!


Time to bath

I took a run today and noticed that the boat season is on. People were putting their boats in the water after a long winter.

My dear father, who recently retired, did begin a Ling walk through France today. He did not have luck with the weather of the first day but I admire his ambitions. Maybe sometimes I will make something similar.