Timo Räisänen

he was playing just for me last friday in Eskilstuna. actually, i went there a litle “hum, how will it turn?” but it turned very very good. he is kind of a energy ball and i really enjoid the show.

and he had some good tricks to sell marchandises: tehre were some unusual things there with his name on: underwear, pillow…



tonight, around 22, i was driving back to my office from a evening meeting when i saw in a curve a car up and down on the road, another car stopped with warnings and a guy outisde with a phone in his hands and nothing more. i stopped 100m after them, put my yellow vest from work, took my phone and went up the curve from the other direction in order to warn the other cars driving here.

i thought like that: one guy was calling, it should be police, ambulance and stuff. So i will call the information center for accident from the swedish road administration. i did this and when i was talking to a lady there, they received an alarm from the ambulance telling about the same accident that i was telling about.

and after 10 min maybe came the ambulance, the fire brigade, the police and i was still on the road, warning the cars coming. one fire man asked em what i saw, when i came ehre and  told me to stand there and to keep doing this work until he would come back to me.

So i stood there like 40 min, the dark came and stuff, and i realized how good it is to have XXL vest (which is of course 43938 times too big for me). anyway, the ambulance went back with a person in (there was just one person in this accident), they moved the car from the road and the fireman came back to me, asked what i saw once again and then the police did the same thing but the other guy was most interessant for them.

the guy from the accidented car seemed ok they told me (not dead at least and not in danger to die either).

afterwards, when i was driving home, i thought how strange it can be. i mean, when it happened, i did not think, i just did things that i felt were good. I did not even talk to the other guy, i was just trusting him: becuase he stopped and had the phone on the hear, for me, he was calling the rescue. pretty strange to think that maybe i helped in a situation and did “the right things” just without thinking (except the too much trusting the calling guy maybe). Somehow, it must be printed somewhere that this is just the way to act.

ah well, in a way, i was pretty chocked also if i did not even see the accidented man. i hope he is well.

A girl with a one-track mind

this is the last book i read in swedish and it was better than any other school book to get into a special kind of vocabulary ;)

actually, i enjoid this reading pretty much. Fresh, dynamic, accurate, this book is the real story of a girl in her 30’s talking about her sex life and stuff. At the beginning, it was a blog which adress is:

i recommend it to all the girls that think they don’t fit in the “normal” modell “boifriend-house-car-plan for baby”.

rainy saturday


this is saturday, i am dressed with my penner clothes and am sipping tea while listening to music and i really plan with doing this the whole day and even tomorrow if it is still raining.

The past weeks were very intense on every front and this seems unreal to be at home, with nothing planned for the day.

i did quite strange things recently, like:

– go and run in the forest at 5 in the morning and thinking “how fucking good it is”

–  to come late with one hour to a dinner for a bday party of a friend of mine. How ashamed i felt, i mean i thought of this celebration a lot and looked forward it and the worth that could happened was yeah, to be the only one who came that late at the dinner… what a shame…

– to make an incredible suite while playing bowling. SO looked my serie:
— — — 81 — 8- –81 — — —
haha i was ridiculous bad at bowling, but i had fun anyway!

– i thought that it was normal to tell a really old and grown up lady to shut up while i was talking. like irreverence and stuff, but so i am!

– i woke up several days in a raw at 4 in the morning, all alone and i don’t understand why…

– my phone, which is my alarm too, forgot to ring several times this week when it had to (no no don’t think that forgot to put it, no no everything was right) and then, i always woke up in panic and shit and this feeling stalked me the whole day.

– i decided without consulting the weather station that it was summer and dressed with a skirt without tights and with summer shoes. ahah it was beautiful but i froze my ass the whole day and refused to admit that i made a misstake.i did not get a cold, which is the proof that i was right, ONCE AGAIN!!

– i listened to the same CD since 2 weeks and i don’t get myself why i am not tired of it yet. Pretty strange.

ah well, strange things happen all the time, it is just to get used to it and actually, this is what is making life a bit funnier


the weather (sun PLUS warm) from these 3 past days was wonderful, really enjoyable and incredible!
I went to Stockholm to meet a friend on friday and saturday and it was really the best moment of the year to take long walks in the city. Wonderful colors, no camera with me then but all in my head!

Markus Krunegård


this is the last CD i bought, it gives me the potatoes. I like some of his lines actually, in vrac, from different songs too:

Jag fattar allt och ingenting där stod ju du sin alltid skulle va min
Du såg exakt lika påkommen ut som du var. Men ärligt talat det var skönt med ett dåligt svar
Hela världen är så underbar bara man får ett svar

Du vet var det sitter ich siktar tills du riktigt säkert vet att det hittar in
Där ingen annan kommit in. Hjärtat väljer blint
Nu när jag svalt det kan du dra det hur långt du vill. Du vet jag vill bli din
O ingen annan kommer in. Hjärtat gör min blind
Hela världen är så underbar om man är korkad tom och glad


Det är inte hur man har det, det är hur man tar det. Och när man längtar tar saker tid
Det är nåt mellan oss, mellan oss och världen. För långsamt för snabbt men aldrig i takt
Vi vill ju bara andas, sova och andas omvartannat inget mer
Ibland gör man rätt, ibland fel, lev med det


Sover hos dig på nåder. Rör dig fast jag inte får det
Önskar att jag bara drömde. Att det var en vanlig söndag
Måndag morgon förra året. ångrar hela förra året
ångrar att jag aldrig svarade. Att jag bara lät dig vara
Samma nätter väntar alla. Utan dig är alla kalla
Långa mörka utam sömn. Du ligger med nån annan tönt

und so weiter und so weiter!!1