Bad TV-sopa or book that will make me sleep?

I just came home from work after an intense day. Shit how much it takes for energy to lead meetings and trying to make everything work! Nowadays is Outlook my best friend, telling me constantly what i have to do. Without him, i am lost and don’t know really what i should begin with. Not a really good situation when my job is a lot about planning. Well, right now it is fine, but when outlook will not be full anymore, i will be in panic! i have some months ahed though, so no panic.

Now i wonder if i should take my shower and put me in bed with my book and sleep within 5 min or cook me a meal and watch some bad TV program?

balance between honesty and lie

i made a cruel experience the pasts days. I had a “secret” and then a choice: being honest and rely on a solid friendship or being a liar and destruct a solid friendship. I thought “shit easy! lest’s be honest!” and now, i know that it ended in “destruct a solid friendship”. Well, solid, it may not have been that solid when i think of it now. At least not as solid as i thought.

hurting people is never a cool thing but even when i am screaming that it was an involontary mistake, it doesn’t help. And i feel angry. Angry at everyone that tells that you live and you learn. I am really wondering which price i am currently paying. What did i do to mess it up like that? I really don’t see what i could have done better in this special situation and well, next time, there will be no next time, like at 2’18 in eminems song.

Short message before laundry

i don’t know what i did to the lord (well, since i think he doesn’t exist, then i may not have done that much…) but nowadays, it happens so much strange things that makes me feeling blue. Like it happened really unprobable and unconfortable things that i have to deal with now.

So tonight, no thinking: acting! I have a whole flat to clean and 5T clothes to wash. Good for a worried mind.

a week can go so fast

I have been in Stockholm for work and also to meet some friends, i have been running in the forest in the sun, i have been talking to a lot of people the 2 past days, i have been in contact with some political people, i have been in a bad hotel, wishing sleeping some hours and running to the next coming day,i have been about to fall asleep while driving, i have been hard toward a friend, i have felt destructible, i have felt like i cannot breathe and now, it is a rainy saturday, i am lazy as never, waching Idol on TV. What is going on wih me?

Bad mood

It is when you wake up with black ideas in the head, take your shower without being able to sing in it, eat your breakfast and miss milk, go to work and wonder if your week end was good or not, come to work and get a crashing PC, only run from place to place without solving anything, get irritated with nothing, don’t make any goal at floorball and notice that your fridge is empty while you have your pyjama on because you thought it was now time to sit on the couch and feel sorry for herself.

 BLEH!! >:[

some good oldy

i remember i was shouting the whole album in my helmet when i was driving scooter to the riding place. it was about 50 km one way and i remember mostly the winter, when it was really frozen everywhere, when i had to wait like 30 min in the garage at “room temperature” before to go into the warm house, because else, i would just break all my fingers.

Yeah, it was also cold in France for some years ago. I made it all the way, the envy to ride was bigger than the loss of some fingers. plus i enjoid to sing super loud. This is actually one thing that is also nice with motorbike riding, nobody hears.

Livet, makten och konsten att våga vara sig själv

i just finished this book from Ebba Lindsö. She is a swedish woman who was chief for the confederation of swedish entreprise and got to deal with some troubles at this post. The book was very well written and i recommand it to every young woman willing to get high in some company hierarchy.

Ride in automn

I woke up quite early this morning, there is this radio sending “på minuten” on P1 beginning at 8h30 that i like, to i think my brain programmed itself to wake up on time. I laughed myself in my bed 30 min and then, finished my book and got up to vote. I cannot vote for the swedish parliament but for the regional and communal votes, so i made my mission. Then, i got some newspappers and went home to eat a good breakfast, like a senior people.

The sun was shining, so even if i was tired, i changed clothes and went out for a ride. It was quite cold and i lost 4 fingers i think, but sunny and the colors are becoming really nice with automn.


Fish tank

Fantastic good film that began the Eskilstuna filmstudio season for this automn.

A film full with feelings, good, bad, hard, smooth. This is filmed with a lot of sensibility and the story was also a good part! Really, me liked <3 <3 <3 <3