One more week…

Time flies, it is even hard for me to know which day we are. We were at a wedding in Gothenburg last week end, so it felt like we did not had any rest. But it was very nice and we met a lots of friends and even family. All our best wishes U&H!

This week had been pretty intense at work and the coming weeks do look the same. I never feel alone anymore, with someone kicking when I am getting too stressed or too slow. This is a very uncommun feeling, but somehow, I get use to it. We are getting on the other side of the limit “eclipse of the toes” soon. Luckily, I feel pretty good, even if I was tired this week end. I think that I pay back last week end.

I made some more illustrations today: a hedgehoge, a mouse, a horse and I hade few adjustments to get a donkey and a zebra. I think that I will make posters of them, because I always come to new animals I could illustrate and it would be too many posters if every animal would be alone. Somehow, I will make some family of them. Maybe a little book. Maybe a game of memory. Maybe postcards. You name it: the only limit is my creativity!


A magical fish

This is a rainy Sunday and this is very cosy: we can watch the second seadon of the leftovers in peace.

Yesterday, i finished my “fish project”, an idea I got in a store in France but that was way too expensive and too easy to make myself. So at home, I watched what fabric I had and decided to do this now, even if it will take a lots of months before it is used in its normal purpose. My sewing room disappeared with the new inhabitant to come so when I sew nowadays,  it’s all over the place in our living room. Which is nice five minutes,  not more.

To the point: the magic fish! 

I took a wool blanket we had, and designed a fish.

I duplicated the fish in a piece of lin fabric we had.

And i sewed the little parts, like this example: 

Then, I choosed a good form for the fish scales and found different fabric at home, in the colors we want the baby’s room to have and I sewed them, trying to make them interesting for a little human to discover. I placed them on the fish body to see how everything would suit.

Then, i sewed the eye, and then every piece. 

I sewed some anti slide things on the inferior part of the fish, to make it safer on the floor and sewed the two paets of the fish together.  I finished with a zipper at the end of the fish tail.

And i put the blanket in it and voilà!

First sleeping morning after reworking

Saturday morning,  I’ve been awake for almost two hours and the weather doesn’t motivate to get up. 

We’re going to a wedding next weekend so we have multiple things to fix today and tomorrow but to spend time outside? Not needed!

M is sleeping on my right side, it is peaceful to hear him breathe. The little life in my stomach is also awake and rolls aroung gently. Well, I don’t feel lonely and have no hurry to get up.

Automn is soon here

It felt this morning, first day at work, that fall is coming. The air was cold, it was raining and i felt like a rocky mom to be with my fake skin trousers. 

Yesterday,  I began with a sew project for the new inhabitant.  I sew bed sheets from other ones we had,  hoping that the already used fabric will be soft to the skin.

Another project is going on but I’ll tell you another time.

Soon back to normal 

I don’t know if it’s sad or not, but my vacation ends tomorrow.  4,5 weeks of good weather, friends and family,  changes, sleep,  reading, and much more.  

The last part of 2016 will be a transition between our current life and a brand new view on life, so I want to make the best and most of this time to come. It feels right but a bit scary at the same time. We are waiting for a new member in our little family and I can feel it right now making volts in my stomach. It was a long way to come to this point and I’m not really sure if and how I will write about it here, I’ll let the time guide me. It’s a fine and hard balance to find between intimacy and a will to share our experiences with others that may go in the same path.

So far, I’ve got the same ambition with the blog and yeah, I should make picture more often and write more regularly. I’ll do my best!

Picture by Nathalie Roux

Skokloster back and forth

My sister and her boyfriend are right now visiting us and its a good occasion to do things we usually never do. Yesterday, we took the boat from Uppsala (10 min walk from home) and went to the castle of Skokloster.

 This was a good way to step down for them, on their really first day of vacation.  You just sit there and look at the landscape.  in Skokloster,  we had two hours to visit the castle and then, it was time to go back to Uppsala.

A wonderful relaxing way to see the surroundings!

To fix a room.

We have a little room that we used to use as an office.  Bad ergonomy one. This Monday, we spent the whole day cleaning, sorting and at the end having a little room which will have a whole other purpose than office in a few months.

Sneak peak (the cows were already here).

Spending time making illustrations

We make a lots of things this week, during our vacation at home. I made some illustrations for a future project with the help of an open source software working almost like indesign. It’s fun and I will make some more. You get to see the cat.

A good reading 

Vacations for me this year is synonymous with reading. Long time ago I read that much and it was almost 2000 pages from Pierre Lemaitre that occupied my mind.

I began with four of his crime novels, which were very surprising and finished yesterdsy with the book he got a price Goncourt for. I warmly recommend this book for the one who like hunir, cynism and surprising stories. Long time ago I couldn’t let a book on the table because I wanted to know what happens next.