oi oi oi time flies!!!1

hullo people!

sorry for my absence on here but i have been really busy recently. First of all, i went to France the only week end in a ten years period when it was over 29 degrees in Sweden. And in France, of course, it rained thousend cats and thousend dogs a minut… but meeting familly and friends was very enjoyable, although if everything of that was very short in time.

then, i have been busy working too. The remarkable event from last week was that i fished a big fish in the river from Eskilstuna when we were having some kick off activities with work. ahaha proud of me but actually, this is disgusting a fish! now it sleeps in my freezer, waiting for some warmer time in my owen! miam miam!

I was in middle Sweden last friday, and saturday, watched Sweden forgetting that a Football game is 90 min long. ahha nice done from the Spanich team! (good for me that i missed the game Holland-France!ahaha)