Mausolée Mohammed V

The Mausoleum of Mohammed V contains the tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons, late King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah. It is located on the opposite side of the Hassan Tower on the Yacoub al-Mansour esplanade in Rabat, Morocco. The building is considered a masterpiece of modern Alaouite dynasty architecture, with its white silhouette, topped by a typical green tiled roof. Its construction was completed in 1971. Hassan II was buried there following his death in 1999.

(source: wiki)


Necropolis of Chellah, Chella or Sala (Arabic: شالة) is a necropolis and complex of ancient and medieval ruins that lie on the outskirts of Rabat, Morocco’s Ville Nouvelle, or modern section.

The site of Chellah is doubtless the most ancient human settlement on the mouth of the Bou Regreg river.

The Phoenicians and the Carthaginians, who founded several colonies in Morocco, probably inhabited the banks of the Bou Regreg. Chellah contains the remains of a Roman town known as Sala Colonia and referred to as Sala by Ptolemy. Excavations show an important port city town with uncovered remains including the Decumanus Maximus, or principal way, were discovered, as well as those of a forum, a monumental fountain, a triumphal arch, and other Roman ruins.

The site was abandoned in 1154 in favor of nearby Salé. The Almohad dynasty used the ghost town as a necropolis. In the mid-14th century, a Merinid sultan, Abu l-Hasan, built several monuments and the imposing main gate (dated to 1339). These later Merinid additions included a mosque, a zawiya, and royal tombs, including that of Abu l-Hasan.

Many of the structures in Chellah were damaged or destroyed in an 18th century earthquake.

The site has been converted to a garden and is now a tourist attraction.

(source: wiki)

Fredrik Lindström

Fredirk Lindström, a funny swede who comes from the town i live in did his one-man-show last saturday and sunday i this famous town.

I was there on saturday and laughed a lot, it was a really good critism of the swedes and their habbits, fears and beliefs.

plane troubles

Last sunday, i had to take the plane to fly to Morocco. the timetable was ver nice with the first plane at 6h50. which meant that the alarm-clock rang about 4 in the morning.

When the alarm-clock rang onm sunday morning, i was happy and thought: “a cool, a new trip, sun and new adventures, well everything will just be fine!”. i got up, took my shower, ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth and put my phone on. and hop, the phone rang: “you have a new message!”. i was happy and thought “a cool, another friend tought of me and sent me some kind words”. so i read the message and it was “air france, good morning. your flight has been cancelled andyou will travel with the flight number bla bla bal departure 10h40”. the taxi waited already outside the house, i just had to go to the airport and try to fix the connexion in paris.

i arrived at Arlanda and there, air france told me i had to fly to paris and stay over the night in a hotell there and join Rabat the day after. oh lala, i thought no no. my colleague who is used to travel a lot also knows very well all the flights and timetable and he managed to make us fly the same day to casablanca instead of rabat.

we arrived at destination later as planed but i loved this morning spent in stockholm airport for peanuts.

Tour Hassan

Hassan Tower or Tour Hassan (Arabic: صومعة حسان) is the minaret of an incomplete mosque in Rabat, Morocco. Begun in 1195, the tower was intended to be the largest minaret in the world along with the mosque, also intended to be the world’s largest. In 1199, sultan Yacoub al-Mansour died, and construction on the mosque stopped. The tower only reached 44m (140ft), about half of its intended 86m (260ft) height. The rest of the mosque was also left incomplete, with only the beginnings of several walls and 200 columns being constructed.

Instead of stairs, the tower is ascended by ramps. The minaret’s ramps would have allowed the muezzin to ride a horse to the top of the tower to issue the call to prayer.

Yacoub al-Mansour was a member of the Almohad Dynasty, a berber, muslim empire in West Africa and Spain. The tower, according to tradition, was designed by an architect named Jabir who used similar a similar design plan for Hassan’s sister tower, the Giralda in Seville, Spain. Both of the towers were modeled on the minaret of another one of Jabir’s designs, the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech. Renaissance Spaniards later added a western style top to the Giralda, which was converted from a minaret to a bell tower for the Seville Cathedral after the Reconquista.

The tower, along with the remains of the mosque and the modern Mausoleum of Mohammed V, forms the most important historical and tourist complex in Rabat.

(source: wikipedia)


well, i won´t make an article for each thing i made since the last time i published (after 2 articles, i´m already bored :P) anyway, in vrac, here you go:

I was one week in Stockholm to receive some informations about the organisation with which i´m going to work in Morocco. I met a lot of young people who also was in mission like me but who decided to devote more than 9 weeks of their lifes for the UN. People rich in their mind of experiences and histories, although if they were about my age. I learnt a lot, with humility. more to read on here:, ,

I was really fast in Finland with work, just a little tiny boat trip there, some hours only

I was one week end in Paris and it was more than just 2 days to me, it was like new fresh air which smell i love. As if i was asmathic and had to go to the swiss alps for soem weeks to rest. same effect!

My next trip to Morocco begins next week, i´m not yet in the travelling mood, but it will come very soon.

I was at the prom from the Eskilstuna Symphonic Orchester and i really enjoid it. First time for me to sing “Rule Britannia”. The mood was very good and i´ll go there next year too if i can!

The rugby World cup did take some of my time too and i was watching some french games, secretly hopping they would come to final and win! like for soccer, it should be a tradition to win when the country organize the event!!

The days are becoming shorter and shorter here but the fall is really fine, a lot of sunny days and the morning sun makes me happy really often nowadays.

I can get no satisfaction

long time i did not write something in here, but i´ll try to upgrade this with the litlle events that happened to me (or that i made happen) the past times.

so, i can get no staisfaction, it was from the Rolling Stones concert in Göteborg. Grandiose, really!! Mick Jagger is maybe 40 cm wide but he ran the 3 hours long and the show was excellent, very good memory!

a bath

august the 12th, i took my first real bath in a swedish lake. It was kind of amazing to swim in the water (whch was not too cold surprinsingly) and to come out ….. brown!! more efficient than days long in the sun.