M, Z and I flew to France last thrusday. The travel was long with all the waiting,  plane, delaid high speed train (yeah, not only in Sweden…) but Z was very nice. When we arrived at our friends home, it was late and there were a lots of people there, so she got a bit scared. She felt asleep because she was so tired of crying and she was even crying in her sleep. It broke my mum’s heart. 6 months is not that old and this was a lots of impressions for her.

Since, we have been visited my fake grand mother,  whose name was given to Z as fourth name. It was very touching to see the first meeting of a 89-years old and a 6 months old. Surprising, Z was not shy with her and smiled from the beginning while sitting on my grandmother knees. 

My parents were here as well and they teach everything they didn’t want to teach me when I was little, you know like make noices with food in the mouth and so on. It’s nice to see them together,  but Z needed some days to get used to them.

My parents went back home and the three of us are playing “family living in a big house with a cat”. The weather could be better but we cannot change it. We even got to eat “real” vegetables from my parents garden, not to play with! Pur vegetarian experience took a stop for a while since there is so much French products with meat I was missing.

Have a good day!

Det är något som inte stämmer 

This is the last book I listened to and iy wa surprisingly good. Well, to be honest,  I had no big ideas about it before the reading and even if it was a book about end of relationship,  I got scared as with a good murder story. 

The book is read by the author herself and I have to say that the audio book may be much better than the papper form. She was a good narrative. 

I maktens öga – Per Schlingmann 

This is the last book I read, from 2017. It’s very accurate this week with the week of Almedalen which just began. The story reminds me of a nice House of cards bathing in prejudice from life in Stockholm.  Even Blondinbella is in the book. 

It was an ok book, specially interesting when you know that the author was Reinfeldt’s PR man. Somehow,  when I was comparing with my own professional life, I thought that it was even too nice in the book sometimes. Maybe time for me toget some vacations…