Chez Meinen

we spent the night in a nice room at Chez Meinen and we slept like stones. I got up this morning, opened the sort from our room and discovered this:

This was our breakfast for 2!! Incredibly good and with everything you wish and even more! 

We are very happy with our stay here, so if you need to spend a night close to Hanover, try this place!

After 666 km

we have been driving safely but a lot today and we crossed Sweden, Danemark and half of Germany –at least it felt like that. We are spending the night in a wonderful pension in a little village tonight Chez Meinen and this is a wonderful place with a very gentle host. I am already looking forward the breakfast tomorrow morning!

We had a dinner and a walk in the village and both M and I were thinking we could live here. This is calm but cosy and there is south small nice things in German villages that it really gives us ideas. but this is not for now, we are moving to Uppsala first. But this is another story I’ll tell you another day!


Week 17

One more week in the legs and here it is how it went:

Week 17

  • monday: riding. This was the first time I was riding this horse and I can tell that she is not my favorite. She is very sensitive, so at the beginning, I was trying to find the buttons and it worked better and better. But suddently, after 45 min, something flew into her head and it was impossible to feel ok on her back. I was really close to give up, which is something I never did when I was young. It is a little bit like I am too old to fight for ridiculous things, to I let them to someone else. Which is a really bad strategy when you ride a horse. Well.
  • wednesday: 50 min at 5:50 min/km. I was so very tired that I just made a little morning run: 5 km in the woods, it was actually a really good things for my soul.
  • friday: pyramid 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min with 1 min rest in between, two times and 5 min rest between the sets (with work). We were 4 serious colleagues to meet for the running this friday and we ran slowly through the woods to an hill (about 150m long) and ran it ups and downs 7 times. I felt it in my butt the day after, so I guess it was a good session.
  • sunday: 120 min running. Sunday, I wish it would have been a rest day. 120 minutes is so boring alone that I fixed up a meeting with my syster next week and the goal is 19 km. So this sunday, I just ran 4,5km at a speed of 5,40 min/km which was pretty quick to be me.

Two things happened also during the week 17, that are related to running. I received my clothes to run the half marathon of Linköping in June. I don’t used to post pictures of me on here, but I can tell you that the picture of the outfit I put on facebook was one of the most liked pictures of my FB-life! It will be really excited, and stay tuned, because I may post it after the run, which is on the 6th of June. I garanty you some laughs!

The second big thing is that my cousine (that will run with my sister and I in June) lost her “half-marathon-virginity” this week end. I am very proud of her, that began to run a year ago. She achieved it with a great time and above all, a good feeling of ascomplishment crossing the final line. Congratulation M, you are great! This is very inspiring to see how, you, from nothing, went to a well ran half marathon!

Fourth day in San Francisco

Soon, it will have been so long ago we have been in San Francisco that you will be able to consider my posts about it as archeology. Well, let me tell you about our 4th day in SF!

First thing: the 4th day began with some rain. We decided then to change our big plans of taking the boat to the other side of the bay with going shopping. So, after a breakfast outside in a local coffeeshop, we took the Muni to drive to the city center. And oh no, it was the sunday of Eastern… Meaning half of the shops -of course the half I wanted in to- were closed. I was unhappy, but my wallet was happy. So we turned this failed shopping day into a walking day. 15 kilometers at the end, and since San Francisco is happily hilly, my legs still remember it!

2015_IMG_9868 - Kopia

We walked through the China Town and arrived at the Coit Tower, which had an american flag proudly surfing in the wind. I had to take a picture and I am not sure if it is ok to show it in reverse? Well, I hope no one get offended.

2015_IMG_9880 - Kopia

We walked down and up the Lombard street, which is world wide known for its nice design, look by yourself. This was actually a place where turism was at its apogee. People just come in car to drive this street down and drive slowly in order to make selfies or something. Some order people are working and shouting them to keep moving. People are walking up the stairs on the sides on the street and when you arrive at the top, you feel a little bit like you’re on the top of the world.

2015_IMG_9897 - Kopia

This is the view you get at the top of Lombard street, with the Coit tower on the top of the hill on the right. And the sea. And houses. And trees. Well, a normal little world, but no view I usually have for my breakfast.

2015_IMG_9902F - Kopia

And we walked and walked. I could show you our way on a map, but I have to admit that I am a bit too lazy tonight, sunday evening, to redraw it on it. I can just tell you that: ups and downs and pretty different blocks on the sides to each others. And a lots of wires. Everywhere.

2015_IMG_9912 - Kopia

We had a beautiful sunset on the city and the wind was much calmer on the evening, at least in my rememberings.

2015_IMG_9917 - Kopia 2015_IMG_9923 - Kopia

And in a book shop, we met the smartest cat in the world but also the most bored. Litterature is not what it used to be he told us.

2015_IMG_9925 - Kopia

And the good Mister Oizo was sitting on the wall of this book shop, the colors were all old and ; was happy to see him. In this shop, we bought some books for the kids and a book for us: crappy taxidermy and if you click on the link, you may do nightmares. Or laugh. I do the last.

2015_IMG_9927 - Kopia

Our 4th day was long, rich in views and steps and will be remembered as a perfect vacation day!

Sundays thougths





We had a very intens week for some reason and a very intense week end as well. Now, I am all alone, lying in our bed, with my laptop on the knees and it is not as good as a hug from M to warm me up. M is sitting on a delaid train to Ljungby and it will be a long evening for him.

Yesterday, we met a brand new life, a little boy who is born in january and I was all fascinated by the fact that everything is at its place. Every part of him is so little, but working as good as an adult!

Less glamourous thing, we cleaned up a lot this week end. And I ran by the garden and noticed that the hortensia I planted the past sunday is dead. Pretty basic actually: plants need water. I should have passed by every day and water it last week, but it was very different. RIP Hortensia.

When I was cleaning all the instruments from M today, I was admiring him a little more. I admire the fact that from things, he can produce rythms and sounds while I just make noices. Well, I don’t try too hard though, but I feel retarded what it goes to playing music. And nowadays, I don’t listen to much music either. This is a shame. In my future life, I will take more time to listen to music. Wait, my future life? I am alive now and I may not have a special offer “buy one get two!”,so I’d better listen to music now! Do you have some inspiration or tips for me? Please, enlight me and write names of some bands you find nice to discover, I would appreciate it!

2015_IMG_9403 - Kopia


this week has been crazy and all that happened was not really planned. I’ll try to update during the week end but I’m a little afraid of how it will work. 

Week 16

Here is how week 16 of my training toward Linköpings half marathon went. 

  • monday: riding. Owen the best. Thank to my pedagogical teacher, I fought my fears and had a nice jumping session. Crazy how fear can come and ruin your feelings when you get older!
  • wednesday: 500 set strenght from Lofsan. I was so tired that I only made 200 of them. My plan was to run during the evening but the day was long and the weather horrible.
  • friday: 5 times 4 mins with 2 min with 2 min rest in between. Friday’s are running with colleagues from work and one one then had to be back at the office pretty soon and I had a meeting that ended late, so it was a muscles pain party instead of running the program. It was good for the legs anyway.
  • saturday: extra pass since I did not run that much. It was a little 5km, during which I had to stop 3 (!!!) times to breathe. It was kind of hot and sunny, which was both good and bad. The head liked the sun but the body disliked the warmth. Plus that now, we have decided how we will be dressed for the half marathon in june, I’d better get used to heat…
  • sunday: 40 min at 7 min/km, 10 min at 5:30 min/km and 40 min at 7 min/km. This was a 1) boring pass: 90 min alone nowadays is boring for me. 2) pretyt difficult pass: I noticed when I came back home that I ran 6,30 min/km instead of 7 although I thought I was running very slowly and the 5,3 became more 5,4 and during 8 minutes instead of 10. At the end, 14km in these 90 minutes. It is pretty hard for the head, making this distance only 2/3 of the half marathon.

Some reflexions after this week. I get so bored during the long pass that I never want to go out and fullfill them. This is not a choice though, I need to exercise during 2 hours at least regularly to feel in shape for the half marathon. I also notice that I am not fast at all. My dream of a result close to 1h55-2h00 is almost dead. I think I will land more in something like 2h15, which is well, which is what it is.

The hit of the week is also my new running shoes: some cumulus from Asics. They are really happy in the color and the difference in the feelings is huge with my old ones. I use one par of shoes every year and actually, this is worth to put money in good shoes: they are fitting my feet well, I don’t get hurt and the little plus of having a nice equipment is priceless even if it’s not making me running faster.

Your turn to guess which are the new and which are the old ones: