Demain, j’arrête

Did I say that I force myself to read more? Well, I do. Just because it gives me more than the same time playing with my phone.

My latest reading was “demain, j’arrête”, book I got from a good friend. It was a funny book, and themost interesting was that it felt as if it was my friend who wrote it. I recommend it for the ones who need some smiles.


This is the number of items I have in my wardrobe for now (except shoes, underwears and sport clothes). I think i could get rid of some more, but that is not the right season for sale.

I decided to recycle a pull over.

The material is whool but it was not fittome well anymore. So i worked

And noe, i have whool to knitt myself a new fitting pull over:

A new week begins, yeah for that, it’s exciting to live.