I’ve recentlyg heard some complains about readers who want to read more on here. I am very sorry that i am becoming so lazy, so tonight, you will get something to read. First a little bit of action and then feelings and love for the happy ending. Hang on, this will be a good lecture. I hope!

The action. Oh. It was a rainy, but rainy thursday we had. On the same evening, i had, like 13000 other people to take part to the Blodomloppet, which is a race to encourage people to give their blood. Well. i was running the 10Km and not very motivated for that. Actually, the sun came and when i stood on the start, i got a little energy injection with “don’t stop me now” from queen. It was a lonely hour for me, with the sensation that it was only going up, both the ground and my pulsations per minut. With an average of 185 pulsations per minute, and a max of 197, i was a little tired when i arrived at the goal. The bad thing as well was that the last kilometer was only downhill and i felt my knee that made me suffer a little. As i am growing old, i also get a little nervous with this, with the body getting older too.

The action, the return. I had a date on sunday morning with my friend H. The sun was shining like thousand fires and i was quite in a good mood. We took exactly the same litle way in the forest than last week and ran at almost exactly the same speed, but the legs felt so much heavier! Like two big buildings of fifty floors, but not vertically, horizontally. Well, bad image, maybe i could say that i was feeling like a two legged elephant. 176 pulsations per minute on an average and 190 as a maximum. We ran 1 min per kilometer slower as well, but it was in the forest. Well, make your own conclusions. Personally, i will stay on the good feeling i had to come back home around 10.30 in the morning and having the whole day for us, with no obligations.

What about the feelings now. Today, exactly two years ago, i decided to drive motorbike to my friends in Lund. It happened a little adventure, that ended for me (i know it now!) in a big nice and lovely dream. This was a way to make a long story short (click the link above for the novel), but i am very happy that M came into my life again, and today, we are living together, we almost bought an appartment last week (the only problem was that someone else wanted absolutely to buy also this exact appartment), we bought a little Olga (car) and tonight, we had the pleasure to play squash together. The bad thing is that he hasn’t understand yet that it is good to let me win ;) I sold my motorbike last year, sometimes i think of it, but always with nostalgi of how magical it was this day, to reconnect with someone that would share my life years later.

I told you, it would be feelings! I will try to post more often, i promise, but as you may guess, my life is not a very exciting one anymore: i don’t need any flat motorbike tire, i have my love at home! ;)

good night!

one week closer to the summer

Hello fellow readers!

i dunno for you, but for us, we got to taste a little bit of summer the past days. It was sunny and warm, so sunny and so warm that we had our fridays bubbles on the balcony!



We even met like 4 neighbourgs, everyone was enjoying the nice evening! We slept along half the day yesterday, but whatever, we were tired! Then, we went and watched “the great Gatsby” and it was a nice film. Leonardo Di Caprio is still so cute and playing really well. If you have the time, go and watch it!

Oh and i forgot to tell: i finally received my bday gift, which is a new table for our living room. Here is a pic of it, so you can judge by yourself:


I like it very much, it fits the soffa nicely me thinks! A propos soffa, this is the place where i will spend the rest of the day. I woke up at 8 and met my friend H for a 10 km running in the wood. It was a lovely hour and on the way back home, i did the grocery as well, which means that the “must” are done for today! yeah for me! M has to work unfortunatly, but i hope he will be soon done, so that we may lay here together and maybe watch a movie or something? for the record, the weather is all grey today :)

Have a nice sunday!

long week end that felt like vacation!

I’m not someone who believes in god but i have to admit that i like these long week end that these traditions give!

the last time i wrote, i felt like an old lady beacause of the long week end of training. Some days later, we helped some family members to move and it was training for the arms and the back as well. it took me some days to feel like a normal 31 years old woman. The week end after, my syster and her boyfriend came to visit us. On the program, it was: spa, titanic exhibition in Norrköping, fine restaurant, walk in Linköping and sun all the time. It really felt like the pring is coming for real!

After 2 days work (for me, three for M), it was time again to enjoy some free time. We went to Stockholm, where M had a concert and i invited my friend J to a really nice restaurant, Pubologi, nya storgatan 20 in the old town. If you have some money and plan to eat out, this is asolutely a place i would recommend. Don’t forget to book, because it’s very tiny and popular. The food was divine and the drink too, really a pleasure for the senses!

On friday, we helped J to get his boat into the water and it was wonderful, 30 min away from stockholm center, to enjoy the silence, the sun and the water. It was also kind of a new experience for us to help with this activitie, this is a lot of small things that has to be correct done and luckily is J well organized and a good captain, so i think we did well.

on the evening, we ate at the Glenn Millers cafe, in Stockholm, where a band was playing jazz, good timing with my dessert. It was also a small and nice restaurant and one funny thing was that i met some ladies that were at pubologi the evening before. Another funny thing was that we had to order food in french, it almost felt like abroad vacations.

We had plans to see a Munch exhibition on saturday but we made some shopping instead and sat in the sun to drink beers. Good enough!

We drove bus back home yesterday and it felt a little like a sunday evening, kind of an anti climax, but today, it was good to sleep a little longer! We had aleady managed to see one flat and i lost at squash against H and soon it’s time to go and see 2 other appartments. We spend very much time for this and so far, it is not leading us very far. We just know a little bit more what we want but it is hard to decide us, the concurence is hard.

OK, if i manage to transfer some pictures, you will see some, but for now, i am not sucssfull with it. Sorry!