Mets du charbon, t’occupes pas des signaux

Pour encourager quelqu´un à continuer ses efforts, à poursuivre l´action en cours, sans se laisser distraire par son objectif.

“met du charbon et t´occupe pas des signaux” tel est en quelque sorte le message transmit par Bercy aux dirigeants de gaz de France. Dans l´attente du décision de Matignon, plus vraisemblable de jour en jour, de reporter l´ouverture du capital après le referendum, Bercy et Gaz de France font comme si de rien n´était. Les Echos, 5 avril 2005p26

Music as a weapon

I was watching this interesting documentary on the swedish television about music used as torture instrument. It was scarying to notice that if music is most of the time associated to good feelings and pleasure it may be turn to a real torture instrument if you have to listen to it during a long time and loud. If you cannot move, then the effects are stronger, it means you are loosing your sensitivperception and become crazy.

There is a playlist called “torture playlist” about songs playing to prisonners in Guantanamo in order to soft them before questionning or in order to avoid them to sleep. Music as weapon was also used during the G8 manifestation in Seattle. This is a powerfull weapon because it doesn’t let any physical mark but really long term psychological marks. Afterwards people can’t listen to this music without reexperiencing the moment when they were torturing with it.

But this is not that complicated to understand me thinks. I’ve got dozen of songs associated to guys i was in love with, and when i hear the songs now, then emotions come up. Or situations, or places. So i am not very surprised of that.

Some examples:

John Frusciante, the will to death –
2004, Road B5 between Karlsruhe and Rastatt, Germany

Justin Timberlake, loosing my way –
2010, Hjulstabron, Sweden

Red Hot Chili Peppers, i could have a lied –
1998, Clos Malprés, France

Janis Joplin, get it while you can –
1999, Foyer Mozart, Metz, France

Counting Crows, mistr Jones –
2003 Karlshof gang nummer 5, Darmstadt Germany

Kent, Glider –
june 2006, train between Eskilstuna and Katrineholm, Sweden

Placebo, I’ll be your –
august 2004 trainstation in Karlsruhe, Germany

Robyn, cry when you get older,
a sunday morning in october 2010, Fors kyrka Eskilstuna, Sweden

the white stripes, seven nation army,
early mornings summer 2003 motorway A43 to Lyon

Smashing pumpking, tonight tonight,
1997, library Saint-Dié, France

Timbuktu the botten is nådd,
2007, Rabat, Marocco

well, now i have to run to the cinema.Some others songs another time maybe!

The social network

I was to the cinema and watched this movie about Facebook and its creators. Well, it was not born on good intentions… This is somehow crazy to think that so many people did contribute without noticing it to some men getting really rich. Facebook was created in 2004, i think i did registred sometime when i was living in Sweden, but i don’t remember exactly when. Maybe 2008? I had my blogg much longer before, it was in 2005 i created it. I cannot pretend that it always have been good quality things on here but now it’s like a good memory of the time going.

Anyway, Faceoobk is much more tricky than real life. People act on it like nothing was impossible. I mean, when you’re seeing someone in the eyes, you cannot say that much easily “you’re not my friend anymore”. I did meet some old friends on there, and much more contact with people living far away. So it has good and bad effects on my relationslife. It is much more easier to keep in touch with unimportant things on FB than it is to call och write an email. This is both good and bd. Good because then you may have contact that you wouldn’t have because “you have no time” but bad because then, you never take the time to write letters or call a friend for a discussion.

Ah well, i don’t know what to think really. I go on FB several times a day and miss it when i have to be offline. This is like i cannot live without this virtual connection to my friends. But how did i live the 26 other years of my life? I think i never felt as alone as i can feel tonight, on this saturday evening, while writting on my blogg on how i love my virtual friends. Maybe i was
carring much more to real contacts and being more into it too.

FB is also an easy way to get positiv feed back. Everyone is looking for attention nowadays, isn’t it? and if it is nice, if people like what you say or do, then you feel better. It’s natural, everyone is so, even the one calming they’re rebell. If you write smart status on FB, then your friends will hoppefully like it and you will get your feed back and be able to cary on for some
time. This may sound simple or manipulativ but i really think that it works like that. Did you ever notice that people posting negativ things never got any attention? and how you get much more “confort” on FB than you could get in real life when it gets on small things? Like how people just get one truth and just give their opinion, often in a hard way? Everyone ignores what is really behind the post but everyone comments.

FB is also pathetic when you can read between the lines and knows every inch of the life of people around you. Your neighbours are facebooking you. Yeah, big brother.

I am really wondering if i have to stay on it or instead give much more attention to the people that i like. But i already feel so alone that i am afraid to close this social door to myself.

The Swedish medical system

I had to experience it yesterday again and it just confirms what i thought earlier. The Swedish medical system is perfect as long as you are healthy. If you are needing help, try to be close to death, otherwise you will need to fight even more by yourself to get help than to take care of yourself. This is a scandal that a socialism society doesn’t care. well it is maybe because everyone is equal and individ doesn’t count? Yeah, i am dissapointed.

Strange times

I went the whole day with a ball in my stomach. I don’t really know why specially today but it disturbs me.

I also abandonned my idea for the Georg Jensen ring as my five year in sweden gift to myself. I am pretty dissapointed from the customer service and all the back and forth to get twice a ring in wrong size. So no fusion it will be. I went instead to the local gold artist and will buy me a ring there. Not that i will save so much money, but i will have somehting unique at least and  the people there are really nice and helpful i already got a ring there when i cleaned my boxes with old gold, remember?  we will see the result next week i assume (and hope!)

another funny thing: since i went to the wedding in Finland, i haven’t had much time (or will) to clean my flat, sort my clothes and stuff and today, i decided to take the dress i was wearing there to the pressing. I knew there was one flake on it, so when i arrived there, i showed it and i actually discovered that i had much more than one flak… like the whole bottle of cognac or so! nice!!!

I have no plan for this week end. Nothing more than reading the  dictionarry of expressions i received by the post today. it is in french but if i find some funny things, i’ll put them on here.

What good am I?

What good am i if i say foolish things
and i laugh to the face of what sorrows bring
and i just turn my back while you silently die
what good am i?