Pfuii time flies!

I am sorry if i did not write much on here, the past weeks have been more thant average. More waht? well more of a litle of everything.

More snow

More work

More decisions

More experiences

More friends

More rain

More lack of sleep

More lack of training

I don’t really know if the coming weeks will be better, but i will try to write a litle bit more. For now, it will be a soup and in bed, because i just came back from a 30 years old birthday party and i am not that young anymore even if it was not my birthday.

Second ride

It is really impressing how the weather can turn from bad to good here in Sweden. Today, it was time for a mc ride and i liked it, even if i had to pay with some frozen fingers back at home.

We staid to the motorstadion to watchsome speedway training, pretty cool.


Rainy saturday

But don’t think that i am being negative! This is actually the perfect occasion to take it easy and read at home :)

I was out for a 15 km run this morning and i surprised myself. I can feel though that it will hurt tomorrow, but so what, it was a good time.

Now, time for some food, miam!

Google Chrome

I gave up tonight using google chrome. It was painful not being able to read videos and stuff and not being able to install the right plug-ins either. Bleh.

Othervise, today has been a pretty good day, with a lot of funny and happy things.