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Hi, next monday, i´ll go to a lill city between Karlstad and the lake Vänern. 12 hours in the train for the tur and return but it will be a great trip I hope!

Veronica Maggio

bam bam bam bam bam bam it´s a nice music, nice lyrics, just to give a bit mood :D
Dumpa mig

Tog tåget ner du skulle dumpa mig
Bättre på plats än genom telefon
Jag visste inte vad som väntade
Första semestern på fyra år

Som jag förstod var vi förälskade
Du sa att ingen varit så bra som jag
Vi talade om allt och älskade
Jag låna’ pengar och kom till din stad

Varför ska man tänka på
nån annan än sig själv
Nananana du skulle dumpa mig(dumpa mig)
Bättre på plats än genom telefon
Nananana du skulle dumpa mig(dumpa mig)
Bättre på plats än genom telefon

Gick till ditt jobb jag skulle hämta dig
Du bad mig vänta på dig utanför
Redan då förstod jag att nånting förändrades
Din blick var annorlunda än jag kom ihåg

Jag fråga’ vad det var du svarade
Det fanns en på ditt jobb du tyckte bättre om
Så du bad mig komma hit för att få dumpa mig
Du sa, bättre på plats än genom telefon

Varför ska man tänka på
nån annan än sig själv

Nananana du skulle dumpa mig(dumpa mig)
Bättre på plats än genom telefon…
Nananana du skulle
Bättre på plats än genom telefon


you see the town Luleå? well, i was here yesterday. 2 busses, 4 planes and 2 taxis for the trip but really nice to see that so norht it isn´t colder than in Lund! there was no wind there and it does make a big difference! Luleå is a really nice city, from what I have sawn.

Luleå was an important harbour already in medieval times, in the 13-15th centuries.

The Royal chart was granted in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. It was situated where Gammelstad (Old Town) is situated today. The town had to be moved in 1649 to the current site, due to the land elevation that had made the bay too shallow for ships to enter.

The Church Village of Gammelstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 1887, a devastating fire destroyed most of the town, sparing only a few buildings. The Neo-Gothic Cathedral (originally the Oscar Fredrik church), dedicated in 1893, is at 67 meters the tallest building in town.

Luleå Cathedral

The Diocese of Luleå was created in 1904, by breaking out of the diocese of Härnösand. A bishop took its seat there, and the church was declared a cathedral ( (Luleå Cathedral). The diocese is Sweden’s largest, covering the counties of Västerbotten County and Norrbotten County, basically everything north of Umeå.

Of nonconfirmist churches, Laestadianism is the largest

source: wikipedia


i forgot that the 8th of mai was a free day in France… it was quite quiet here but swedisch on the top! well, for this is nothing won right now, i think i won´t pass it but who doesn´t try never knows!


very relax, the swedes take interview like fika. maybe was I too relax? i don´t know but in France or Germany it was more formel and so, i dunno, a bit strange. mal sehen wie es sich entwickelt! 


Watched yesterday evening. very good.

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