i moved in my own flat-castel

and i´m back on the inet, so let´s enjoy the next stories! ;)

empty but oho herregud!1!11




lill part of the living room

plus these are a big bedroom, a nice bathroom, a nice future wine cave and a big entry.

Except lights, i´ve got nothing right now but it´s so nice to feel home though!

dried apples

i tried something today. yes, the apples was very cheap and i bought a lot… i tought “ah, i will do like my grand ma and prepare the winter with some fruits!”.

so home, then, hmmm, what wil i do with all these apples? so i googled a bit and i found this. so.. why not?!!

the apples are right now in the oven, and this since euh, 3 hours. the first face is dry, so if i calculate well, other 3 hours are necessary to have nice-o dry apples!

and i thought it would be very nice into müssli for the breakfast, very nice with some warm apple pie and a bit vanilly ice cream, very nice in winter while ski riding… i tried, it looks good, let´s try too! ;)


PS: it worked well out! really nice ;)

soon soon soooooooooon

soon … i´ll be back on the inet

soon… i´ll have my own appartment

soon… we will make party

soon… you´ll have pics to see

soon… i´ll be married and rich and have 15 kids!

ah, it´s never too late to be happy, so beginn today!! )o) (o(


miam miam!!

En kräftskiva, eller kräftfest, är en traditionell svensk fest i samband med kräftfiskesäsongen under sensommaren/hösten. Huvudrätten utgörs vanligen av hela kräftor kokade med rikligt med dillkronor.

Vanliga kompletterande matvaror vid kräftskivan är (ofta rostat) bröd, kryddad ost och räkor, samt traditionella smörgåsbordsrätter. Vanliga drycker är brännvin, öl och sockerdricka.


oki, it comes from wikipedia. you just have to remind that it´s a swedish tradition where you have to eat these animals and drink some snaps while singing some songs. WEEeeeEEeeeEE (o(  )o)