Priority the return

Lucky you that read me and not hear me today. My throat hurts like hell and i can barely talk. I had a 13 hours day at work yesterday and wish sincerely that i am done with one special thing. I hope so but other people in the company may think differently. I was totally exhausted when i came home, had some familly talks and ahaha my sister is funny.

This is so that my parents and sister have a special phone subscription (like when i think a little, a lot of other french people i know) that make the phone calls free abroad. So when i want to talk to them, i call and they call me right back. So yesterday, i called my sister and she answered “ah good you are calling, i am upset and i need to put you in the right way” and she hang up. I was thinking, shit, what did i say, do or forget to do now? She called me back some minutes later and i asked what was the problem and she told me “yeah, you missed a prince once again, he is married now!”. AHah this was funny. Like 1 april except it was 29th.

We had a big laugh about something stupid too, like i was almost peeing on me and i can’t remember when it was the last time i had that much pain in the stomach because of laughing. We also had some disco party on the phone and i felt really old when i noticed that i knew the song pretty well and not her. I was like 14 when the song went out and it was pretty Ze song when we had our parties. Top délire méga groove, Everybaaaaaady

I dunno what people were doing yesterday night while i was sleeping like a baby, but i got some funny voice messages sms and mms this morning when i turned on my phone. I rarely turn it off but apparently, i have a good feeling on when i have to do it if i want to sleep in peace. But it made me smile this morning and still now when i think of the messages :) This is really
teenage-acting, but listening again and again to cool voice messages makes me happy!

Well, even if i was pretty active already since i got up this morning (at 7… a saturday…), i need to make a lots of things. I banged out the running this morning, because i am feeling on the border to be sick. This would be the WRONG timing, really wrong. The coming weeks, i just have the time to be sick, wait, no, never until the 20th of may. And tonight, this is party in Väster Haninge, i think i will take a nice motorbike ride there, the weather is fine and the roads there are funny if i remember well. No alcohol for me tonight, i don’t want to dream of blondinbella in a room with other people, not sure really who is staying over or so.

Have fun this week end people, i will! The song of the day is so easy found:

Smarter than a 5th grade

OBS, this will be a boring post. This will  be a post about my life these past 2 days, this will be a good way for you to fall asleep.

Also. Yesterday, i woke up with some difficulties at 6, after a night of dreams with Blondinbella, which was kind of annoying. I worked my ass off and actually, i worked more my hears and mouth off since i spent 80% of the day on the phone. I love to talk on the phone and discuss with people, but not much papperwork has been done. I also got a really funny and neirdy phone call when i think after. A guy from some big organisation where i have a project who asked me “do you need some 750 000 m3 stones for your project?”. Like I have this pot to cook:


If i would use it to transport the stones the guy will give me, i would need to fill it more than 14 millions times. Do you see? A big amount of stone. Well, this was a neirdo discussion because i was able to answer approximatively how much stones i would need and when (like in light ages, august 2016 or so). When the conversation was at its end, i was really reflecting about this: When i was 16 years old, could i see that these kind of things would be obvious 13 years later for me? Not sure. I think i more saw my future life like “explore the world and enjoy”. But i never saw me after the age of 30. I think i have to spend some time to think of it.

Anyway, i worked the whole day and around 18, i began to put some order in my office, because i realized that i will be there only a few days until i stop to work there. I will be travelling a lot over days the coming 3 weeks, so if i want to clean for the next one, i had to make it yesterday. I found a loooooots of old pictures, documents, newspapers articles and so. I was a bit
emotional, but not too much. One very important thing is that even if i did not make everything perfect there, i couldn’t see something i would feel ashamed for.


This was a looooong road in Morocco, when i was there for work 2007 or 2008. This was an interesting part of my work, getting abroad (well, i am already abroad but this was REALLY abroad) and discover a new culture and above all, becoming conscious about the fact that well, we don’t have much to teach out there. But cool even if hard experience.

I even got to try the “national” sport in Sweden with the department i work in: GOLF. You have to know (for the non-swedes) that golf is the biggest religion here. People talk about their rounds during the spring, summer, fall and during the winter, they are talking about the rounds they will play next year. At least it was so when i began in this department. So we had an annual
tournament there and i came last. Not difficult, i had never plaid golf evaaar. My conclusions after this day was that the balls are only going where they want and they liked pretty much wood and high grass. Not good for my points. Well, i did not like golf.


There is one thing i did win, and with high level. We had once a fishing competition in Eskilstuna ån and you know maybe how much i like fishing… I find it so boring that i do prefer grill sausage than catch a fish. But this time, yeah, like in every competition, i had to try at least. So i threw the line millions of times in the water, only got some waterplants, until ZE fish. I
was the only one of the group getting one ahah. And i ate every part of it!


Well, when i had watched a looots of pictures, thrown away a loooots of pappers and stuff, i decided to take my way home, around 19 or so, which is very late for me. Yeah, french friends, when i call you for your bday at 7, i am already at work ;) Special decidace to T!

My friend A called me and we decided to enjoy the evening in a cosy restaurant, which had a very special smell. Not the best evar, but as the guys who sat there told us “you get used to it”. We did. On our way home, we saw a very nice tree, all blooming in white, it was wonderfull. Magnolias it seemed.


The glass of wine i drank yesterday evening was prolly the one “too much”. I had bad dreams about hells angels and blondinbella again, this is maybe somehting i need to talk about someday. I got up early this morning, i knew i had 2 clam hours to begin the day with at work, so i wanted to enjoy every minute of them. Which i almost did. My phone rang all the time after 8.

At 9, i was sitting in the long chair at the dentist and got a woman taking care of my teeth during one hour. It was not the best feeling ever, but good to make a dentist dissapointed: nothing to fix there more than the usual controll. Yeah, mamma and pappa, you can be proud of your work: your daugther has good teeth!

I ran back at the office for some hours and OH HAPPINESS!! My boss found someone who can take over a project of mine, it was high time, but not too late yeat, so it helped me to destress and to begin to see that there will be an end at this work. I haven’t been considering the new job and my new life in Linköping yet, but it will come sooner or later.

I ran home for lunch, changed my clothes to the MC ones and drove to Strängnäs to fix this ABS problem with my motorbike. The guys there are so nice and cool, they take care of their customers, for real also. But ok, of course, when iw as driving there, the brakes were working normally, no lamp lighting or so, i was beginning to think that i was seeing badly last sunday when i saw a red light the whole way back hom from Karlstad, but ah well. I explained my problem to the guys, one of them tried the motorbike and ouuuuf, it was lighting with him. So at this point, it was the beginninf from the mechanic lesson of the day. The cool thing was that they let me be with them while they were looking at the problem, so now i know how to take off the gastank (takes 20 minutes with 2 men), how to test all the cables from the brakes, what a servopump costs (800 euros), how the security for the brakes works and above all, why it was a problem. The problem was …. drum noices… the cable between the foot brake and the brake lamp was almost broken. 1 hour for 2 men, 10 cm cable and 100 euros poorer later, i drove happily my way back home.

I was thinking getting a coffee at my friends F place on my way home, but she was apparently busy with other funny things, so i just had to enjoy the feeling of “oh yeah, i really know how i want to live in some years” when i was walking in her backyard. The little road from her house to the bigger road is always charming. Enjoy yourself:


My motorbike got a new shower today and when i arrived home, i jumped into my running clothes for an upphil training. I felt my left hips the whole day yesterday, but this morning, a colleague called me to tell me that he ran the 10km in the wood in a time of 56 min and this is enough for me to forget my hips: no K, you won’t run faster than me!!! ;) The ten times upphil were hard and i almost lost my heart. I streched a lot too C, but i think i will feel my legs tomorrow.

It was good to run in the sun and when i arrived home, i took a sunbath only in underwears. No care of the neighbourhgs, i will leave here soon anyway. I also had a little nap and read a newspapper and some pages with Keith too.

In the newspapper, therewas an article of a woman who rented a cabin for herself alone in the woods during 3 months in order to find herself again and ski. She left her familly during this time and found them back after, they had a deal. I felt a little like i should do it someday, rent something in the woods and test. She also wrote somehting inspiring:

Har du en dröm så satsa nu för livet går inte i repris.

(if you have a dream, go for it now because life will not come back, or so like that in english)

I believe that too. This is mainly hte reason why i move now. I want to see another town, to discover new people (even if i love the one i know here) and make a real step as long as i can make steps by myself. So it was sort of a sign for me that all the things i am doing right now are right. Exactly right.

Keith Richards is also someone i like more and more with the reading of “life“. I have 10 pages left so tonight will be our last night together but it seems anyway that he is someone i would like to meet. Tom Waits describes him like that:

“Keith, pour sa part, a l’air de s’émerveiller continuellement. Il lui arrive de s’arrêter net, de tenir sa guitare devant ses yeux et de la contempler un moment, comme ca. Bluffé. Déconcerté. Comme devant tout ce que notre univers a de grandiose, la femme, la religion, le ciel… Tu t’émerveilles, tu te poses plein de questions, et tu ne t’arrêtes plus jamais de le faire.”

(with the help of google translate: Keith, himself seems continually amazed. He often makes a short stop, take his guitare and contemplate it a little. Bluffed. Confused. As in front of everything that our universe has which is grandiose, women, religion, the sky… You will be amazed, you aks yourself questions and you never stop)

Again, the big things in the little ones. Word.

I also had 4 nice phonecalls from my friends tonight, it was good to talk and listen too btw. And i am now sitting, sipping the rest of an alcoholfree bottle of white wine that was in my fridge, i will get totally high tonight ;). I wanted to go to bed not later than 21, but it was a miss for this time. Ah, whatever, tomorrow is another day!

And the song of the day will be from Etuna, enjoy:


Det är bara minnen för livet
men du tar allting för givet


More than an uninspired and boring post from me, you get some music tonight.

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain

Now you decided to show me the same

No sweeping exits or off stage lines

Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

Wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Why on the earth can’t you just pick up the phone,

You know i don’t like to be alone!


With the taste of your lips

I’m on a ride

You’re toxic i’m sleeping under

With a taste of poison paradise

I’m addicted to you

Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

I’m stepping around in the desert of joy

Baby anyhow i’ll get another toy

And everything will happen and you wonder

Ich wollte nur dir nur mal eben sagen, dass du das Grösste für mich bist

Und sichergeh’n ob du denn das selbe für mich fühlst, für mich fühlst



Lorelei, Lorelei, ne me lache pas y a mon train qui déraille

Lorelei, Lorelei, j’suis comme un cobaye qui a sniffé toute sa paille


Nos sens sont nos fils, nous pauvres marionettes

Nos sens sont le chemin qui mène droit à nos têtes

La bombe humaine, tu la tiens dans ta main

Tu as l’détonateur juste à côté du coeur

La bombe humaine, c’est toi elle t’appartient

Si tu laisses quelqu’un prendre en main ton destin

C’est la fin

We come from the land of the ice and snow

From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow


You can leave me whenever you want out

you don’t relate to me, no girl

you don’t respect me

I can’t control my hope, i can’t control my dreams

I can’t eat, i can’t sleep i can’t do anything

call you in the morning, crying on the phone

Glad to hear your voice but your voice has turned ice cold

En direct de radio chacal

En duplex live avec le starflash laser-light action club

C´est tout de suite

3 – 2 – 1 DJ!

Sapmi session

I woke up early this morning, around 5 but slept again, and finally around 10, i took me outside for a run. Well, run meaning that somehow i had both feet in the air bt it was not a fast run. Around 7 km in 43 minutes, pretty lame. But my hips don’t lie: i am too heavy and too bad trained nowadays, so my left hips did hurt. I dunno exaclty why, maybe it is like the ABS like, i needed some check or so.

I just ate my breakfast while watching på Sapmi session. The principe is that 2 artists are together in 3 days and have to produce one song. This time, it was Markus Krunegård and Inga Juuso who put together nice melody, fine voices and text that makes me almost cry. I have felt the need to be alone, to go away from everything superficial, and to find myself again or kind of. But i am pretty sure that when i will arrive at this lonely and calm place, i will miss someone. Or isn’t my whole life about missing someone who i ignore the name? Even though i said no, i don’t need anyone. But there is a difference between a though girl and an independant girl.


I am sorry for the 7 who were here yesterday and read, it was not very active on here, but this will be repaired with the article of today. Obs, it may be a long post! Well, if i don’t fall asleep while i am writting.

This is Eastern and one of (according to my own scale) the most boring week ends in Sweden. This is the week end where people meet their families and i have some problems to go and check lunch at my parents place for eastern. Well. So this year, i decided to make it different.

For a while, i booked an hotel night in Karlstad for saturday. I thought, depending on the weather, i would take a motorbike ride and make at least something funny during the week end, even if i wasn’t able to eat lunch with my parents. Why Karlstad? Why not? I talked to a colleague for a while and he told me “ah, you should have moved to Värmland, people are so warm there”. So i picked Karlstad to see if he were right.


Saturday morning aty 8h15, on a bright new showered BMW R1150R, i took the road west. It was a sunny, but shit oho
cold weather for the fingers, even though the warm. I wanted to drive “motorbike funny roads” so i follow the special map i have and this is not always nice roads to drive as biker. Often boring, high speed and no curves to use the sides of your tires. I just found this kind of roads when i wanted to take a shortcut because i was bored and actually, this was COOL!!


The first of this nice road was between Nora and Karlskoga. It was all swingy and super nice view on the right side. What for a good excuse to make a stop and try to warm upp all the 10 fingers.


Then, i drove the boring roads directly to Karlstad: i wanted to visit a museum and it was closing at 17, so i had to be there some hours before in order to enjoy. I arrived at the goal after a 227 km nice ride.

I had some difficulties to udnerstand the girl at the hotel reception and i grew myself a dissapointment. Description: I arrived there around 1 in the afternoon, parked my motorbike just outside the hotel in order to chek in. There was a group of maybe 8-10 young and good looking guys there, so i was using the “tough girl driving motorbike on her own” trick to have some attention, but at the same time i was taking my room keys, i understood that they were checking out. Ah well. Next time, i’ll book on friday night.

Then, i went to this famous museum, Värmlands museum, which was pretty cool. Thanks to the warm weather outside, i was not disturbed a second there and had the whole museum for me alone. It was actually very interesting and well done, i enjoid it. And learnt some things too.


Don’t ask me what this represented (it was not written) but i find this table nice and when i will have a big house, i will have a one like that. The contact between the rock and the water is just beautiful me thinks.

There was also a part with art (and not only history about Värmland) and some pieces were really wonderful, bad quality on the pics i took with my phone unfortunatly.






From the museum, you could see the parc outside and all the people laying there and all the KIDS there. Ush, what for an invasion! There were kids everywhere, painted in witches and magicians and stuff, horrible!


When i was done with the museum, it was time for me to lay down in the grass and take the first outdoor nap of the year. Wonderfull! Until i began to think on how many dogs did pee on the tree which was my pillow…


After my nap, i went to the hotell with a walk through Karlstad center. I was actually surprised to see how much cafés and bars were having outdoor places and the number of happy people sitting there and laughing. I was too shy to go there and take a beer by myself, but one day, when i will have more balls, i will make it. For me on saturday at this point of the day, it was time to get a beer at the reception and go in my hotell room to enjoy some strawberries and the …. TV….



Yeah, sorry but it was the day before easter, i was feeling lonely so TV was the best way for me to relax. Madagascar II on the program btw, i couldn’t have wished for something better! Yeah, Easter depresses me. I so wanted to be able to be at lunch the day after at my parents place, not that we are fervent catholics happy to eat again after 40 days forced diet, not really, but lunch at their place on sundays is something i won’t be able to make spontaneously so long i will live in Sweden. Or everywhere else that is not less than 3 hours road trip from them btw. Just me coming with a chocolate mousse as dessert and enjoying their food and company. Well, not just me, i must have a driver too, because their wine is pretty lovely too. Well. Yesterday, i wanted to relax, think of other things, so TV has been watched. And i am so much more clever now… NOT!

I was not very sure which roads i would take the day after, and it gave me some troubles to feel asleep. 2 other things helped me to stay awake:

1) the first mouskito of the year

2) the happy people from Karlstad

And the 2 have some connection: i slept with opened window, so number one got in and zzzed in my hears until he bited me and number 2 were making me smile. People outside were apparently driving around in cars from the 60’s and the noices plus their laughs were a delicious part. This was not like listening people fighting in Eskilstuna on saturday evening, no it was really joy noices and helped me to have a nice night.

Nice night until number 3 came into the picture. Number 3 is actually a bunch of volatiles that begin their day at 6h30 exactly. I was in a dream of me being pregnant, with delivery in july, beginning at the same time a new job as PR and at the same time i would give birth, i would also throw away the skinn cancer i was having, all concentrated on my stomach, which was not round, although i was 2 months from the term. The funniest part was that i was pregnant from an ex and i think we put an end in our relationship in 2003 or so. It was a long gestation… Anyway. Numbers 3 woke me up, but i was kind of happy to take the road again.


I had some marital fight with R1150R this morning. He doesn’t like to be started when it is cold and even less being turned off directly and started again. Well, with the configuration of the garage, i HAD to make this, which resulted in some ABS lighting like it was xmas. Well not at first. After some 50 m, the light turned off, so i just drove to the south.


It was less cold than the day before, and the views on Vänern were also nice. Proof:


Ah, i got you!! this may not be the Vänern, this may be a little water place i don’t remember where, but it was for sure before i noticed that the ABS lamp was lighting again and the brakes were not working like they should. Well, the assistans were not working, which means that instead of being able to stop with 2 fingers in 10m, i needed my whole right hand at max power and 100m distance. This was not nice i tell you. So i turned in Gullspång, of all the place in teh world and discovered the most visited gasstation of the whole Sweden. Well, this is maybe because there is nothing much to see around that people are ressembling there on Easter? Well, no idea.

So after 50km of a trip that should have been 400 km long, i sat in the grass, reading the BMW note book and trying to figure out what the problem was. I phoned the insurance too, asking them for help because the book said “vous ne passez pas par la case départ, vous ne touchez pas 20000 francs”. I talked with my father too, who was nice enough to remember me that R1150R doesn’t like cold mornings and to google the most common failure with ABS. I also had a friend ready to pick me up if i would get trouble to take me home (no shit, sunday, easter, Sweden, middle of nowhere, good equation?). And another one on FB too. Nice help, thanks for real!


But i think i got the most cheering help from a perfect stranger. Remember, me alone with my bike, sitting in the grass, at the most popular gasstation from whole Sweden. It did not take 3 minutes for a 35 years old suzuki bandit 1200 driver to come around and ask me if i needed some help. I explained my problem and he told me it was no worry. I am also pretty sure he was laughing at me but his words (even if i barely understood the half) were conforting, so i decided i would get my ride today and get me a right arm twice much more stronger than before. So i rang the insurance, told them i was ok (one hour had gone, so the guy supposing to pick me up was barely ready to get up i suppose) and put my helmet on and drove south again.

Once again, pretty boring long and straight roads, so i just turned left and took a short cut. And it was MAGICAL!!! first, the ABS lamp turned off: brakes yeah, i love you! and second, it was a really funny road to ride on!!



I actually remember which lake it was: Viken. Just along the funny road. I had so much fun in about 50km, incredible. Then i had to fill in with gas and my pleasure stopped as fast as the ABS light turned on. I don’t like to swear to God, but Easter took its whole signification for me: this is not easy to drive without gadgets that make your life easier. You just notice it when you loose it.

Driving western of the Vättern was cold. And boring. I really don’t get why this road had to be on this motorbikemap, it was super but super boring. I stopped in a charming place (with view on the Vättern) and ate the sandwich i made myself at the hotel during the breakfast. And i got some visit there. Yeah, the first wasp of the year!


She drove with me until i arrived in Askersund and then, she felt all dead and frozen. But i told her it was dangerous to ride a bike with ABS light getting crazy… At this point, i was also frozen, and even if i enjoy my company, i was bored. This is not funny to make things (even the most exciting ones) always by yourself. Even if you get to write them afterwards to a faithfull
bunch of readers on here, this is not funny, this is dramatically pathetic. Well, i had to drive home anyway, so i took the southern side of the Hjälmaren and came home around 3 this afternoon, after 342km hard core driving.


I was pretty exhausted when i got home, plus that my hear plugs don’t work that good anymore it seems. I hear too much in them. But i had some nice invitation for dinner, so it was no idea to sit in the soffa: shower and bus to my friend A! miam, i ate for 2 weeks and best of everything: sitting in the sun outside in tee-shirt so long! And having such good company! Poor chicken that died for that…



or chéri?

I love sweden and working in a state company the days before red days. Our wokring days are just 6 hours long then and it is genialissimo in Sweden that both friday and monday are red days around eastern. Think: work half day on thursday, then free friday, saturday, sunday and monday and back at work tuesday if you don’t forget to put the alarm.

This long week end began with some cooking and a very enjoyable 3 courses dinner with 3 friends at my place. I think i haven’t cooked for real since this evening in februari, pretty lame. Yesterday, we had some Salade de chèvres chauds first, than Salmon with Gorgonzola and sherry sauce as main course and Mousse au chocolat as dessert. Yeah, ok you got me, the only dessert i can make is Mousse au chocolat. I can’t bake cake or so, plus that i don’t like them (which is maybe the reason why i can’t bake them good). But i am very good for the Mousse, people can tell you!

The first course had some hot time: when the toasts were in the oven, we were talking bla bla bla in the living room and i forgot them. They werre like all blacks and if my friend A wouldn’t have hitten the bread and made new toasts, i would prolly still sitting on the floor laughing about my stupidity: it takes only 3 minutes or so for the toasts to be ready, why should i go in the living room and tell a 15 minutes long story!

The main course was actually pretty good. It was the first time i tried to make this (after a receipe from a colleage) and it was very mumsy.


I put the gongorzolabetween the skin and the fish and it smelted all nice in the oven during the cooking time (no more than 5 minutes, i took care of the clock this time!).


This was the sauce before mixing the ingredients. This sauce fits really good with beef me thinks too.  And of course, we had some summer drink in the fridge too:


That was a good evening. The half of the compagny left and me and the other half went downtown to take some drinks. At the beginnning, we had grappa as goal. Also, to drink grappa at grappa. But when we had to smell one sort, i changed my mind and wanted to drink some chartreuse instead, So we turned at TNT for the rest of the night. Which makes that i have no hang over today. This was funny to learn a drink receipe to the bar tender. I mean, how big is the possibility that they have chartreuse in a bar in Eskilstuna, Sweden when you are not even sure to find it in France?

We staid theresome hours, watching people and TV and when i felt too tired, we went home. There was some party going on in the garden where i live so i laid in bed, listening to peoples laughs. Nice to hear people that are happy.


I also loved to watch the beautiful flowers i got yesterday when i ate my breakfast this morning. And this is not aspirin in the glas, this is fresh pressed lemon juice. Good to begin the day.

I think it will take like the whole day for me to dress up today. I just want to hang around in my man’s shirt, read some of Keiths life and maybe i will go and wash my motorbike this afternoon. There are some clouds for now and nothing on the program for today. NICE!


The sun showed his face, so i took my nice love to the shower. I was not the only one who thought of that and
it was a little moment to wait before to play with the water.


And when you sit on a brand new showered motorbiek and that the weather is warm and you feel like life is making you a gift, then, no idea to drive back to the garage directly. I took a mini ride throught Sörmland and it was beautiful.




When i stopped to take the pictures, i realized that i drove 50 km with an open pocket, the one where my phone was. This is one more sign for me not to buy an iphone: if it would have been so that i have to buy one, then i would surely have lost my old phone on this ride, no?

Time for me now to plan the ride from tomorrow and sunday and then to enjoy the sun and a left over drink from yesterday on the balcony, the sun is shining!!



this is not the date nor my age, this was the temperature today in Uppsala. Today it was summer in Sweden and tomorrow, just about the time to take the raincoat out and prepare myself for xmas coming soon. Me bitter? ahha no, just bad humor day.

It was a perfect day for what we had to do. I drove a 42 km long road to note where it was bridges, connecting roads, paths and shit you miss and our goal is to put a price on the reconstruction of this road for some people who make big decisions with taxe money in this world. It was a perfect dat for that, but driving twice 42km at a speed of 30 km/h, it takes the whole day and now, i am totally sick of landroads like that. Plus that writting everything in the laptop at the same time made me sick too. But it worked pretty well, plus that the guy who was driving is pretty funny, so we had a cool day.

We finished it with driving across a big building site we have and it was pretty strange, almost no machines were working. But i love driving in big 4*4 through this kind of roads in progress. Well, not very exciting for most of the people but i find it impressing.


It doesn’t look as big, but the mass of stones on the picture was maybe 5-8m high or so, you feel really little on the side.



Note that fleece is still OK to have on in Sweden when it’s 18 degrees warm. And this will be a bridge:


I am now home, wonderring if or not i will go and train. I am feeling really tired since i got up at 5 this morning and honestly, i would rather got o bed right now than run 6 times 1000m at a “high” speed. I have about 10 minutes to decide myself. Hard choice.


yeah, i was at the training tonight. But i only ran the 4 first kilometers and let the 2 last for the strebers. Plus running there, i am dead for now.