Step 4

Do not hurry.

That’s what i did the whole day: woke up, waited a little to get up, ate breakfast a little more slowly than i use to, read a little more slowly the news papper. But actually, I wish it already was 2011. 2010 began with a wrong promise: that it would be ZE year, the one of happiness, love and success. Well, i lost the boifriend quite soon in 2010, was not very happy in average, had to face up some serious problems at work but at the end, it helped me to cheer myself up, but yeah, now, i want to turn this 2010 page, soto all my friends:


Step 3

Stay focused.

So i have a plan. At least, I have an idea. And after the night, it still felt good this morning. Today, i even sent my application for the swedish nationality in pappers, so it felt kind of weird but who doesn’t try never gets anything. Or?

I worked like a little diablo today and achieved quite a lot, even if i had a long discussion with microsoft project. Also, for people who don’t know what it is about, as project manager, you are totally seduced from the beginning: much more powerfull than Excel! or yeah puissance powerfull like! So was i. I put all the planning for this 9 years long project i work with in it, put some colors, made it all nice and so and now i am uncrystallization, or how it is called in english. Like WHAT THE F****? every 5 seconds, things are acting very weirds and without any apparent reason. I even got the help of a nice guy, who went a course in that someday, but we did not really solve my problem from today. Ah well.

I also enjoid to sing the whole day without disturbing any colleagues. Most of them are on vacations, so it was a pretty happy mood on floor 4 today!

OK, now, time to change clothes and go to some intervall training. I haven’t been there in ages and the 10 times 400m from tonight already feel hard. Well, no need to complain for now!

Oh yeah i feel the hope!


I did survive the training from tonight. The 3 first 400m were OK but then, i let my running-friend give the rythm and it was a little crazy, not really regular, just going faster and faster, which was kind of hard to follow. So after the 6th round, I did take the rythm, began faster but i think i was more regular and the meters i won at the beginning became more and more, so it was actually a good technic me thinks. But thanks K for the motivation, you are a great girl to run with!

The happy but sweaty me tonight:


Step 2

Make up a plan.

I worked on that today and surprisingly enough, I found some ideas.

I also sent my application to get the Swedish nationality. Not really sure if it will work, I am not 100% about the way to count the time and i guess that the first year i lived in Sweden will not count. Well, I tried anyway. There is like 6 months waiting to know the answer, so  maybe sometime around Midsummer i will learn how it went.

I worked on my puzzle tonight too, but the grey scale is really Ze devil. It is hard to distinguish the colors and the prints so i am more making the puzzle like “touching-wise” and looking with dichotomy if pieces are fitting together. When you know that i just made the borders and that there are around 900 resting pieces, it can be a long winter, doesn’t matter ahah

Pic of the day:


where are you readers?

Did i write so badly recently? or too egoistically? or you has been busy to have a real life?

I was at work today, yeah boring enough, but i enjoid it. Most of all because i ran from there at 3 this afternoon. I also had a nice run at lunch with 2 colleagues and it was a really good thing for me. Right now, I am at home, putting together a 1000 pieces puzzle and wondering why is my life so boring actually. I just talked with a friend on the phone and realized that I have
absolutely no plan for 2011, except the half-marathon in Paris in march and to drive motorbike to Norway. And i don’t want to make like the 5 past years. I am tired of little projects, leading nowhere. I want to change my life. I want to make something usefull. I want to stop to bore the people i like with too much attention. I want to get me a real life, something worth to live and to tell it to my grand grand kids when i will be old or die young because i made something really dangerous or that asked a lot of courage. Shit, i have a boring life and the worse of it is that i am totally responsible for that. Me alone. Bleh!

step 1

save money.

You never know, if you want to change your life, you may need it. Well, you never know!

Nice to work at home

well, it all began with a really lazy computer that did not want to start properly. It never does that, except the day i decided to work home in order to same some time. After som serious discussions between it and me, it worked all ok.

It is snowing in Sweden again and i use this day to make deep reflexion for work. This is quiet and i have a lot of ideas in my head. pretty effective actually.

Ok, back to work!

Annandag Jul

It is sunday, pretty much like a normal sunday for me and i am enjoying my lonelyness. I have been eating good yesterday, reading a lot too and today, i cleaning my flat like it never happens.



In these snowy times, it was pretty appropriate to finish to read the book “kokain” that i had on my nighttable since haöf a year or something. It was a good documentary about the produktion, dealing and using of cocain aroudn the world nowadays and back in the time. It is actually pretty scary to see that it is everywhere and that it IS dangerous. Well, instructive on every point.