How to enjoy

This is my last day of vacation for some time. Well, ok, a long week end is on its way, but this is not like vacation. To be free from work in may, when everyone you know is working is a little special. Like it’s allowed to do NOTHING and noone cares.

I had a phone call from a colleague this morning and it was funny to talk to him from my bed, knowing that he had already worked at least 1h30. This is one of the best huggers of the earth i told you about sometimes and i will miss him at my new work.

I did totally nothing today so far, except eating breakfast and reading some books. btw, i just finished a book about stories in swedish prison. This was full of humour and short, well written. Now, i am reading “un loup est un loup“, an historic roman in south of France just before the revolution. The ambition is to have readen it at the end of the long week end, so i cna go
and pick up new books at the library.

Yeah, life in vacation in Linköping when everyone else is working is HARD!!


Little victory!

ush, if i would have belived in God, i would have said “oh my god” but i don’t, so i won’t say it. But though!

It was rugby training tonight again and i almost died 5 times. Not because it was hard and touchy, no no, just because my heart was collapsing during the intervall training. There is specially  one thing called “the idiot” and you really feel like an idiot doing it, and you get very thankfull when the trainer says “water everyone”. Then, i had to play with the kids, since the good
players were enough to make a 7 against 7. It was all good for me this time, for real.

At the end of the training, i heard the 3 girls saying “hey frenchie!”, so i went to them and one told me “great physical condition you have! You may hang out with us and train with the girlteam, go with R next monday.”. Like ouahou! I am kind of accepted! Cool! So now i need to live up to their expectations… and train to pass this ball better too…

This has been a very sunny day, and i will sleep within 3 minutes after i will lay in my bed. Tomorrow, big day, another one during which i will have to memorize thousend of new names. Good night!



Monday. Vacations. Sun outside and nice breakfast, what do you wish more? I could even hear some kids laughing from my bed this morning and it gives some good direction to the day.

Then, i checked my mail and how do you think i feel when i read this:

 Och du har bara 2 dagar till du börjar ditt nya liv. Spännande va? Ha det bra och lycka till på onsdag.

Däremellan far tankarna iväg till en liten tös vid namn L*** som dragit iväg på en ny resa genom livet.

Bra att du tar tag i frågan och åstadkommer en förändring och inte väntar på att något ska ske.

Ha det så bra och lycka till med det nya jobbet!

Plein de bisous et profite bien des derniers jours tranquilles ma poulette!!

Inte många dagar kvar tills det är dags för nya jobbet! Ha det så bra och rapportera tack! Kram

People seems to care about me. This helps, because anyhow, even if i choose everything in this new part of my life, i am a little bit scared of everything new at the new job. New people, new working methods etc. Well, this was also a little what i was looking for but it is easier to say than to live maybe.

I also noticed that Midsommar is also coming with big steps and i have nothing on the board yet, i don’t really know what i want to do. I never liked Midsommar really much, i always felt kind of off side for this, don’t know why.

Well, for now, i will go downtown and try to find some shoes for the rugby training from tomorrow.

Quote of the day

“it’s extremly dangerous to have a knock out win. You really don’t want to do that. […] Those who have actually won must disapear shiny and those who have actually lost must be allowed to claim victory.”

 “Man kann ein Einigungsvorschlaf, wenn es erfolg haben soll, erst im letzten Moment machen.”

“I didn’t believe historic books which said that personal relationswere so important. I completely changed my mind. Personal relations are more important than national interests. The sympathy, the trust.”

 “We are going from a one polar world to a mulit polar world and we have to understand that, we have to be one of the poles.”

About negociation technics within the european system.


This was actually a very good documentary about the power and why the president of Europe is this one. I don’t know if it was the red wine i am sipping or what but i was thinking that it would be nice sometime to sit in these kind of discussions and to help somehow to give Europe some direction, force, integrity or something. But then i realized that i had to make politics. And i don’t really know where i stand.

From my previous job i was able to notice that politics can be for high and very low values. Like nothing plays any rule but to be chosen every 4 years and few people have deep convictions in what they do. But when i listened to Prodi tonight, i thought that some people are making this because they want to have a better world. Prodi seems to be an experienced man, who choose his battles and try to make the best of the situation. Schröder and Chirac seemed to be intelligent negociators, Blair an interested one, Berlusconi an idiot and Sarko an opportunist. Sarko and Merkel btw did suggest this president for the EU and argument for him it seemed. The bases of Europe are so strongly based on what France and Germany think that they made the first choice for the whole 27 countries it seemed.

I am fascinated about the power to make decisions and to carry them for a whole country, continent or so. My mentor asked me once if i wanted to get engaged in politics, i was young and replied “no” but maybe i should take a look now and decide myself to make something good for the society, since it seemes that i won’t ever have my own familly and make the “svenssons way”.

Link to the documentary, for the swedish people:,a1364145,1,f,-1/pb,a1364142,1,f,-1/pl,v,,2434438/sb,p103473,1,f,-1

Sunday without anxiety

I feel ok for a sunday evening, no anxiety like i used to have recently on sundays evening. Maybe it is because i know i have some other days off before to begin my new job, maybe i get used to wake up when i want and that an evening with a tomorrow without stress is a cool evening.

It happened quite a lot recently for me, the past months, weeks and days. I feel like i have been in a washmachine with program 90 degrees and that somehow, sometimes, i will get out this, all clean and ready for something that is really for me.

There is something magical with rain. Ok, i did not say that friday afternoon somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but
i thought of it later in the evening. This is precious to share a moment with someone you like, listening to the rain falling. Simply.

Some other songs for today

I began youtubing and found quite sweet things on there, so i wanted to share. Don’t take it too seriously, just lay down somewhere comfortable, in the grass, or in a fresh made bed and enjoy the sounds. You may think of the people you love and you may also shade a tear if you feel for it. Even more better, you may take a piece of papper and write them a little note. There is nothing more sweet than to get a real letter handwritten by someone you have in your heart.

When you’re all alone

We become your home

We’re the music, we’re the music

When your love is away

And you feel betrayed

We’re the music, sweet music

In her heart, where the sadness grows

I’d operate with this knife

And cut a big fat giant hole

To fill with gold and light

And a little thought to the Hässleholms guy (and fineTilliander playing with btw):

Jag gjorde upp en eld för dig

och nu brinner hela skogen

Nu vet jag vad du kommer och säg

och det känns som första gången

kom vi visar dem att det är vi

men det visste alla redan ut

springer du iväg med mig ja hör du hur dom sjunger?

Oh you, it’s always you

the best kisser than i ever knew

more party music:

Förvänta mig någonting från dig

utan att ge något själv?


868 – 48

This could have been a boring travel, a lots of morotway and stuff, but it became an adventure instead.

Friday morning, in a good mood and early (Well, 9 is early when you have vacation!), i took happily the direction of the garage to prepare mister R1150R for the ride of the week end. Goal: Lund. I planned my route to have some fun down, and coming at destination just after my friend finished to work.

It began all good, a little bit cold but no rain for the beginning and nice songs in the head. I stopped in Vetlanda to fill in the gas and texted my friend U who is from here to ask if i had to say hello to somoene from him. The answer i got was “hell no, just drive away!”. Which i did. I took a magnific litle road through Myresjö, Fröderyd and the rain came. You know, these really dark clouds, like hell is falling down. The dream for a motorcyclist. The road becomes sliding and you never know how everything will go. I felt something pretty strange, that the back and the front from the motorcyclie were not acting like they were a part of a unit. Pretty strange feeling to describe, almost as easy as to descrie the “turning to the right” effect of an accelerating boxer motor. Anyway, though the rain, i decided to stop and check. That’s what i saw:


Oh, i did think “you are a lucky girl, aren’t you?”. In the middle of nowhere, tropical rain and a flat tire. Very nice when you know that you are approximativly half way, so as horribl to go back home or to continue the journey. And don’t think it was light and so, it wasn’t. Maybe this second pic can show better my desesperated situation:


So, ok, i did not panic. Actually, i thought pretty fast that i have had luck. I was driving pretty slowly because of the rain and the road was straight, so even if i did not know what was the problem, i managed to stop without making a “motorbike and driver desintegration” and land in a tree or so.

I called the insurance to get some help and this was a funny part. Here is the discussion:

– Hi blabla insurance what can i make for you?

– hi, i got some trouble with my engine, which has a flat tire now and i would like to have some help

– ok, what is your registration plate?

– bla bla bla

– ok, so you are driving a BMW motorbike right?

– yes

– so do you have any extra tire with you?

i replied gently that i did not. I just forgot them this morning at home. But honeslty, funny, isn’t it?

I waited like one hour along this road before my savior came with his red and orange and yellow truck. I saw 3 cars during this time. I stopped the first one to ask where i exactly was and i almost scared the 2 old people in the car: all leather clothes and wet girls are maybe scary. And the nice woman asked me “and you will wait in the rain?” well, i thought i could have taken an umbrella with me… Ah well.


The guy, the truck, my motorbike on it and me in, we drove to Växjö, which was the closest city with tire there. I saved actually 48 km on my motorbike driving, because it was taking me south. The time was going though and i realized that it would be a little short for me to be in Lund on time.

In the truck and driving to Växjö, the guy did call some different centers to know if they had a tire passing my motorbike and i learnt that it was a special size. Of course. BMW, why do you have to make all different all the time? Finnaly, he drove us to a harley davidson garage and i got help there. No immediatly of course: we arrived there in the middle of a friday afternoon, people have other things to do than to help me. They promised though to fix it before the evening.

I said good by eto assitanskåren, told my friend in Lund that i wouldn’t make it today and got a nice yes from a friend in Ljungby to the question “can i take a warm shower at your place?”. Because i was wet, not all wet but enough to freeze. You know the clothes are waterproof if you have the whole panopli on, inclusive the helmet. When i was waiting along the road for help, i had not it on me, because i thought i already looked enough ridiculous (yeah, i have some boundaries!). So all the extremities (hands, feet, head and neck) were freezing. I got a warm coffee and sat in a soffa, waiting for a new tire.

On this soffa, i got the company of an old man, waiting for his harley davidson to be taking care of. He was funny and i think he was super bored when i arrived there. He was driving from Kalmar to Växjö for this and waiting the whole day. So we chatted motorbike and he was a good company.

After a while, a guy came to me and asked me if i wanted to see what caused the flat tire. Oh yeah, i was curious! Look by yourself, right of the keys:


A long nail that went all in in the tire but luckily did not damage the wheel. So hop, just fix a new expansive tire and i was able to drive away at the end of the afternoon. 350 euros poorer but it was worth it, look:


And then again: BIG BLACK CLOUDS!! I was thinking that it was not my day, but it changed when i arrived in Ljungby, got a wonderfull warm shower and spent a super nice unplanned evening with my friend M. I had absolutely no power to drive south to Lund, like 180-200 km left for the evening and it was kind of a little party to meet M so unplanned, so i staid over there for the night.

Quite early on saturday, i drove south to Lund and it was a real pleasure to see the back part of the motorbike in the morning, all ready for a lots of kilometers:


I drove the little roads down and froze my ass. Too early to drive, it rained too. When i arrived at my friends place, i jumped into the shower too and i was reborn after some minutes under warm water. We had a nice saturday all together, even if i am not used to hang around with small children. These ones are pretty amazing, talking both french, spanish, swedish and a little bit of english at the age of 2 and 4, they have a gift! Plus that they talk all the time and they are pretty funny, so it made a good saturday.

I thought the whole night of my travel back home. Lund is a little bit more than 400 km from Linköping and the weather prognostics were not very good, so i was having bad dreams about the travel north. We woke up pretty early and short after 9, i was driving up.

The good thing with the size of the tank i have on this motorbike is that i need to fill in every 200-250 km which makes a reasonable time driving on a motorway. I was freezing my ass, and my body and my feet and my fingers and this humidity you got everywhere is killing you. I found a technic though to warm up my hands quickly: to wash them with super hot water some minutes and to dry them perfectly. During this time, i for sure don’t forget to put my gloves in the warn air to get them warm again.


On this pic, i was recovering my long finger. The other ones needed some more time, but people were waiting outside, so i went out and sacrificed my 4 other fingers for a little boy (!! in the ladies bathroom!!) who urgently needed to pee. Is that charity?

The motorway back home was boring, super boring but i wanted to be home as soon as possible. So i tell you, i enjoid my warm shower at home and now, i plan to do absolutely nothing since it was a little bit too much emotions for me this week end.


When i was waiting for help with my flat tire, i asked myself “why do i do this to me?” because at the end, no one forced me to drive alone motorbike in a desert area under the rain. I could have taken the train down, cheaper and faster and dryer. But every time i get on my motorbike and drive, i feel a happiness inside of me growing, this is an indescrible feeling of freedom. Occasions are rare when you feel free for real and even if i was kind of desesperated a moment out there, i am greatful that everything went all good at the end.

When everything doesn’t go at i wanted, it may open me some other interesting doors…

The song of the day is an egoistical song, a song for no one but the one who listens.

You can jump a ride

But don’t ask why

And don’t close your eyes.

Rain and tears?

No there is no tears today. Rain was here but disapeared and i honestly wish not to meet it today. Today, it’s the beginning of a mini motorbike vacation. So mini that i plan to take with me only my tankbag and by this fact, i won’t have any proper camera with me, only my bad phone. But memories are best in the head, or?

Ok, for now, time to plan the route, big combination between the weather predictions from and the motorbike roads.


As i planned it yesterday, i am feeling every muscle of my legs and of my back too. This is a good pain though.

Mission possible

I succeeded in the 2 challenges i had on the list for today. I ate a very nice lunch with a friend and i bought myself a ride. Here you go:


To buy this bicycle was quite an adventure though. I went out from the shop with the phone number of the man who fixed the bike and not that i wanted too, more he who wanted to marry me. Also, he asked me for real: he saw one of my rings and asked me if i was married, i told him no and then he asked me if i wanted to marry him. Like that. I am lucky who are not desperated, but think if i wanted at any price to fullfill my dream of familly and stuff and so, i could… Well, good that i have his number, i may call later if the reflexion tells me he was a good man, or if i am feeling too lonely in Linköping. Crazy.

Then, i HAD to try my ride so i just randomly drove bicycle in the city and i arrived in the old Linköping. This is a place that i save for when i my sister will visit me, but then, not far from there, there is a nice wood, which may need some more hours to be discovered. Next week project!





For now, i am a bit nervous, i will try one thing tonight and not sure how it will go, but i will let you know!