New step in my new life

ush what a day, part III.

I am not sure that Blondinbella and i have the same kind of life, but mine was very exciting today. I began my day with laundray, at 7 this morning. Who doesn’t dream of that!?!? After that, i picked up the rent car and drove to Linköping. The mission of the day was to find an appartment fpr my new coming life. The weather was wonderful, a bit cold but very sunny. Yes, i am getting older and write about the weather.



I parked the car in town and went to the turism office of Linköping to get a map of the town. People welcomed me with a bit smile, this is always a good point! Then, i met a friend for the lunch and it was still under a hard sun and it resulted in a super enjoyable moment.

I had like 4-5 appointments planned udner the afternoon and it began with a phonecall “do you have problems to find the appartment?” and i was thinking “what?”, so i called the guy, an italian one talking english with a typical italian accent, and he told me we should meet at 13 while i thought it was at 15…. Oooops, so i just drove there very fast.

Then, i visited another flat in another part of the town and decided to take it. With the flat, there was also a nice garage for my motobike, which made the choice very easy for me. I went directly to the landlord office and signed the contract. I
also cancelled the visits i had in the calender and so happy i was, went on the big place to buy some flowers for my friend. It happened to be the same friend that comforted me for like 3 weeks ago when i was a bit down, so i thought i would be nice to him. We even spent a pleasant moment after his work. The only uncool thing was the weather: proof:


It did not become better with the time, and when i was driving back to Eskilstuna, it was snowing as if it would be christmas next week end. Well, maybe it’s time to pick up a xmas tree and to play it?


Maybe it doesn’t seem like that, bu ti am pretty tired and it was a lot of emotions today: the biggest one was the feeling of getting into something really good. Yeah, my future will be bright, i just feel it in the whole of me.

The good thing with travel in car in Sweden is that you can have long phone calls (as long as you use a hands free). The long distances (well only 150 km between Eskilstuna and Linköping, but 2 hours drive) help also to think and rethink.

The song of the day, i wanted to link one of Laakso which had this sentence in the lyrics “if i hand myself in the christmas tree, would you be missing me?” -season, or?- but i don’t find it on youtube, so you will get the classical Västerbron:


Ush, what for a day today! Does it sound like a repeat? But it was not!

I woke up this morning, once again at 5 oclock, which is ridiculous when i know how tired i am. I had a very pleasant dream last night. I dreamt i was with a friend, walking in a town that i don’t know and the sun was not too warm, just enough to give a nice feeling of being happy. Then, we went home and the home was a big and old house in victoria style. The house had no floor and was just sitting in a wood a little bit like this one:

i borrowed the picture here

I had my own room in this house, which was my friends one. I got to bed and woke up during the night, with a need to go to the bathroom. They were located in another house, so i had to walk outside, but the sun was still warming up, so it was night, but the sun was “on” though. Hum, strange. So i went to the bathroom and when i washed my hands, i noticed that my friend had a reall beautiful shaving brush, the same old style as my grand father had. I began to think that my friend was really cool. Yeah guys, everything seems to hang on which kind of shaving brush you use ;) Then, i went back to bed, but not in my bed, in my friends bed. Actually, he had no bed, he was just lying on the floor, which was forest ground, very soft and with a perfect slope. We were just lying there and he was telling me stories. I felt pretty calm and secure. Then i woke up without reason, but in peace with myself.

At work today, it was me making a one woman show the whole morning for some bosses here and there. I went out pretty tired but tried to focus for the rest of the day.

I also went to “quit” the garage i am renting for my motorbike so i hope i will have a solution until the end of june. Life has to have some challenges sometimes. This is one of them! The office of this renting company is locted on a roof of a shopping center in Eskilstuna and the view is nice when you are taller than 1m66.


Notice the nice quality of the picture. No wonder why noone steals my pics- Btw, i got the pictures of my flat that
were taken yesterday. The whole falt seems super huge! But if i would buy it again, i think i would do it.





well, let’s see if someone is interested in it! I hope so!

I am now sitting at home, my work laptop is on and i am ready to spend an evening at work, with the limit 21h30 in order to go to bed at a reasonable time. Tomorrow there is a lot on the list too.

Muscle Museum

I am working and the advantage by making it at home is that i can listen to music. I am playing the whole things i have on my computer in random which gives some surprises sometimes. For exampel, i totally forgot that i had a whole album of music for belly dance (yeah, i tried a whole half year to learn to dance belly dance in Eskilstuna and it was mmm a disaster).

But i also discovered that i had an acoustic album from Muse and it has been ages that i listened to them. I think the last time was on a train between Västerås and Sala in januari 2007 or so, when i was making a training in Börlange. Btw, it was the 3 most horrible boring months of my life, but yeah, you have to go through it if you want to know, as a foreigner, how a swedish winter looks like: cold (first time for me in my whole life under -10), snowy and dark. To spend the time faster, i remember that i went to bed almost every day at 21.

Top model

Ush what a day again! 

No, i am not complaining, i am just facing the fact that the few minutes i have free is when i sleep. So yesterday, i had a friend over for dinner, it was very nice but i was so tired that i was shaking. I went to bed and felt asleept after some chapters reading of White fang. This is super interesting for me to read my favo book again, with more adult eyes. I really understand why i liked it as kid: this wolf is straight, make rational decisions and is faithful to people around him. But a funny thing is that i thought that the chapters were longer than they actually are.

I slept and although i have really problem with summertime, i woke up at 5h23. Since i had a big program for the day, i got up, ate breakfast and …. cleaned my flat. Not that i wanted to, only because at 15 today some people should come and make picture of my flat for the sailpart.

At work, i tried to clean my mailbox and i tell you, there is some archeologi pieces in there. You know, the things that you never really want to deal with because this is uncomfortable. I thought i was not a person like that, i use to reply directly and so, but the past half year, i had other things to do at work than to clean my mailbox and honestly, this is a pain in the ass
now, because the first thing i have to do is to beg the other person pardon for the time left. Don’t worry, i did reply to the urgent or important mail in time, but the ones who are left are like little promises here and there and this is a hateful behaviour. Well.

Then, i spent the day on a course with some colleagues and somehow, no one of us understood really what it was all about. Personally, i was waiting for something very different, and apparently, i was not the only one. The room became like a big kindergarten for adults and it was funny for us, but i don’t think it was it for the man who was trying to teach us something.

I had to go home before the end of the lesson to let people come in in my appartment and take pictures. A real fotograph with a big camera and umbrellas was here and it was funny to see him working, even if i had to answer a 45 min long phone call for the work. It was perfect because it was exactly the time he needed to shoot.


I made some hundred phone calls again for an appartment in Linköping and i grow slowly tired of it. “no sorry, we have nothing free for the moment” is the most common answer i get. I will go there on thursday and try the physical method. But if someone has a tips, just write me a mail leiaot at i am on the border to be desesperated!

Then, i started my work computer and wanted to optimise the evening with laundry during some hours of work, but it was not possible because the laundry room was busy. So i booked it for 7 on thursday, this may be suicidal actually. Ah well.

Tomorrow, i have a meeting kind of special. I asked for it in more than one year and when i finally get it, i will tell the people there that i quit. This is space. Like who tells that it’s not the goal which is the more important but the travel there? Maybe some chinese somewhere (in China prolly), sitting on a tatami and watching water running down a fountain or so? Ah, anyway.

Now, time for little preparation for this wished meeting, but before that, for you, faithful readers, the song of the day, just because this playback is laughable and because i need some positivism to take me through this f***** search of appartment:

Tu sais pour être femme, on peut bien briser son âme plusieurs fois

Oh so many things can happen in 24 hours…

I went to Strängsnäs yesterday to watch a movie with 2 friends. We watched “Sarah’s key“, and it was a sad but so common story, for people having some past in WWII. Kristin Scott Thomas is really good in such roles. The colors were also wonderful, kind of blue and green and some red excatly enough for the drama. Plus one lesson was:

“always pay attention to people around you and put their names in your memory”.

picture taken from here

After the film, we needed some martini to think of something else. It was a hard story. We had a nice dinner and i was driven home around 11, which is pretty late for my little me.

This morning, it was a fight to get up. I really felt how early it was, even though the clock was showing something else. I managed to go to work within a correct time and today my boss said officially that i quit my current job. Don’t missunderstand me, if i am leaving this job, it is only for private reason (read: to give my life a new start on the private area) and not because i did not like this job. I actually had a lot of fun here and will miss everyone (well almost, at least 98% or so!). But this is time for me to have new challenges, to start to play rugby, to take dance lessons, to sing in a choir, to discover a new area of Sweden, to think of which house on the country side i will buy in some years and so on.

Anyway, i worked as hard as i could and at the lunch, i went home to meet a appartment sailer (broker??) in order to sell my flat. The funny thing is that we discovered together that i had a room under the roof to stock some things if i wanted. I have been living here for 5 years and i miss this store… Really riduculous ahaha They will come tomorrow to take some pictures and everything should be online on friday. I just hope it will be sold quick.

Then, i made some phone calls for to appartments to hire in Linköping but it doesn’t look good there. I am not really sure on how it will turn, maybe i should buy me a tent and camp until i find something.

I went back to work then and later, it was time for floorball session. We plaid like potatoes and loose all our matches. Really lame, but i felt tired and i dunno, this appartement history is stressing me in a way.

Ok, i am now waiting for a friend, super hungry but bouh, no, i am mostly tired.


Good morning Vietnam!

When you think that my body tells me that it is 9 oklock and that the clock says it is 10, then I am pretty proud of myself. I have been painting and putting some ordning and i think it will be good at the end.

The balcony misses some flowers but i have a plan though (too much plants indoor, so i will put them on the balcony when it will be time for pictures or visits)



I also decided to recycle the table i had on the balcony to a “office” table and i painted it in white like to make it fit in my living room. I got more space there since i sold one of my couche out. So there too i think it will be so fine!


The only thing now is that it smells painting inside, but it is a nice smell me thinks (as long as i don’t get head ache). Well, now, time to change my painting clothes to my running ones and try to take a run in the forest. I haven’t been there since oktober or so, so it is exciting.

Trophée Andros

So, a little update on this wonderful sunday, since i noticed that you readers are quite faithful. I dunno why you come back, but i apreciate it!

Ok, so after the previous post, i went out to take a run in the forest and it was like participating to the trophée Andros with an old Fiat. I was surprised to see that i ran 12,5 km/h even if i almost died 5 times or so. Very sunny, but very icy.

When i arrived home, i checked my painting works and it was already dry! Ok, it smells paint in the whole building
but no matter. So i finished my mini home styling and i am pretty happy with the result. This is btw the first time my laptop is on a real table. After studying i got some allergy agains “desk for work” at home, so i refused to get me a “laptop station”. Which doesn’t mean that i am not all the time online, no. Just that it is unconfortable enough to make other things sometimes. Anyway, here you go:




For thos who may visit me before i move, be careful. This chair i am right now sitting on is dangerous and btw painted with my left hand, meaning: she won’t follow us in the moving to Linköping. I like how it turned out with the table. The wood did drink a lot of the painting which gives it an old fashion effect or so. Me likes.

Ok, i am soon off to Strängnäs for a cosy evening, maybe i should take a nap before that.

Silly pretty little thing

10 oklock and head ache at the door.

The sun is shining as hell but it is cold, so i just postponed the run from today to another sunny but warmer moment. as usual i spent the saturday breakfast watching på Skavlan and Bob Geldof was here. He was talking about how important love is for everyone. Yeah, true, but i wonder if he had the answer for people having noone to love daily like. Ah well.

I wrote some emails yesterday to the rugby club in Linköping and even to Löpplabbet to find another running clubb from june and on. This is pretty exciting to start from scratch (or almost) again and i am very satisfied so far that i was successfull for my plan. I am pretty good in timing too when i look at what was my goal.

But i need now to make some moves here in my appartment. This week end will be pretty boring, i have a lots of painting on the planning but who wants to buy a half painted flat?!?! So, after this article, i will just change clothes, put some good music on and give some energy to the balcony and the hall. Suck already!

The song of the day is pretty random, even if i like it. You get to enjoy the big Freddy:


Vad gör man av det då nu?

I came inside for some minutes because i was freezing my ass on the balcony. I am cleaning it and putting some order and some things won’t follow with me to Linköping:


The previous summers, i had some intensive garden parties there but it won’tbe like that this year so if someone is interested, just come and pick it up!

Here some pics of my previous plantations, just to remind you that spring in on its way, even if it doesn’t feel like that looking at the temperature:







Komt een vrouw bij de dokter

Why do i do this to myself? I watched a movie about sad things and it is saturday and i am right now crying alone in my flat with only some candles lighting because it is earth hour. My laptop is of course working on electricity produced by hamsters cycling in a wheel. Of course.


I spent the evening as i wrote, watchind a dutch movie, which was very good but depressing. I cannot find the name in english but here you get the imdb link:

This is the story of a happy couple meeting cancer and trying to deal with it. Cancer vs couple 1-0.

I will light the match this mornin’, so I won’t be alone
Oh, watch as she lies silent, for soon night will be gone
I will stand arms outstretched, pretend I’m free to roam
Oh, I will make my way, through one more day in hell

I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm
Oh, I’ll keep takin’ punches until their will grows tired
I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
But, I won’t change direction, and I won’t change my mind

How much difference does it make
Oh, how much difference does it make

I’ll swallow poison, until I grow immune
I will scream my lungs out till it fills this room