Åh Uppsala

Living here since more than 5 years now, I force myself to look at the castle and the cathedrale every day. I try to get this city under my skin, to belong here somehow. This morning, I took a walk in the city and made some pictures. It hadn’t happened since a long time ago, and somehow, even if this signs are not very beautiful, they are wearing the mark of this year. Covid, resiliancy. The big lady is missing her hats, but she will recover. As we will. It just takes time and is painfull in between, but we will make it. The new version of me will be more patient I guess. I was often longing for time to create. Now, I have it: no travel what so ever makes a lots of hours free. The family is also one thing I wanted to give more time to. Now, I can, every day. Work is something I almost always put in first. Work got into my home and I need strong strategies to let them be off during the off times. Not always easy.

I hope you are safe, wherever you are. In your body, free from Covid or other disease. In your ming, free from bad relationships or work when it’s not time to.

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