800 kr

I was at the gym today to kill the time without M. I ran and row 5km. I sweat a lot but not sure if i will get some muscles pain or not. I would like to get up early tomorrow and run before work but i am not sure i will manage to wake up in a so good mood. It depends when i will fall asleep tonight…

I make a try: good night!

Summer feeling

That was about time: after 4 weeks vacation i feel like it’s summer. The past 4 days, we had sun, nice temperature and tomorrow, it is time to go back to work. Ironic?

M drove back t I Ljungby for the first time after the holiday and it feels really strange to be alone tonight. We have spent so much time together and it feels lonely now.

I also have some difficulties to imagine myself at the office tomorrow. It was so long time ago the last time! I hope that i remember my password, which is not sure.

Anyway. Since i can’t manage to fall asleep, i will share a summe feeling with you.


This is summer feeling to me: a bedroom that is never dark, but never light either and a little wind going through,a cold one if you are lucky. Where i grew up, we had sometimes really hot summer and it always was a pleasure when i was a kid, to go in my bedroom in the middle of the day ( was too hot to make something outside) and just feel that there was a place to be. My second favorite place was in front of the tour de France on tv in the living room.

We spent a week in france this summer and I’m happy that M got to live the siesta in front of the tour de France. This is kind of magical, like peace oh earth during the race: you may watch, you may sleep, you may read a book, you may do whatever you want as long as the tv in on and the race is on the screen. This summer, it was raining almost all the time, but it was peaceful anyway.


This is a German kind of pasta, kind of, that you can make yourself, only I you are not afraid of dishes. It takes two to tango, so no good meal without a little effort. Since the ingredients are always at home, the dishes had to be challenging. Here you go:
350gr of flour
7 eggs
0,5 dl of water

Mix everything. The result has to be creamy.
Put some water to boil.
Pass the mixture trough a thing like the one in green on the picture below. When the spätzle come up at the surface again, it is cooked (pretty quick like 1 min). Don’t put to much spätzle at a time, it is easier to take care of them if every piece has the time to sink and then float again. Try, you will soon understand what I meant.
When the spätzle is ready, put it on dry in the yellow thing on the picture bellow.

You can grill some bacon and put the spätzle in a pan to frie them a bit. This is excellent with some cheese. Enjoy!