To find a path

When more than the half of 2021 has gone, it’s not easy for me to accept that the winter is on its way and I didn’t get the sun I needed for this year yet. I miss the laughters of a funny story, I miss the new insights of a rich discussion, I miss the warmth of a thankful hug. I mean, I’ve got the ones of my two favourite people, every day. But I do miss the time being with my friends.

So, should I just let it pass?

No, of course not! It’s time to fight against boredom. It’s time to search after the young girl in me, the one who did not have a day without a laugh. When did it fade? Why?

It’s not why, it’s how the matter.

Action. Let’s rock this fall and winter. Find you joy, yeah, find it. Grab it. Pull it from its cave. And let it explode! Joy is like champagne. Make it sparkle, you will shine!

Credit to my daughter, Z, for this happy monster!

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