Back home

We arrived back home in the night and we are able to eat breakfast on the balcony today. The question is: how long will it last?

We were in France 13 days and had a wonderful weather. By living in Sweden,  I can say, hand on my heart that the one who say the Swedish summer is nice do not have a clue to live somewhere spring comes in March and fall ends in November,  for real. I don’t need 40 degrees everyday but life is so much easier when you don’t have to think of if you will freeze or not during a juli day. Sure, it can rain and be Grey days but honestly, come on, life in shorts and skirts is good for the soul.

The tempo of life is also so much different. In warmer countries (take Spain, Italia and South of France for example),  people stop their activities around noon. No one is our, the houses are closed and you take a nap or make things inside. You don’t need to feel stressed for the outside things because you don’t use the weather; you will have time for this tonight or in the next morning! In Sweden, it is somehow so rare to have nice days that it’s almost punished to stay inside if the sun dared to show up. I can understand this somehow but come on; if you cannot decide on the weather, why should the weather decide on you?

The paradox in Sweden is that people scream for sun and when it is here, with 25 degrees, then people want cooler weather. I just tell you: offer you Teo weeks in a family from these warmer places, learn how to domesticate the weather and you will never again complain about too much sun. Of course, the risk is that people fly out from Sweden…

Anyway, you cannot decide the weather. You can only decide where you live, and the more the time goes, the more I feel the need to have sun around me.

PS: thus is based on my own experiences, it’s not an universal rule, but though…



We are spending two days in Nines, a city that was founded around year number -50 but got its extension through Roman finances around year +70-80 (I don’t remember, sorry!). They have water from the country side traveling with the help of a giant aqueduct (Pont du Gard) and a giant amphitheater that we visited this morning. The town is not big but charming and we got lucky to escape rain and very hot weather.

This is fascinating to think that most of the old buildings here were built when other countries did not even have a name whatsoever. Almost 2000 years ago, the engineers rulled.


Time for some rest

We are right now in France, at my parents place, for some days of farniente. The weather is ideal with sun and warmth and we enjoy some “sport” in the morning, rest after lunch and swimming pool in the afternoon.  By “sport” I meant bicycle, but we walk uphill, too much slope for my taste and a long walk this morning.

I succeeded to read a book as well, long time it did not happen. This is peaceful here, we saw a lots of birds, insects, flowers and enjoy the calm.

Here you get one view we had this morning during our almost 7km walk.



This is one of the tow sunflowers from our balcony, receiving a little visit. This little insect did drink/eat during a long time and somehow, seemeed happy.

As we this half sunny/half rainy week end. Last week of work before my summer vacation, I love my job, but I am tired, so this last week is appreciated.

Have a good week!

2016_IMG_0982 - Kopia