Still alive

I have been living some intense days. I was in Eskilstuna this week end for my good bye party. We haven’t had the time to make it in may when i moved for real to Linköping, so we booked the past saturday for some festivities. It was a very nice evening, with all my favos around me. So looked my old room on saturday evening:




Empty but the big planning i made for a big project is still hanging in the wall. I also contributed to the decoration in the corridor, but i am not sure it will stay there so long ahha



Saturday was a long day and sunday a very short one with headache and appel pie. Miam!

On monday, i worked at my old working place, and i had mixed feelings: like i never left here and oho, it feels so far away. I think i huged like 2156498521 people and it was good to see that people remember me.

On the evening, we had the terrible run in the green 10km in Eskilstuna and i managed to run it in 55.39. No need to tell that it was hard, i had an average pulse of 190. Which is a bit too high maybe. But i survived.

One week older…

… and so much happened.

As you could read, i had a fantastic week end last week and it was kind of hard to be by myself in my flat
on sunday evening.

Monday, work and horse riding. We did ride outside a bit and had to admire a fabulous sunset. Nice pictures in my head! The second part of the hour was pain. To ride a donkey is not easy. Some horses are lazy too and the one i had to ride was one of them.

Tuesday, work and dinner at my place with a friend. In between i managed to make laundry.

Wednesday, work and at home with nothing on the program for the evening.

Thursday, work with a very early meeting and intervalltraining with IK Akele on the evening. I jumped over the core pass. I was already too close to death. It was 15 times 70 seconds fast and 20 seconds rest and i can tell you that it was a bad idea to take the first 70seconds too fast. Bloodtaste in the mouth and a heart beating over 205 bpm, small little white stars coming in front of my eyes, i was really happy when it stopped.

Friday, work and on the evening, i tested the pizzeria just around the corner. Good and cheap, good point! I watched 2 films. The first “no strings attached” was really a girly film and i did not appreciate it too much. The second, “Hästmannen”, even if i already saw it once for some time, made me cry. It is about a guy, living with his horses as for 50 years ago, respecting the land and the animals but becoming a bit too old one winter to make it on his own. Of course he is considered to be an original person, not sure that so much people wants to talk to him and stuff, but he was showing a so big respect of all around him, using sweet words like gräsligt and trying to do his best for everyone. When he was with his horses, they were licking him, being really lovely to him. Well, i cried in my bed yesterday.

I woke up after 12 hours of sleep and believe me, i needed it! so now, i will pack my stuff and go for a cool week end i guess. With one of the three important runs of the year on monday. Let’s see if the training will pay!

Pasta on the wall

Do do do what you wanna do, don’t think twice, do what you have to do. Do do do, let your heart decide what you have to do
that’s all there is to find.

Exactly. And so did i the whole week end. My flat transformed itself in the Noah’s ark on friday night. Some came by car, other by foot and even by taxi. The most romantic kisses are the one given at night under an umbrella and the rain falling dramatically. Linköping was having a festival during the week end but we did not care of that. We open bubble wine, ate, open more wine and spirituos and partied pretty late (for a spontan party).


Saturday began with 13 km running. For real. Not fast, but it was socialjogging, so it was talked all the time. And food. And music downtown (ok, not my cup of tea but always a little special with live music) and a visit to the horse and the hound and an after party at my place until early this morning.


After a dream of work and bicycle lanes, we enjoid the sun in Linköping during a short walk and i am now all alone in my flat. This feels empty but i will go to bed and maybe need 30 seconds to fall asleep, so tonight won’t be blue.

But the best in life is maybe that: to be surrounded by people who care for you, to have deep talks but even hard laughs with them and to enjoy every little things they do to make you feel like you are the most precious person in the world. A, J and M, you made my week end, for real! And U and J, your contribution to the last evening is not to forget!

The big things in the little ones, part II

Oh it is friday. Oh it has been raining the whole day. Oh i drove my bicycle with an umbrella and style. Yes everyone. Iam absolutely uncapable to ride my bike without the hands, but i can ride it with an umbrella in the left hand, my hand bag on my right shoulder. Next time, when i will for sure feel me secure with this routine, i will also take a picture with some hand, while driving.

Plus that i think that life is beautiful. And it is not very difficult: life is ACTUALLY beautiful for me. I am waiting for sweet visit from 3 people and it is raining cats and dogs. Who cares?


or wtf they are callled. I ate like millions of them when i took my little run tonight. Because, no i dunno how and why,
but i did not have any muscles troubles after the riding from monday.

I also received a CD i ordered and i was very pleased to see that this artist did make some effort for the little book coming with the CD (yes, i buy real CD, as if i lived in the 90’s. I like it).



my old boss and my new boss (different companies) sitting the whole morning in the same room in “private meeting”

a girl parking her car so closed to my garage door that i can’t drive out, sending “excuse me sms” after i pointed on this fact and not moving the car?

a jealous wife sending me bitter sms after having read a work related mail i wrote to her man, an ex colleague

So i just say:

Black beauty

This was my fav book after “the white fang” when i was kid and now, i know why.


Back on tracks. Soft hands and motor on. Light on the inside, lean on me on the outside. Follow with the hips, smile on your lips. One hour of riding was the best idea evaaar to make me feel as if i was 16 again. Thanks H!!!! Ok, tomorrow morning, i will surely think differently tomorrow morning, but maybe i am kind of back to my glorious hours? well don’t think i am so pretentious. The glory could sometimes just be “oh she moved her back legs just like i thought!” after 50 days of riding the same thing haha


me 1986 or 1987 not sure, with my favvo pony Tintin :)


1993 on my favvo horse Nectar



1999 with my precious love, in the family since a couple of years then


2003, one of the last times i was riding properly. I miss her tonight of course.

But next monday, yeah, back there again!!

Tusen gånger om

Life is nice when you just let you go with the flow. My friend A honored me with her spontan visit here in Linköping.

My bycicle let me down though. The back wheel. Dead.

One hour left before the intervall training of the death with IK Akele. I thought my bycicle adventure would be a
good excuse not to go there (20 min with the bike, so quite long to run there) but a colleague of mine is picking me up with his car soon. Not my idea, i would like to sit on my couch for the evening and listen to the gubben i lådan thousend times over and over again. I like his voice and the power he uses when he sings that he would do it again and again. Like will i run
tonight thousand and thousand times on and on?

In another song, he writes “du är bäst nu men du var bättre förr, våra brister gör oss till människor“. And in another one “Allting början om. Jag kan börja om. Jag behöver hela mig, så jag kan ge dig hela mig, när allting börjar om.” Btw, this little boy speaks fluently 5 langages. Who else does?


The playlist “half marathon” in on the ipod for now. Even if we are between 20 and 30 at the training, i run most of the time alone in my heat, like the slowest one and i need motivation. Oh yeah! Enjoy the song of the day:

Fått en flaska i huvet, legat sövd på akuten

Varit död i minuter, hela själen var bruten
Blivit jagad av snuten, varit vilsen på djupet
Jag har famlat i mörker, men i dig såg jag ljuset
Och för dig har jag låtsats, och dolt mina tårar
Med dig blir jag mindre, som gubben i lådan
Jag vägrar att inse, du sviker mig alltid
Jag gräver min grav för dig, jag är en soldat för dig

Jag tog en kula för dig, och fick en smula tillbaks
För dig ska jag, göra det tusen gånger om
Jag har givit dig allt, och jag har ingenting kvar
För dig ska jag göra det tusen gånger om
Tusen gånger om

Blivit lämnad i staden, medan du gick och blunda
Fick jag kängor mot magen, tills jag smakade gatan
Ändå gick jag tillbaka, och jag måste va galen
Som nyss blivit bedragen, och som tänkte på laget
För jag trängde bort jag-et, och jag såg alla tecken
Men jag ville va bättre, men då blev allting sämre
Jag vägrar att inse, du sviker mig alltid
Jag gräver min grav för dig, jag är en soldat för dig

Ställ oss båda på en våg, och snart så flyger du bland stjärnor
Jag bär tyngden utav rymden, ändå finns du i mitt hjärta
Ta mitt skimmer, för jag brinner, du är blott en blek lanterna
Jag har gjort det här så länge, jag kan lika väl fortsätta


1+1= ?

yes, you got it. 2!! My friend A and me drinking Burgundy wine. Thanks A for the laughs. Thanks G for the song of the day and thanks M because. Well, do i need to have reasons to thank people for who they are?

End of the world?

This is what i saw this morning from my office:


Like the end of the world one year too early. It is planned for 2012 i thought. And it may be right since this cloud just dissapeared as quick as it came. Good.

When i googled “the end lyrics” in order to put a song of the day in relation to that, i got approx 423000 results in 0,23 seconds. It seems that people are obsessed with things who end. Well, everything has an end and my theory is that everything is fine as long as you know when it ends. Then, you can still plan to do the best of it while it is lasting, even if the time is short. But when you don’t know when and how it’s gonna end (life, relationship, world or so), it is in this case you are anxious and panic for nothing.

Well, i said i wouldn’t write on here. Bleh, i can’t promise anything it seems! But for now, since i already broke my promise, you will have to know that i combine laundry and some kilometers running in the wood while listening to Sommar i P1 with Patrik Sjöberg talking. Effectivity.