lill news

i had a quite busy week and the week end doens´t sound worth :D i was in Göteborg for the work. I learnt a lot about roads and it was a very confortable hotel i lived in.

and then i also went to a litlle clinic session and it was nice-ö too!



miam miam! it was planed for another occasion but i thought it was nice on this evening to have a lill plesaure with some nice food



yesterday was a funny day. in the morning, i read the pappers and what did i read?!?!? ingenting will play tonight in my homwtown!! )o) (o(

so i found out with some difficulties where was there place they plaid. was written it would begin at 21h. oki, so at 21h i was there. but it was some drinks before they begann to play. not a lot of people but they plaid really like with energy and good, i enjoyed a lot!

they sang “jag sat i en park utomlands, jag är inte hemma någonstans” and i remembered having listened to it while i was waiting for my interview for this job i have now, and it was like 100m from the concerts place. and when this sentence came into the song, the singer looked at me, it was a great moment! i had to go backstage at the end of the concert and talk to them! ah was cool.