On this last day of 2016, there is no time for summary of the year or getting ready for a big new year celebration or so. Today, I sewed. 

We got a stroller from friends for the baby (I still wonder when he/she will go out, 8 days after due date…). Unfortunately,  a cover was missing but there is never a “problem”  that cannot be solved!

From this (an old jeans of M):

I made this:

A reversible cover, with one side in jeans and the other side in rests of fabric I had at home. It took me about 4 hours and one detail must be improved but I’m pretty happy with the result. 

Now, time for some more episode of “la trêve” (serie on Netflix we began to watch yesterday). And maybe a nap.  The probability that I’ll be awake when 2017 comes in is pretty liw. But I count on you, readers, to celebrate! 


Still at home,  with a baby rolling around inside my belly. I don’t mind.

I spend my days knitting and alternatively listening to French radio or to music clip on YouTube. 

This last named reminds me my teenagers summer somehow. At home,  we only had the basic offer of channels on the TV so no MTV or so. In the 90’s, a channel called M6 arrived and they were playing music videos in the morning.  Often only the same 10 songs that were on the top 50 but it was like wouah at this time for me. It was forbidden though for me to watch TV during the days (and during the evenings, the parents owned fully the remote control). During summer,  I used to be all alone some week at home while the rest of the family was on vacation.  Oh, no pity on me: I was at home because I had the chance to have a horse and taking care of her was better than any vacation in the world. This week alone in summer was then synonymous of “watching TV if I want to”. My mother did not have the heart to take with her the remote control with her, for a such long period (she did that though when we kids were alone half a day or so, putting before the TV on stand by. Pretty clever but annoying for us kids).
The only thing that was interesting me on TV was just these music videos,  plaid between 9 and 11 on the morning. It was perfect: I could ride before the sun was too hot, then go back home, eat breakfast before the music videos and then, making the housekeeping activities that were on the list with the volume at its max (chance to live on the country side with the closest neighbours hundred meters from our house). 

And now,  I sit on the soffa, over-pregnant, and knit,  while listening to music, as if I needed to take back this delaid time for all the other weeks of the year when I couldn’t watch M6 as teenager…

My creations of these two past days (this wool is uggly, but it’s the only I have and it seems that our baby will have size 1 year already from birth if he/she is spending so much time growing in my belly, so the things won’t fit anyway):

If someone wonders

Nothing happened yet on the baby topic. I’m still big as an house but enjoy this state to do…  Nothing. Rare in life to say: “I’m going to rest” and people around say “ok right do it” even if it’s the only thing you’ve done the past month.

 On Sunday, I’ll be staying at home from work since one month. Huge! Honestly,  I needed this time to slow down. Even if I love my job, I noticed that it takes a lots of my thinking time and attention.  I’m not so relax though that I’ve coming to the point that I can read a book but I’ve got other special and unknown things to think of.

Yesterday,  I knitted an octopus. Free style!

When you have an appointment… 

… With someone very special but you don’t know when.

That’s what M and I are living nowadays.  We had a due date on Friday and planned our Xmas celebration according to this due date and on Monday evening,  stilk nothing.  I may be have a comfortable belly. 

But it was a calm and enjoyable Xmas we had, just M and I. No stress, good food, relax,  we liked it.

The waiting is ok though.  I feel very good, the baby seems to feel good as well and I learnt hoe to knit balls today. So I knitted balls. Useful,  huh?

Tjockare än vatten

In these time of waiting, one of my favorite activities is to watch series. M and I already went through HBO and Netflix together, so the challenge for me is to find new series that M wouldn’t like to watch but which are good enough for me to spend days in front of. 

I watched “the affair” last week and it was actually very good! In the beginning,  I thought it was much more feelings and relationships but it grew really interesting after some episodes. Give it a try!

I tried “Gilmore girls” but nothing for me at all. 

Then I went to svtplay, the Swedish TV website. I tried “skam” but again, not for me at all. 

I began yesterday to watch “tjockare än vatten” and after 6 episodes,  I can tell you that I won’t do amything else than watching it until seasons one and two are watched. I like how it’s filmed, the colors. Well, my waiting days are saved!

Tomorrow,  the day before Xmas. My plan is to convince M to play scrabble in French (we don’t have the Swedish letters). No snow here anyway and no Xmas tree either, but it will be an all fine celebration anyway.

For now, the app says “pregnancy completed”, but so is not my watching of “tjockare än vatten”,  so no baby today!


In three days, it’s Xmas. 

In two days, it’s the day before Xmas (which is the high celebration time for Xmas in Sweden, meanwhile anyone is still working, hunting gifts and so on, well maybe less this year since it’s a Saturday). 

In one day, it’s due date for our baby. I have to admit, I believed it would come earlier. Well, not too late for that but it doesn’t feel any different for me in my body today. I’m ready I would say. I could also wait some more, I cannot say that the pregnancy is heavy or boring, even at the end like that. Sure, I feel big and so but it doesn’t hurt anywhere. The heart burning thing is under controll when I eat regularly and I’ve got occupations if the time is going too slowly, so no pity on me. The baby seems well as well, even if the space is minimal right now. Good! I hope he/she will keep that in mind: in our family,  we dont like things we dont really need. (relation between the tow? The word minimalism).

Time also to wish everyone a good end of 2016. For us, it happened a lot: we got engaged,  we got pregnant (at least I, but M contributed as well!), we got married and maybe we will get the baby before 2017 arrives.

About the blog, I tried to write now and then, but I haven’t been very creative. I was out for photo sessions maybe two times, I did not read that much. The new thing I tried about my creativity is the drawing class I went to during the spring. It was actually a good idea and gave me self confidence. I drew a little on the computer as well and made these animal illustrations for the babys room. The purpose was to balance the strong pink wall we have in this room. And I drew this card yesterday, it says it all :


Long time ago, I had the idea to sew more sheets for the baby’s bed but never found the courage to make it. The sewing itself is really easy and takes no time. All the preparations and ironing and stuff are tye worse 

So I made it today: from two big bed sheets, I sewed one blanket cover, 2 pillow covers and 2 bed sheets. 

When I was done with sewing and had began to put everything in the right place again,  I noticed that I had prepared for one more pillow cover. But you know,  too late…. 

Monday morning!

This seems to be a grey day again today. The sun refuses to show its face again but I don’t mind. The projects I’m “working” with are inside-projects. I can’t talk about them om here yet, but I will, when they are achieved, of course.

The week-end was very calm, and we needed it, both of us. I have a cold that doesn’t want to go away and M is working quite much, afraid of letting something down if the baby would come unexpected before the calculated date. For my part, I feel that the baby can comewhen he/she wants, there is no hurry and no will either to make it last. A lots of people tell me to keep it inside until 2017 arrives. Even if statistically it is prooved that it gives better dispositions for the kids to be born at the beginning if the year than at the end, I find it a little supersticious at this point. Honestly, if someone else would have decided when the year begins in a calender, it would have been very different, but still the same people who were born, so I don’t really care. I just hope M and I will give enough self confidence to our kid in order to go through life without taking this in calculation for its “what do I want to do with my life”-plans.

It is, apparently, common for women who are waiting to give birth, to clean all around and make order in their environmnent. For me, what is about cleaning is pretty weak. I never liked cleaning, I still don’t like and just make what is really important. Sorry, I am not this kind of housewife. What it goes around making order in my environment, I made it digitally this week end. I went through my Gmail-box and cleaned mail received since 2005. Now, I have a cleaned mailbox and the head full of old memories. This was funny to go through the old e-mails and noticed all what happened with different people during all these years. From Lund, to Eskilstuna, to Linköping, to Uppsala, all the different places I’ve been living, all the people I’ve met, all the things I’ve done and so on. It took time but now I can enjoy an empty mail-box (well, I made folders to store things I wanted to keep, but on the welcome page, I now see the wonderful woods of the Vosges, which is much more enjoyable than a list of mails :) )

Ok, time for me to make some administration and to list out what is the difference in my retirement conditions, I have 10 days left to decide, after having received a strange letter in july, which doesn’t explain many things but that if I die, maybe my pension will not go to my husband of maybe it will. Well. You see, I don’t have any boring minute during my maternity leave so far :)


Bara vara mig själv

Some days without any post on here, but don’t worry, everything is fine. The baby is still inside and I’m still busy with some old projects I wanted to do, but missed some time to fullfill them.

I listen also much more to music also, and it’s refreshing. Listening to music was, some years ago, one of my favorite activities, but somehow, I lost time / did not give the priority to this anymore and this is kind of boring. I bought CD this year, but so few, in comparison to how many I used to buy earlier.

Right now, I’m listening to Laleh, a swedish artist, that I don’t know very much, but one of her recent song is in my head: “bara vara mig själv”, and I like the text:

När jag tittar in i ljuset ser jag pusslet som vi lagt
och då faller alla bitarna på plats
Och när jag hör dem säga orden som de många gånger sagt
Så många gånger så man nästan tror på allt
Nä, jag tittar inte ner mer
Jag tittar upp mot himlen
Så, finns det nån här, finns du ens
För, idag ska de höra sanningen
Jag ska aldrig ta skit igen
Jag ska bara vara mig själv

De alla gånger man har väntat på att dagen ska ta slut
men alla orden följer ändå med en hem
Tror att man kan vänja sig och kanske kan stå ut
men jag ska aldrig mer titta ner igen

I always had a good self estim but I realize that it’s a gift somehow and that everyone is not like me. This song is than a good way to get some energy to believe in yourself and even to take some dance steps.

Nähä, now it’s time for me to learn how to create font in this new software. I’m not sure that I’ll will create a whole font for my project, but I am curiousabout how it is done and this is much more work than it seems. Maybe I’ll write a post about it later. I’m too curious to play with the tool for now. Have a nice afternoon!

Another kind of creativity 

Today, my cold, the baby and I were creative again. I’ve got this idea that I’ll achieve one big goal of my personal life during the maternity leave and somehow, I’ve got the feeling that I need to do the most before that the baby comes. 10 days left.

Today was the day of beginning a mood board. I feel that I would need a color printer and a scanner to make it right, but with our tools, I did kind of a moodboard though.

This is funny to think creative, even if I already had the mind oriented to the production. To choose a mood, colors, and so on is so far from my normal job that I enjoy every minute of this hobby and can forget the time.

So far,  so long: (needs to be continued)