Hello people!


yes, i know, it has been ages since i wrote something here and it happened some kind of things: we bought a car! a blue french one of course. My consciousness is killing me by “euh, you know how much you destroy the world with all your petrol consumtion now?” but the bad part of me replies all the time: “you have lived with public transportation so long now that you can afford it!”. Not sure if it is a valid argument but today, we at least had to enjoy the beautiful nature before we have destroid it all. We went to Omberg for a 9km walk and we wre laughing at ourselves when we saw that we were walking at a speed of 3km per hour. Like snails! It was not cold when we were walking but the lunch was short. And snow and snow. Where is the real spring?

we are really enjoying this long week end (4 days off in sweden) and counting the days until a similar one. The coming time will be generous with this kind of things it seems.

For the rest, all same old and we love it :)

enjoy some pics!


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one more year

one more year for my little me. 31 one whole years and i had a fantastic bday. i received like 13 kg of gifts from France and my lovely M gave me a wonderful evening. A lots of people thought of me and called or write, i even received a postcard! This was very perfect. One thing though: even if the sun was shining as hell, the temperature was -20 in the morning when i went to work. It had snowed 15 cm the day before, so no idea to take the bike. I spent the aftenoon at home, sipping wine, listening to french radio and make brodery. Oh yeah, this was nice!

Maybe we will make a big step tomorrow M and I and for the rest, i wish me a calm week end. Life is active these times.

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new start

Since my laptop made me some trouble, I decided to act and i bought a new thing: a padda. So far i just have it but soon, i should receive a dsome practical things to write with, let’s see!

For now there is quite a lot to do in the appartment so i will start to be efficient, talk to you later!

Sun and house

One more week end has gone and it was a good one. Friday, we both went down town for some music shopping and a little drink and watched Leon at home. I haven’t watch it for ages but it is for sure a good film. On Saturday, it was time for me to run the first ten kilometers outside and I tell you: the wind was strong and against me but it was good, my legs felt a bit tired afterwards. On Sunday, we visited a house but we won’t buy it, too many little and big things that don’t fit. We keep on looking. Then, I plaid squash with H and lost but I felt better than usual though. It’sfunny to play! At home, I realized that my laptop is acting strange again so I ordered an exciting thing, lets see when it will arrive at home! For now, I am wondering on how we can order a little our flat, we need some furniture to put some order. I assume that I will have to study ikea a little. For now, I’m on my way to Eskilstuna for two days with a lots of work and fun on the schedule!