KDO 45 – Aretha Franklin – Don’t play that song

For the record, it is my nice dad who chose the songs of the KDO playlist for my bday, not that you think that I am depressed or anything

Don’t play that song for me
‘Cause it brings back memories
Of days that I once knew
The days that I spent with you
Oh no, don’t let him play it
It fills my heart with pain
Please stop it right away
I remember just-a what he said

He said darling, “Darling, I love you”
And I know that he lied
“Darling, I love you”
You know that you lied
“Darling, I love you”
You know that you lied, you lied,
You lied, lied, lied, lied (to me)

Hey Mr., don’t play it no more
Don’t play it no more
I can’t stand it, don’t play it no more
don’t play it no more, no more, no more

I Remember on our first date
He kissed me and he walked away
I was only seventeen
I didn’t think he could be so mean

Lisa Gardner – Say Goodbye

I finished this book this morning and I have to admit that it was a good one. I grew kind of tired of criminal novels but this one was untertaining and nice, though the crual descriptions and stuff. me liked.

Lisa Gardner is an American author of fiction. She is the author of several thrillers including The Killing Hour and The Next Accident. She also wrote romance novels using the pseudonym Alicia Scott. Raised in Hillsboro, Oregon, she graduated from the city’s Glencoe High School. As evidenced by her 2003 work, “The Killing Hour,” Gardner has been heavily influenced by the box office smash and best selling book The Silence of the Lambs. Her novel Gone is set in a fictionalized version of Tillamook, Oregon. As of 2007, Gardner lives in New Hampshire.

a german Timbuktu?

no I am not speaking of the city, but of the swedish singer, Timbuktu. Well, better said of his ressemblance with the singer from this german band Selig, that i discovered by this bored sunday

– well, no complaining here, don’t missunderstand me! sunday are alyways nice but I deceived myself because I wanted to make much more than googling and youtubing all the day as I did ahaha well, back to our cheaps –

I said I discovered a new band through a nice ballad that you got here :

don’t you thiink he looks like Timbuktu? seriously!i liked the music but just to see if i still was able to understand german, i looked for the lyrics as well. and it made me think a while.

Langeweile Besäuft Sich Meilenweit
Ich Zähle Die Ringe An Meiner Wand
Dort Draußen Alles Dreht Sich Still Um Nichts Herum
Und Ich Male Deine Schatten An Jede Wand

Es Kommt So Anders Als Man Denkt
Herz Vergeben Herz Verschenkt

Ich Gab Dir Meine Liebe Gab Dir Zeit Geduld Und Geld
Ich Legte Mein Leben In Deine Kleine Welt
Wer Auch Immer Dir Jetzt Den Regen Schenkt
Ich Hoffe Es Geht Ihm Schlecht
Wer Auch Immer Dich Jetzt Durch Die Nacht Bringt
Bitte Glaub Ihm Nicht

Es Kommt So Anders Als Man Denkt
Herz Vergeben Herz Verschenkt

Es Ist So Ohne Dich
Es Ist So Widerlich Ich Will Das Nicht
Denkst Du Vielleicht Auch Mal An Mich
Es Ist So Ohne Dich
Und Wenn Du Einsam Bist
Denkst Du Vielleicht Auch Mal An Mich

Ich Nähte Mir Ein Bettbezug Aus Der Zeit Die Wir Hatten
Und Trink Mir Alte Wunden An So Tief Und Allein
Kein Berg Den Ich Nicht Versetzt Hab
Zog Jede Chance An Den Haaren Herbei
Für Ein Lebenlang Zu Leben
So Wild Und So Frei

The good point is that I still understand hehe! victory for my blondins brain! o/ In the video, some words are sent, kind of noice: bastard, begleichen, bewegt, banal, beben, chaos, Ekel, Falle, grausam, Irre, jaulen, kranken, Mangel, necken, Parade, Quatsch, Rage, schlau, Trauer, umsonst, verlieren, Wehmut, Zweifel, zwecklos, not sure i got all.

In a way this is “funny” to see that whatever the nationality, langage and culture, people who are left by a lover just feel the same things everywhere. Like nothing is left, the entire life was built around a person, a hope and maybe some plan of future and then, pouf, in a moment, nothing is left. You still love the person, so no idea just to send him/her to hell, you can’t. You
can just hope that he/she feels as bad as you and that he/she regrets what he/she’s done and will come back to you, even if your head tells you to stop with this ridiculous idea. And after a while, this goes over. Or not. Not if the destinity doesn’t help you to clean your heart, if you’re going to meet him/her at every street corner. And so what? Be stronger! See how big the world is!

Now I come to think of another song, from the Streets, who is supposed to cheer one up. Ah well.
In a way, I feel nearly good because it is almost like I am over this stadium now. Almost. It is just about to rase the walls when I go downtown for some weeks and then, everything will be ok. Or, what do you say survival instinct?

This was in a way kind of cool to discover this song before to visit my german friends next week. I don’t need to mine what happened to me the past 2 months, how empty and lost it felt, i can explain it with words now hehe. Time to check out an happy song about being single haah At least, this “useless” sunday had a linguistical purpose! yeah for that! o/

I may buy some CDs in KA, german friends, some suggestions about which one(s) is good to have?

Gabriela Cilmi

i was youtubing on taratata this morning and found this sweet girl – but no, there is nothing sweet about her! – :

Oh’ watching me,
hanging by a string this time.
Don’t easily,
The climax of the perfect life.
Ohh watching me,
Hanging by a string this time.
Don’t easily,
Smiles worth a hundred lies.

If there’s lessons to be learned,
I’d rather get my jamming word in first so,
Tell you something that I’ve found,
That the world ‘s a better place when it’s upside Down boy.

If there’s lessons to be learned, I’d rather get my Jamming word in first so,
when you’re playing with desire,
Don’t come running to my place when it burns like fire boy…

Sweet about me, nothing’s sweet about me, Yeah

Blue, blue, blue, waves they crash as time goes by, so hard to catch. Too, too smooth, ain’t all that, why don’t you ride on my side of the tracks.

First BBQ

Yesterday in Eskilstuna, it was a wonderful spring day. Sunny and kind of warm, yeah! So with some friends, we went out to play freesbeegolf (which is kind of boring if you like me shout as a blind blond girl) but the company was very funny.

Then, after a long time, we succeed to grill (yeah, a lot of projectmanagers in this group but on freetime, we are not that good ahaha).

An ULM “disturbed” us for a moment, we were not sure about his intention: picking one of us up or not? but he finally dissapeared in the sky.

KDO 42 – The Monkees – I am a believer

it sounds like i already posted this one, but it is not marked on my list. Anyway, for the 42nd day, you got “I am a believer” because it is good to believe and it fits pretty good the sunny day we had yesterday.

I am a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried

believer, fighter, same same, or?